11 Alternatives to MobaLiveCD

February 26, 2017

MobaLiveCD is an intuitive and simple application that is specially designed to run your LiveCD directly on Windows into an emulation window. After downloading the ISO image file of LiveCD, the user can test LiveCD with a single click and start it without reboot the PC or the need to burn a CD-ROM. There is an easy to use and clear interface, packaged in a single executable of 1.6MB only,…


12 Alternatives to Clean Slate

February 25, 2017

Clean Slate is a powerful piece of software that is used to restore original computer configuration to increase its security and maintain its stability. You can download and move files around and perform all the changes you want. This program gives you the possibility to undo any change to your PC, whether it’s a replaced icon or an installed driver on the desktop. There are a comprehensive interface and two…


11 Alternatives to VirtualBox

February 17, 2017

VirtualBox is a reliable piece of program which can run and install multiple operating systems and tweak advanced features like 3D virtualization, seamless windows, and shared folders. There is an intuitive interface to select the OS, add a new virtual machine, and the exact version. This application includes allocating the new virtual machine the amount of HDD space and RAM, the type of storage, and fixed or dynamic, occur on…


12 Alternatives to GesWall

February 13, 2017

GesWall is a useful and straightforward application that lets you open e-mail attachments, browse the internet, exchange files, chat, and so on. This program comes with an intuitive interface, no matter of the security threats posed, and the inexperienced user can easily work with this program. There is a folder that displays the structure on the left side of the main window and details are shown on the right side….


11 Alternatives to Nmap

February 7, 2017

Nmap is a cross-platform software solution that uses raw IP packets to determine in novel ways what hosts are available on the network. It is specially designed for experts that can only be operated using the commands and correct syntax. The application is a command line tool and it has a graphical user interface. This program can be used to manage schedules or create network inventories for service upgrades, and…


11 Alternatives to QEMU

February 3, 2017

QEMU is a processor virtualization and emulation software solution which offers support for different hardware peripherals and devices, and relies on dynamic binary translation to give high emulation speed. The user can launch processes designed for a specific CPU in user mode and whole simulate system with one or more processors. You can launch various operating systems on a host machine with the full platform virtualization, while the level virtualization…


12 Alternatives to Hitman Pro

February 3, 2017

Hitman Pro is a powerful and fast program which removes most viruses from your PC, can be run or installed from a portable device, and featuring several handy settings and scheduled scans. This application can remove rogue, dangerous keyloggers, misleading or fake software, and other threats. When scanning, the tool uses a cloud engine to help you obliterate and find any trace of malicious code. There is ability to use…


11 Alternatives to Wireless Network Watcher

January 28, 2017

Wireless Network Watcher is a lightweight Windows application that offers you to view all the connected devices and scan your network for detailed information. This program has an intuitive interface and makes everything pretty easy to use. The main window shows the IP address, Network Adapter Company, MAC address, device name, user text, device information, detection count, and first detected on time. It is possible to configure the format of…


11 Alternatives to Speccy

January 26, 2017

Speccy is a powerful system information tool that can retrieve data regarding your PC’s installed software and hardware configuration. When to launch this app, it displays the information and automatically scans the computer in a well-organized interface, and takes less than a minute. You can collect information by hardware scanning process on a single area of the system, including hard drives, graphics, motherboard, RAM, CPU, audio, network, and peripherals. There…


11 Alternatives to VMware Fusion

January 24, 2017

VMware Fusion is a streamlined virtual machine solution which enables users to seamlessly run Windows, Linus, Solaris, and Netware operating systems on top of Mac’s hardware and Apple’s OS X. There is a simple and reliable installation of this app to get your windows up and running in a snap. This program offers to run windows in a separate windows is designed for both professionals and casual users to fast…


12 Alternatives to Shadow Defender

January 22, 2017

Shadow Defender is a reliable and comprehensive program that offers to secure your computer from viruses, malware, and a wide range of other threats. These malware can change your contents and settings of your system thus, the program is fairly simple to understand which uses the Shadow Mode. This program offers you with two methods of going into Shadow Mode such as Enter Shadow Mode on Boot, and Exit Shadow…


11 Alternatives to CPU-Z

January 13, 2017

CPU-Z is a free and feather-light utility that is used to view detailed hardware information on the computer, including overclocking detection and cache with options to create reports. The program oversteps several other products dedicated to PC diagnostics and it has not received an important update. This application has a hassle-free installation that takes a little time and minimal effort and has classical UI. You can run the app directly…


11 Alternatives to VMmanager

January 11, 2017

VMmanager is an extensive program which lets users to edit or create a virtual machine and run multiple operating systems on PC effortlessly. The user can get started by specifying the compatibility version, operating system, guest operating system name, OS edition and project name when creating a virtual machine. There is a well-organized layout and a bunch of configuration settings better personalize the virtual machine. You can specify the RAM,…


11 Alternatives to Spiceworks

January 8, 2017

Spiceworks is an intuitive and reliable program that allows you to manage your IT-related assignments and tasks, create a help desk, ranging from running network inventories, and troubleshooting potential problems and generate reports. The installation procedure is quite smoothly, and the app runs via a web browser. You need to have Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Firefox installed on your system and create an account to login. The user can…


12 Alternatives to Deep Freeze

January 6, 2017

Deep Freeze is a perfect and intuitive tool that helps you reset the PC to its original state after a reboot session and wipe out all changes made to your system. This program can simply activate and allows you to restore all initial settings at the next startup of your PC. The user needs to set up a master password because it is very important that can activate or deactivate…


12 Alternatives to BufferZone

December 26, 2016

BufferZone is an intuitive application that offers a safe virtualization environment for downloading items and apps from the internet. This program contains standard and advanced settings, you need to restart the computer at the end of the installation process and can hide specify folders when surfing the web. The user can add e-shopping and e-banking sites to protect when the utility run. There is a well-organized interface where you can…


11 Alternatives to GPU-Z

December 18, 2016

GPU-Z is a small-sized software utility that is used to monitor live sensor readings in the system tray area, discover your graphic card’s capabilities, supervise temperature, and log sensor activity to file. It comes in handy to all users, features support for creating log files, and purchase a high-demanding video game. This program can easily compare the graphics card configuration with different systems. It is possible to run this app…


12 Alternatives to Enigma Protector

December 16, 2016

Enigma Protector is a powerful tool that is designed to increase the security of applications by handling data compression, generating activation keys, applying trial periods, and a lot more. There are some supported files under the commonly used formats like OCX, DLL, SCR, and EXE. This program comes with a well-organized interface, multiple tools, and intuitive design. The users get to tweak settings for virtualization, protection, registration, and few miscellaneous…


11 Alternatives to Softperfect Network Scanner

December 7, 2016

Softperfect Network Scanner is a handy application that can detect hidden shares on a LAN, look for shared resources, a security tool for all network administrators, and much more. This program consists of only an executable file, no need for installation, and takes only a few seconds to go. The interface of this app is user-friendly and very clean but hides so many great things. You can scan with input…


12 Alternatives to Enigma Virtual Box

December 5, 2016

Enigma Virtual Box is a straightforward application that is specially designed to facilitate the virtualization of registry apps and entries and offers a powerful system. The intuitive interface of this program plays an essential role in getting the job done and very practical. This program comes with core features and actually works simply. The utility can take all the registry entries and necessary files that are required to package them…


11 Alternatives to SIW

November 26, 2016

SIW is a resourceful software that is designed to display information about your software configuration and PC’s hardware, featuring support for notifications, reports, and customization options. A general info displays this app in a comprehensive manner and inspects your system configuration. The interface is user-friendly and quite intuitive and very easy installation. When you launch it, you find features in Windows, like hardware, software, and network-related, and get acquainted with…


12 Alternatives to VMware ThinApp

November 24, 2016

VMware ThinApp is a powerful piece of software that increases computer security, accelerate application deployment and migration, and create ThinApp packages. There is a configuration of the project and you can create an initial baseline of your system by using this program. This program scans your file registry and hard drive to create a baseline of your computer before starting the virtualization process. After the completion of virtualized bundle, you…


14 Alternatives to Chrome Remote Desktop

November 17, 2016

Chrome Remote Desktop is a remote-computing and easy to use a setup that allows any iPad or iPhone users to work PC, or control their home from the device. Users can download a desktop counterpart to establish their connection from the Chrome Web Store. This program is simple virtually, no learning curve, and ready to use. The user can select PC or Mac from connected computers, and four buttons reside…


12 Alternatives to Toolwiz TimeFreeze

November 15, 2016

Toolwiz TimeFreeze is an instant protection tool that is used to create a virtual copy of your current settings so you can restore them during the next computer boot. The tool comes with the easy concept and you can install third-party applications and perform all sorts of tests without effects on the host. There are few customization options during the installation procedure such as aloe the service on the C…


12 Alternatives to Sandboxie

November 2, 2016

Sandboxie is an advanced program that is specially used to browse the web securely and keeps all functionality of your browser for active content. Running and downloading the applications, and browsing the web may pose some security issues that’s why this program gives a powerful protection to prevent malware from spreading onto a PC. This utility is initially developed for Internet Explorer and you can easily run apps inside a…


14 Alternatives to UltraVNC

October 31, 2016

UltraVNC is a remote control software that is used to access distant computers and a common activity to deal with a buggy machine over the internet. This program offers almost everything the user could ask for remote administration and a most powerful software solutions in the market. The user can choose how exactly intend to use this application in the installation process, as a server, as a client or both….


11 Alternatives to Belarc Advisor

October 26, 2016

Belarc Advisor is a handy application that builds a detailed profile of your installed hardware and software by running an automatic scan and loads it in a web page. You can create an extensive report to upgrade the machine and the app also discover the PC’s capabilities. The installation process is an easy task and nom options to customize. This program takes a while to gather all data and quickly…


14 Alternatives to RealVNC

October 24, 2016

RealVNC is a cross-platform and free remote control application that allows you to interact with a computer and easily connect to on which a VNC server is installed. The project allows incoming and outgoing connections to the PC and comes with client components and both server anywhere on the internet, where it is installed. The operating systems are Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and Mac OS X. This program offers core features…


14 Alternatives to LogMeIn

October 19, 2016

LogMeIn is a practical and comprehensive solution that helps you to access all of your files and instantly control your computer from any browser anywhere on the web. This software does not require a router, any firewall, or proxy configuration and enables to access your PC remotely within minutes. In this software, the main window displays the number of remote users, and you can change the PC access code. A…


11 Alternatives to PC Wizard

October 16, 2016

PC Wizard is a powerful system information utility that is used to monitor and display the software and hardware configuration of your PC. This program offers many reports, handy benchmarks, and other useful features mainly for advanced users. It installs all components, does not take a long time, and you may exclude the web update tool. The app displays GFX and CPU information of the screen and creates an icon…