11 Alternatives to LiveJournal

January 18, 2017

LiveJournal is a community publishing platform that is specially designed to personal publishing, individual expression, social networking, and community involvement. You can create individuals looking to meet new friends, share common interests, and express themselves. This online tool encourages personal expression and communal interaction by providing a deeply customizable journal and a user-friendly interface. There is a unique personality of this email service in different parts of the world and…


11 Alternatives to Redaxscript

January 13, 2017

Redaxscript is a lightweight and simple application that is used for private websites and small business, and complete with support for mobile devices. It is designed with working from a light code frame, speed in mind, and as many features. This program has a simple installation wizard and an intuitive WYSIWYE admin interface. The application comes with extensive website settings and available in over 30 languages. This program offers core…


11 Alternatives to Goldfish

January 7, 2017

Goldfish is a useful and reliable application that enables you to create unique professional websites in just a little time with the latest HTML5 technologies. The user can simply place items using drag and drop on his page and no need of code. This program offers you to generate an incredible website with just a few clicks and comes with different templates. You can publish and host your website at…


11 Alternatives to Svbtle

January 1, 2017

Svbtle is a comprehensive and simple browser-based utility that is used to developing and collecting ideas, reading ideas, and publish them with the world. There is a dashboard that helps you to develop ideas, curate ideas slowly, and share them to the world. This email service assists you to your published content will remain online forever. It is possible to write without distractions and format the posts using Markdown which…


11 Alternatives to Website X5

December 27, 2016

Website X5 is a complete and most versatile software that offers you to create, publish, and configure websites and online shops or blogs in just a few simple steps. It displays perfectly on smartphones, desktops, and tablets, and the interface is simple and clean. The user can configure general settings, description, URL, author, website title, keyword, content language, and icon. You can choose the template style, the menu type (horizontal…


11 Alternatives to Craft CMS

December 21, 2016

Craft CMS is an extensive email service that provides the tools to sculpt a content management experience and makes the life enjoyable for content managers and developers alike. This online tool doesn’t make any assumptions about the content and allows you to define it to capture the information by setting up custom fields. There is a powerful localization support built right into the core and an intuitive publishing experience which…


10 Alternatives to FogBugz

December 18, 2016

FogBugz is a straightforward tool designed for document collaboration, task management, agile development, customer support, and code management. It tracks work across multiple people, teams, projects, and clients, and can organize and capture all your work. This program offers core features such as task subscriptions, reporting, flexible permissions, full audit log, powerful search, search filters, Webhooks and API, GitHub integration, custom workflows, and bulk issue editing. It is possible to…


10 Alternatives to OpenProject

December 14, 2016

OpenProject is a powerful and easy to use collaborative project management to support your project management processes and comes with plugins and an active international community. This tool is wrapped with a wide set of features such as project planning and scheduling, team collaboration and task management, Scrum and Agile, release planning and product roadmap, and bug tracking. You can create a detailed plan, analyze the required activities, and define…


11 Alternatives to Websites for Trello

December 12, 2016

Websites for Trello is a reliable and comprehensive online blogging platform that lets you to manage and create your personal website or blog and organize your life. You need a Trello board, if you already using it to organize and post your thoughts and things then it is possible to publish them quickly. It is not important to adjust yourself or learn a CMS to a content managing and posting…


10 Alternatives to Youtrack

December 11, 2016

Youtrack is a web-based tool in which you can enjoy lightning-fast bug reporting and bug tracking and manipulate issues with just two simple controls. This program offers several core features such as search content, saved searches, highlighting and completion, tags, filters, Open search support, similar issues, edit images in place, use multiple drafts, report with a single shortcut, etc. You can search for issues by keywords and issues, and use…


10 Alternatives to Sandglaz

December 11, 2016

Sandglaz is an intuitive and reliable platform that helps you lean project management for your agile team and adapts to the way your team works. The teams can easily respond to changing priorities and requirements, and collaborate on tasks without long meeting and email. There are full history of completed tasks in past sprints, visually manage tasks using sprints, just drag and drop tasks for continuously changing priorities. This program…


10 Alternatives to The Bug Genie

December 9, 2016

The Bug Genie is a project management and issue tracking which defines team workflow, track time with ease, and comes with multiple workflows with custom transition views. There are issue comments, code check-ins, descriptions, and changes in the automatic timeline feature to overview over your project history. The user can easily move between project spaces along with project space sections like jumping between project issues and project wikis. This program…


11 Alternatives to Website Realizer

December 6, 2016

Website Realizer is a window web design software that is designed to create neat looking web pages without having to know CSS, HTML, or other web scripting languages. This powerful application allows you to drag and drop images, add text blocks and transition effects, and resize menus. You can reposition tables, set the priority of certain text blocks, add checklists and buttons, resize any content, and edit any text or…


11 Alternatives to Web Start Today

November 30, 2016

Web Start Today is an email service that is specially used to free online website hosting and building, online store in minutes, and surprisingly swift and easy to customize. This browser-based program offers many core features such as engaging SEO content, top industry hosting, built for your industry, get a personal domain, 1000s of stunning designs, easy & quick customization, and 24/7 monitoring. You can rely on scalable cloud infrastructure…


11 Alternatives to Cabanova

November 25, 2016

Cabanova is an intuitive application that is used to create a website easily and quickly with drag and drop interface. This program offers you to build your best business and fully customizable website templates. You can get your custom domain with 50 email accounts and choose from over 300 templates for your business. The application is a fully touchscreen compatible website builder and fully Google mobile-friendly website. The user can…


11 Alternatives to WordPress

November 19, 2016

WordPress is a reliable content management system and most widely-used blogging service that offers impressive customization options, and easy and fast deployment and creation of a stylish website. This program can be used for creating anything from blogs to complex portals and relying on the power of MySQL and PHP. There is a feature which allows both beginners and experienced bloggers to running website in record time and have their…


11 Alternatives to Known

November 11, 2016

Known is a handy and simple online platform designed for publishing podcasts, stories, songs, pictures, words, and more to a site and you can also share it on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. This online tool integrates with some social networks, and allows you to select to syndicate your content to a variety of sites when you publish on your site. There are prominent features at a glance such…


11 Alternatives to Tumblr

November 7, 2016

Tumblr is a straightforward email service that lets you to post multimedia and other content to a short from blog and founded by David Karp in 2007. You can put stories, TV shows, GIFs, photos, smart jokes, dumb jokes, quips, links, Spotify tracks, fashion, videos, mp3s, and art. This online platform allows you to share anything easily, post text, quotes, music, photos, and videos from your phone, browser, email, or…


11 Alternatives to Flux

October 25, 2016

Flux is a reliable and user-friendly OS X web design application that allows you to create your websites, as easy and as fast as possible. It is a XHTML/HTML and CSS designing tool for beginners and advanced users. The user can visually design his website by using a blank page or a template. You can stretch, move, drag, and rearrange objects with the advanced rendering engine of this program. The…


12 Alternatives to Firstobject XML Editor

October 21, 2016

Firstobject XML Editor is an approachable and straightforward application to help you edit XML files easily as editing any other documents in a word processor. It has some advanced and intuitive settings that should be easy to figure out. This program adopts a regular Window with a simple and plain structure and installation procedure takes effort and minimal time. It is possible to view the character Unicode transformation, transform style…


11 Alternatives to WebsitePainter

October 13, 2016

WebsitePainter is a website editor that offers you to create web pages with buttons, continuous text, hover effects, gradients, and other graphical elements. The GUI looks intuitive, and the user can define web pages without having to possess HTML programming skills. There are many templates for defining a new project, like Nature Slideshow, Company Business, and Architecture. You can edit projects or save them as templates in the future and…


11 Alternatives to Rapidweaver

October 13, 2016

Rapidweaver is a powerful web design application that creates good-looking and professional websites in minutes with multiple page types and formats, which include contacts forms, photo albums, and sitemaps and blogs. You need to add your content and select a theme and the page type to the project. This program comes with more than 40 various website themes, and you can easily see how your website looks. The user can…


11 Alternatives to Quick ‘n Easy Web Builder

October 2, 2016

Quick ‘n Easy Web Builder is a highly intuitive and powerful application that requires no programming knowledge and prior coding, offers intuitive tools and options. The user can insert and specific options with side panels holding objects. This program has a cleverly designed interface and an upper toolbar with general functions. You can simply use your mouse to drag objects in the desired position, customize and arrange them. There are…


12 Alternatives to XPontus XML Editor

September 27, 2016

XPontus XML Editor is a powerful and simple tool that can perform XML schema, validation, and XSL transformations, relax NG, batch XML, and schema/DTD generation. It can also perform XML/DTD/HTML/XSL code completion and code formatting. This program can display the hierarchic structure of HTML and XML files. The software can use file system abstraction which means that a local file and FTP file will look all the same to the…


12 Alternatives to WMHelp XMLPad

September 19, 2016

WMHelp XMLPad is a powerful XML editor that helps the user to convert data to DTD file format and design XML files, while offering support for syntax highlighting options. It supports a straightforward and clean layout that makes easily work with multiple documents at the same time. This program supports following formats like Zipping, GZ, XML, XSD, XSL, DTD, DOCX, CSV, JAR, CAB, and others. The program offers to import…


12 Alternatives to Altova XMLSpy

September 11, 2016

Altova XMLSpy is an efficient and powerful editing tool that is designed as an XML editor. The program can be used for transforming, modeling, and debugging software relying on XML technology. This software incorporates all important tools for working with apps that use XML Schema XSLT, XML, and XQuery. There is a set of demo files for evaluation purposes and you can work to check the available capabilities. The program…


12 Alternatives to XML Copy Editor

September 3, 2016

XML Copy Editor is a complex software application that can help individuals, as the name hints at, check and edit XML files for errors. For quick access, the interface is simple and plain, presenting a few shortcut buttons. The programming tool support export and import from formats such as RNG, XSL, XML, HTML, and DOC. This software integrates a small search tool that enables to find items by inputting keywords…


12 Alternatives to XML Marker

August 25, 2016

XML Marker is easy to use tool that you can use to edit and create XML data. It is designed to display the inserted data in tabular and hierarchical modes, and a user-friendly interface. This program also comes with table sorting, syntax highlighting, automatic indentation, and spreadsheet conversion, bookmarks, exiting code printing, syntax checking and more. The software can track how XML code structure progresses and checks for any errors….


12 Alternatives to XML ValidatorBuddy

August 15, 2016

XML ValidatorBuddy is an advanced software application that offers XML related functionality daily work with XML documents. This tool includes a large file viewer and an enhanced file explorer to give you convenient access to all of JSON and XML data. The file explorer shows very good information about schema files and XML instance without open them manually. You can make XML files more productive by few clicks and save…


12 Alternatives to HTML-Kit

August 4, 2016

HTML-Kit is an intuitive and free addition application that gives you with the important components for editing, producing, and creating HTML websites. It comes loaded with a bunch of advanced, user-friendly workspace, and configurable settings. The installation process of HTML-Kit shouldn’t be a difficult task. The user can exclude any components from setup when it comes to helping various tools, tag helpers, references, online tools, HTML tidy tool, along with…