22 Alternatives to MailDrop

February 22, 2017

MailDrop is an online open-source email address that is used to give out a quick email address to any app or site, then after you can trust with that site and give them real email address. This online application helps you to stop inbox from getting flooded with spam because your site can be hacked. The user can get his receipt for his e-commerce purchase, without signing up to be…


13 Alternatives to Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

February 20, 2017

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is a user-friendly and powerful application that lets you print and view PDF files and enables you to perform search options, add comments, and more. This program has cloud access, fresh visuals, natural buttons and menus, and works a pretty good job. You can access various areas and tools easily with the main window, thus starting point for PDF viewing and serving as a dashboard. When…


12 Alternatives to SprintWork

February 20, 2017

SprintWork is a user-friendly and simple application that that can track the time your employees spend on playing games or websites. This program allows you to block access to entertaining programs or certain social networks to use their work hours more productively. You need to input a password and can adjust its functioning preferences during the installation procedure. The application has fairly simple to understand interface that makes it quite…


13 Alternatives to Google Keep

February 19, 2017

Google Keep is an intuitive and Chrome Extension application that offers notes are stored in your Google account without considerable efforts and in a quick manner. This program has a user-friendly interface, making it possible to benefit from its capabilities for many users without difficulty and packs non-complicated functions. There is no additional configuration menu and the utility helps you to create simple notes directly from web browser. This program…


11 Alternatives to AssureSign

February 18, 2017

AssureSign offers electronic signatures for Salesforce CRM, and one-click document creation, Microsoft SharePoint customers, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It is specially designed for mid to large sized businesses. This program is the leading web-based and easily integrates with a range of business technology options, including Microsoft applications, and Windows Azure. There are three convenient ways to sign and manage documents: via a SaaS platform, on your file server, and via…


14 Alternatives to Nitro Pro

February 16, 2017

Nitro Pro is a reliable and excellent app which lets you to create, convert, and edit PDF files effortlessly, comprises OCR function, and accurately extracting text from PDFs. There is a user-friendly interface, very advanced features, and get more info on its tools with a single click. This tool helps you to create new PDF files from any document format, export text or the entire document, and add comments to…


14 Alternatives to PrimoPDF

February 13, 2017

PrimoPDF is an intuitive and reliable application that enables you to set up passwords and permissions and offers you create PDF files from any printable document. You can convert any printable document into a portable document format file with the help of few clicks. There is a user-friendly interface with a touch of good looks and very short installation procedure. The user can quickly customize the running settings of this…


22 Alternatives to Yahoo! Mail

February 11, 2017

Yahoo! Mail is an online email service that is used to easily share photos and animated GIFs, connect all of your accounts, get 1000 GBs of storage, and stay organized throughout the day. This open-source utility offers grouped conversations, Dropbox integration for attachments, Yahoo! Messenger, powerful search options, themes, and disposable apps and addresses for the major platforms. You can sign in securely while ditching your password, send high-res photos…


13 Alternatives to qAllInOne

February 9, 2017

qAllInOne is an open-source and simple application that is used to open PDFs, view picture slideshows, and works as a multifunctional player for audio and video files. The user can use this program for all media formats and open each multimedia file. This program can open BMP, PNG, JPEG, JPG, and GIF images, and play OGG, WAV, and MP3 audio files. The utility enables you to watch videos in 3GP,…


13 Alternatives to Evince

February 8, 2017

Evince is an intuitive, lightweight and minimally invasive PDF viewer that comes with simple method to opening Adobe‚Äôs file types. The user can view PDF documents without any installation process with the help of this complicated software which usually demand a lot of system resources. This program is accessible to all types of users and offers many standard options for viewing PDFs. After the completion of installation process, it is…


12 Alternatives to FocusMe

February 7, 2017

FocusMe is a most powerful application blocker for Mac & Windows that are designed for block websites and programs to get your work done at any time. There is a distraction blocker that helps you to focus on what is important from getting distracted. This program can remind you to take regular breaks away from the screen and also good for your health. The users can only offer use of…


13 Alternatives to Stickies

February 5, 2017

Stickies is an easy to use Windows application that allows you to organize your notes with color-coded post-its and set reminders for certain events. It offers a great amount of features and take notes straight from desktop. The user can set a time, write down a note, and date for a reminder, and it supports recurring. You can use the SMTP email server, or built-in TCP/IP network support to send…


11 Alternatives to Secured Signing

February 4, 2017

It is an application that provides a secure and comprehensive SaaS digital signature service that gives a full range of from signing capabilities and completion. The user can sign and seal his financial documents, agreements, letters, reports, forms, sales quotes, purchase orders, and much more. Secured Signing combines advanced user-based PKI technology to deploy, easy to use and compliant solution. It has core features such as; legally binding, automated business…


22 Alternatives to MailForSpam

January 30, 2017

MailForSpam is a disposable email service that you can use the created mailbox for any purposes and use this email address as well as spam and newsletters. This program offers certain advantages such as easy usage, unlimited possibilities, no registration procedure, etc. You can read messages and enter your name and no need of authorizations and passwords. When you are afraid of receiving spam, there is no need to give…


12 Alternatives to Productivity Owl

January 29, 2017

Productivity Owl is a comprehensive software utility that forces you to be productive and get back to work by timing your website visits. This program lets you surf a site for a few minutes or seconds before kicking you off. You can easily schedule your free time hours so that you take your work and breaks during break-time. The user can allow work-related websites or specifically block known time-wasting websites….


12 Alternatives to InternetOff

January 28, 2017

InternetOff is a free tool that is used to disable or enable the internet connection with just a few clicks from the system tray. This program has a few configuration settings, runs quietly in the system tray, and proves to be extremely easy to work with this tool. You can automatically check the program for new versions and make the program run at windows startup. It is possible to set…


13 Alternatives to WikidPad

January 26, 2017

WikidPad is a useful program for saving ideas that are designed to keep your everyday thoughts, contacts, tasks, and ideas in the same place. This program has few text editing tools, a clean interface, and a tree view for all the entries. The user can assign colors or icons to each of them and the app offers a wiki-like notebook that can include cross-links for all information. This software is…


11 Alternatives to E-Lock

January 24, 2017

E-Lock is an electronic & digital signature solutions empowering business to go paperless securely and conveniently. This program solutions comprise web-based signing solution, server-side signing, and online form signing solution. It gets a great pride in serving spanning several verticals, various esteemed customers, across the globe. You can configure signature placement in PDF form 16 files, and preview these files before you proceed with your sign. The user can view…


14 Alternatives to VeryPDF PDF Editor

January 21, 2017

VeryPDF PDF Editor is an extensive and handy application that is specially used to view and edit PDF files, modify PDF files, and change text of PDF file. The user can edit PDF files with a bit difficulty, and export them to BMP, TXT, or JPG formats. This program messes up the layout by moving image onto the next page or removing the image completely to add a text line…


14 Alternatives to Bullzip PDF Printer

January 20, 2017

Bullzip PDF Printer is a simple and practical tool which lets you to write PDF documents from virtually any Microsoft Windows app and works as a Microsoft Windows printer. It is possible to control prompts and output programmatically and set document properties. There are several core features such as graphical user interface, user interface control, password protect PDF documents, support for Windows Terminal Server, and support for Citrix MetaFrame. You…


13 Alternatives to Flipping PDF Reader

January 15, 2017

Flipping PDF Reader is a lightweight and straightforward application that allows you to view and open PDF documents easily, encompasses keyboard controls, and a 3D flipping affect. There is a minimal and modern design interface and the installation procedure takes very short time. This program contains a navigation panel, menu bar, pane, and a few shortcut buttons to display the document. You can upload the files with the help of…


13 Alternatives to Notezilla

January 13, 2017

Notezilla is an approachable program that offers you to create, manage, and customize sticky notes by interactive tools and resorting to fun, in order to keep track of essential events. This program has configuration settings and a lot of handy options like custom tags for grouping multiple notes. The installation procedure is too short and takes minimal effort. You can write text, customize font settings, pin any notes on top…


11 Alternatives to Legalesign

January 11, 2017

Legalesign is intuitive and great value enterprise software to manage, sign, and send contracts online. It is designed for customers, comprehensively, easily, and quickly, and focused on getting the task done with the hassle and least clicks. The program allows clients to sign paperwork at the touch of a button. It can see full audit trail for document and CC management on signing email alerts. This software has prominent features…


14 Alternatives to GreenPrint

January 10, 2017

GreenPrint is an intuitive and reliable application which lets you to eliminate unwanted pages, saving link, and reduce printing. There are awesome options to get help such as GreenPrint Analytics, Preview, and Advisor. You can remove unwanted content and pages from being printed, also manage, analyze, and measure print consumption in your organization. This tool offers a suite that significantly reduce the complexity and print devices have different cost profiles…


13 Alternatives to Laverna

January 9, 2017

Laverna is a handy application that is designed to take notes, set tasks, assign them tags, save them in notebooks, and synchronize them between various devices. You can organize and store notes in a seamless manner and this tool helps you by offering you with several components. There is no need to install it and the software can be deployed to your PC with minimum efforts. You can create a…


14 Alternatives to Classic PDF editor

January 8, 2017

Classic PDF editor is a handy and straightforward piece of software which is designed to create, edit, and open PDF files, and convert them to other file extensions. There is a clean environment, tabbed ribbon, quick access toolbar, simple UI, and a pane to display the uploaded item. You can open several tabs in the same time, create new files, and open in many formats including PDF, PNG, BMP, JPG,…


14 Alternatives to PDF reDirect

January 6, 2017

PDF reDirect is a straightforward and simple to use program which supports a printing function and creates PDF files from any app. There is an intuitive layout and interface to figure out how to work with this tool easily. The user can specify the destination and output filename to proceed with the conversion procedure. This tool lets you to change the zoom level and viewing style, configure printer output settings…


12 Alternatives to Windows Live Family Safety

January 6, 2017

Windows Live Family Safety is a reliable and useful program that allows you to restrict access to specific games, websites, or programs and monitor children activity on the PC. You can set up security settings for any users with this program, and you have administrative rights. The user can create a blacklist or whitelist and control the websites by setting up the filtering level. It is possible to extend the…


13 Alternatives to Gaaiho PDF Reader

January 5, 2017

Gaaiho PDF Reader is a reliable program that offers you to adding bookmarks, filling, and printing forms annotating documents. The user can now manage PDF files, annotate PDF with a complete set of tools, protect PDF with signature, and even connect to cloud services. This program allows you to use laser pointer-styled cursor in full-screen mode, snap objects to grid, and split-view your document. There is a redesigned user interface…


14 Alternatives to pdfFactory

January 4, 2017

pdfFactory is a straightforward virtual printer which lets you to create PDF files out of any document, embed fonts, delete or insert pages, and then send the output through email. This application keeps quick installation, can send the loaded pages by email, and can be used for more than PDF printing. The user can view the title, current document up close, and other pending jobs when selecting the virtual printer…