14 Alternatives to FTP Rush

January 15, 2017

FTP Rush is a Windows FTP client that offers you the freedom to schedule tasks and queue files, work with multiple connections simultaneously, and write scripts and commands. This program handles file transfers using SSH, FTPS, FTP, and TFTP connections, built-in folder synchronization and script designer options. The user can make use of the drag and drop support in a clean and intuitive layout to carry out the file transfer…


12 Alternatives to IExplorer

January 14, 2017

IExplorer is an iPad, iPod, or iPhone browser that offers you to backup, transfer, and copy files and folders using drag and drop. You can drag and drop items and see the data on any portable device such as a USB flash drive. This program works with both non-iOS and iOS products and possible for you to manage and connect many devices simultaneously. The application is packed with a great…


14 Alternatives to Bandizip

January 12, 2017

Bandizip is a straightforward, fast compression and decompression application with extensive file type support, integrity checker, archive spanning, multiple compression levels, encryption, context menu integration, and more. There is a long list of supported formats like CAB, RAR, ZIP, LZH, 7Z, IMG, ISO, GZ, TAR, LZMA, TGS, XPI, JAR, and WAV. This program doesn’t contain an Explorer-based layout to browse easily for files. It is only available to create a…


16 Alternatives to LAN Search Pro

January 12, 2017

LAN Search Pro is an extensive network file search program that lets you to search for specific files like documents, pictures, music, or photos in your network on any PC. There is a clean and easy to use interface to handle and manage the task impressively. The user can get help with search field along with nifty buttons to other sides of the app like password management or options. You…


10 Alternatives to Batch File Split & Join

January 9, 2017

Batch File Split & Join is a comprehensive piece of software that allows you to perform specific operations based on preset conditions and split or merge multiple files in batch mode. It offers a wide array of functions, a rather complex interface, and challenging for inexperienced users. This program allows you to select a range of actions that should be performed and create a custom list of files that need…


12 Alternatives to SharePod

January 7, 2017

SharePod is a reliable program that is designed to share your iPod music collection quickly and easily with friends. This program is portable, does its work fast, and requires little computer resources. The application can be used to move music simply from the iPod to the PC and for photos to enjoy slideshows with your favorite pics on iPod. When you share iPod over a network, then other people can…


14 Alternatives to CuteFTP

January 5, 2017

CuteFTP is a powerful FTP client that is used to transfer files between your FTP server and PC with just a few clicks. This program keeps a comprehensive help file with tons of information and a multi-panel interface that helps you browse local files. You can transfer files of any size with this program and offering reliability and a great speed. The utility offers a simple configuration wizard with drag…


22 Alternatives to Simple Duplicate Finder

January 3, 2017

Simple Duplicate Finder is an advanced friendly application that is used to scan your PC for duplicate items immediately and remove them to save up space. This program is packed with a clear-cut graphical interface and easily handle from the first run. The advanced individuals appreciate some filters at the same time. You can choose the excluded, and targeted folders from the scan setting tab and define the excluded and…


14 Alternatives to WinZip

December 30, 2016

WinZip is a utility for encryption, backup, and compression which offers all the needed functions and tools for handling ZIP archives and more. The workspace displays files that are about to undergo extraction or archiving, related info like name, path, type, size, and more. You can compress files and share them online through an abundance of methods such as various cloud services, removable devices, and disk drive. This program is…


12 Alternatives to IMazing

December 27, 2016

IMazing is a simple, straightforward software solution that is designed to control your iPod, iPhone, and iPad devices through USB as external storage. This program can transfer files and gives a pretty user-friendly environment. You can connect Apple devices successfully to your computer and access their content when a connection is established. The application has a multi-panel interface via which it shows the camera roll, the content of the device,…


14 Alternatives to Xftp

December 26, 2016

Xftp is a powerful and reliable FTP, SFTP file transfer application that allows you in the procedure of moving your particular folders and files to a secure server. This program displays clearly all options, sports a clean layout, and has an intuitive interface. You need enter a name for the file session, an appropriate protocol, IP address or host name, user account, and port number to create a new session…


22 Alternatives to Duplicate Cleaner

December 23, 2016

Duplicate Cleaner is a tool that you can use to delete and find duplicate documents from your system or network. It is an ad-supported program and offers to download a third-party component. The user can add one or more folders manually to the search path from the tree view. You can refine your search, initiate the scanning process, exclude and include important files or extensions, set a maximum and minimum…


10 Alternatives to JR Split File

December 19, 2016

JR Split File is an application that is designed to split a large file into smaller files so they can be easily transferred or copied to floppy disks via e-mail. This function offers you to split and create a standard, useful for breaking a file into segments to fit on multiple diskettes and for breaking large text files into more usable segments. The user can select the file to split…


14 Alternatives to AnyClient

December 16, 2016

AnyClient is a user-friendly and reliable program that can manage your data in a double-sided interface and receive and send files from the web through transfer protocols including WebDAV/S, FTP and SFTP. This program comes with an intuitive and straight-forward appearance and you can view the ongoing transfers on the lower part of the screen. There are a set of buttons under each panel that enables you to create a…


22 Alternatives to AllDup

December 13, 2016

AllDup is an easy to use and simple duplicate searcher that comprises a fast searching algorithm that should make everything a breeze for professional users and rookies. The users can manage the results and fully customize the duplicate finding process. This program is displayed with all search options right in the main window, and it has plain and intuitive GUI. You can search criteria, select the source folders or drives,…


14 Alternatives to 7-Zip

December 9, 2016

7-Zip is a specific and an intuitive application with an excellent compression ratio that you can extract and create archives and also test them for errors. A specific tool was used for each task such as converting videos, archiving files, or image viewing, but now 7-Zip is a definite app to archives. The interface is the same for other compression tools, the installing procedure is too short, but this program…


10 Alternatives to Free File Splitter

December 8, 2016

Free File Splitter is a portable application that allows to easily merge and split files into multiple parts. You have a file to be stored or burnt to disc, and uploaded online and the tool is ideal the moment. There is no need of installation and you can simply plug it into any computer, place the program on an external device, and directly run its executable file. The interface of…


12 Alternatives to CopyTrans Manager

December 5, 2016

CopyTrans Manager is a powerful application that is used to edit tags, remove duplicates, add, delete and edit movies and songs from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod, and preview them in a built-in player. This program is portable, no need for installation, and you can save it on the disk to a custom location. The user can run this program on any PC directly and copy it to a pen…


14 Alternatives to My Commander

December 4, 2016

My Commander is a folder explorer and file manager application that is used to transfer the files into a simple drag and drop operation and delivers a dual-pane interface. This program comes with many useful functions such as customizable keyboard shortcuts, easily compress, rename or delete folders and files. You can compress the files in popular formats like 7Z, GZ, ZIP, or TAR and add many files as you need….


22 Alternatives to Doublekiller

December 2, 2016

Doublekiller is an easy-to-use application that locates duplicate files to remove them on your computer and to clear up space on hard drive. This program does not come with a setup pack; the user can easily drop the executable file on the hard drive and run it quickly. You can store this application on a storage unit or a USB flash drive, keep in your pocket wherever you go, and…


14 Alternatives to Zipware

November 28, 2016

Zipware is a comprehensive software solution that is used to convert, create, extract a wide range of archives, and also support encryption. It is best to compress sharing documents over the Internet in an archive to save bandwidth and transfer time. The user can access the contents of existing archives to the location by browsing and drag and drop the files over the main window of the app. You can…


10 Alternatives to WinMend File Splitter

November 27, 2016

WinMend File Splitter is easy to use Windows program that is used to merge and split several file types of different sizes into multiple blocks, reliably and safely with a few clicks. This program shines in the interface department and adopting a clean structure with fascinating lines. There are merging and splitting functions that can be accessed and the installation process is too short and very fast. You need to…


12 Alternatives to WALTR

November 25, 2016

WALTR is an intuitive application that helps you bypass the complete iTunes process and transfers AVI, MKV, WAV, FLAC, and CUE files from your PC directly to iOS devices. This program works smoothly and as simple as possible and comes with two main advantages. First, you can upload a large number of unsupported media files to iOS devices. Secondly, you can do it by bypassing the complete iTunes shenanigans. There…


14 Alternatives to Cyberduck

November 23, 2016

Cyberduck is a freeware FTP client that offers you to create the bookmarks, limit the bandwidth, upload and download files, and supports Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3, FTP, WebDAV, SFTP, and other connections. It is possible to perform browser-like actions to search in the directories and has a clean and intuitive layout. This tool integrates many dedicated parameters and you can establish new connections by selecting the connection type to…


22 Alternatives to dupeGuru

November 20, 2016

dupeGuru is an application that is designed to find and delete the duplicate files on your system. This program is relying on a well-organized and clean GUI to interact with its users as compared to other software products. The application prompts for one or multiple folders to scan, and it can also load the results from searching session. When the scan is complete, this program shows the size, folder, filename,…


10 Alternatives to SplitFile

November 16, 2016

SplitFile is a lightweight program that splits and merge big files in smaller segments to store them in floppy CD or disks. This program comes in handy to place your large files on removable drives. The user can import a file by using the file browser for merging and the interface of the app is based on a standard window. There is no support for drag and drop method and…


12 Alternatives to IDump

November 15, 2016

IDump is a lightweight and efficient program that offers you to perform quick transfers between the iTunes library, computer, and your iPod device. When dealing with a large number of files, it takes a long time for manually transferring songs from an iPod to a computer. This program has a well-organized interface and a set of several specific functions. The user must connect his iPod to the PC for the…


14 Alternatives to FlashFXP

November 14, 2016

FlashFXP is an efficient and powerful FXP and FTP client that allows high transfer speeds without losing from sight data security and comes with an extensive set of features. There is an intuitive and well-organized interface and a lot of goodies hidden under the hood. This program supports multiple transfer types, FTP server to FTP server sessions, Server to PC or PC to Server, but you can also schedule tasks…


22 Alternatives to Easy Duplicate Finder

November 12, 2016

Easy Duplicate Finder is a feature-rich software that is designed to find and remove the duplicate files, scan multiple sources, folders, and devices, so you can improve the PC speed and clear up disk space. The installation process takes a short time to finish, and the application can integrate an entry into the Windows Explorer shell extension. The tool adopts a neatly organized structure and large buttons which let users…


14 Alternatives to WinSCP

November 2, 2016

WinSCP is a freeware SCP and SFTP client that allows you to manage all your files and quickly perform data transfers for Windows using SSH. This program comes with a freeware license and behaves like a fast file transfer tool. You need the guidance of an expert to correctly setup the software solution. After the completion of login procedure, the app can be managed by novices without additional support. There…