13 Alternatives to Flipping PDF Reader

January 15, 2017

Flipping PDF Reader is a lightweight and straightforward application that allows you to view and open PDF documents easily, encompasses keyboard controls, and a 3D flipping affect. There is a minimal and modern design interface and the installation procedure takes very short time. This program contains a navigation panel, menu bar, pane, and a few shortcut buttons to display the document. You can upload the files with the help of…


13 Alternatives to Notezilla

January 13, 2017

Notezilla is an approachable program that offers you to create, manage, and customize sticky notes by interactive tools and resorting to fun, in order to keep track of essential events. This program has configuration settings and a lot of handy options like custom tags for grouping multiple notes. The installation procedure is too short and takes minimal effort. You can write text, customize font settings, pin any notes on top…


11 Alternatives to Legalesign

January 11, 2017

Legalesign is intuitive and great value enterprise software to manage, sign, and send contracts online. It is designed for customers, comprehensively, easily, and quickly, and focused on getting the task done with the hassle and least clicks. The program allows clients to sign paperwork at the touch of a button. It can see full audit trail for document and CC management on signing email alerts. This software has prominent features…


14 Alternatives to GreenPrint

January 10, 2017

GreenPrint is an intuitive and reliable application which lets you to eliminate unwanted pages, saving link, and reduce printing. There are awesome options to get help such as GreenPrint Analytics, Preview, and Advisor. You can remove unwanted content and pages from being printed, also manage, analyze, and measure print consumption in your organization. This tool offers a suite that significantly reduce the complexity and print devices have different cost profiles…


13 Alternatives to Laverna

January 9, 2017

Laverna is a handy application that is designed to take notes, set tasks, assign them tags, save them in notebooks, and synchronize them between various devices. You can organize and store notes in a seamless manner and this tool helps you by offering you with several components. There is no need to install it and the software can be deployed to your PC with minimum efforts. You can create a…


14 Alternatives to Classic PDF editor

January 8, 2017

Classic PDF editor is a handy and straightforward piece of software which is designed to create, edit, and open PDF files, and convert them to other file extensions. There is a clean environment, tabbed ribbon, quick access toolbar, simple UI, and a pane to display the uploaded item. You can open several tabs in the same time, create new files, and open in many formats including PDF, PNG, BMP, JPG,…


14 Alternatives to PDF reDirect

January 6, 2017

PDF reDirect is a straightforward and simple to use program which supports a printing function and creates PDF files from any app. There is an intuitive layout and interface to figure out how to work with this tool easily. The user can specify the destination and output filename to proceed with the conversion procedure. This tool lets you to change the zoom level and viewing style, configure printer output settings…


12 Alternatives to Windows Live Family Safety

January 6, 2017

Windows Live Family Safety is a reliable and useful program that allows you to restrict access to specific games, websites, or programs and monitor children activity on the PC. You can set up security settings for any users with this program, and you have administrative rights. The user can create a blacklist or whitelist and control the websites by setting up the filtering level. It is possible to extend the…


13 Alternatives to Gaaiho PDF Reader

January 5, 2017

Gaaiho PDF Reader is a reliable program that offers you to adding bookmarks, filling, and printing forms annotating documents. The user can now manage PDF files, annotate PDF with a complete set of tools, protect PDF with signature, and even connect to cloud services. This program allows you to use laser pointer-styled cursor in full-screen mode, snap objects to grid, and split-view your document. There is a redesigned user interface…


14 Alternatives to pdfFactory

January 4, 2017

pdfFactory is a straightforward virtual printer which lets you to create PDF files out of any document, embed fonts, delete or insert pages, and then send the output through email. This application keeps quick installation, can send the loaded pages by email, and can be used for more than PDF printing. The user can view the title, current document up close, and other pending jobs when selecting the virtual printer…


14 Alternatives to PDF Converter Elite

January 2, 2017

PDF Converter Elite is an intuitive and reliable program that lets you to create PDF and convert any PDF to Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. This application addresses all types of users and can create PDFs from BMP, JPEG, and TIFF images. There is a pretty intuitive and clean interface to import the files into the working environment using drag and drop function or the file browser. The user can add…


22 Alternatives to ProtonMail

January 2, 2017

ProtonMail is an enhanced email security that is specially used to secure your communications based in Switzerland and read and compose your email. There is an automatic email security with end-to-end encryption so encrypted emails cannot be shared with third parties and nobody can read and decrypt you emails. This online utility contains awesome privacy, no need to keep any IP logs, and protect all user data by strict Swiss…


14 Alternatives to Universal Document Converter

January 1, 2017

Universal Document Converter is an intuitive and user-friendly program which helps users to print any document and convert to PDF with a few simple moves. There is a printing function to access the tool and you can specify the name and output location of the new file after pressing the OK button. It is possible to select the paper size, orientation, height, width, resolution, and unit type. The user can…


14 Alternatives to SodaPDF

December 30, 2016

SodaPDF is an efficient piece of software that offers you to edit and view PDFs and convert these documents to one of the supported formats. There is a quick installing procedure and modern design which encloses a tabbed ribbon, panel, and quick access toolbar to display the uploaded PDF. You can take snapshots of a particular area and copy it to the clipboard, zoom in and out of documents, rotate…


13 Alternatives to Zim

December 29, 2016

Zim is a compact windows text editor that is used to link to other wiki pages, access and store wiki-pages to customize each page with simple formatting, images and attachments. It is specially designed to organize and manage wiki-pages from a single interface. This program is useful when you need to write drafts while working on projects, take notes during meetings, collect important pieces of information for blog entries, important…


14 Alternatives to Foxit PDF Creator

December 28, 2016

Foxit PDF Creator is a fast and lightweight virtual printer that is specially designed for creating PDF documents, supports a printing function, and comprises advanced configuration settings. The user can access the tool by triggering the print button of any program after installation. This program enables you to set this tool to overwrite without confirmation, specify the default saving directory, select the PDF version, and use the default file name…


12 Alternatives to BrowseControl

December 27, 2016

BrowseControl is an intuitive application that can restrict access to certain websites, completely block the internet, and schedule access during specific times of the week or a day to filter the internet from a centralized console. The application is a pioneer in the industry and used to improve employee productivity. This program offers core features such as enforce internet usage policy for your organization, block any websites with ease, remove…


14 Alternatives to qvPDF

December 26, 2016

qvPDF is an advanced and intuitive PDF printer with support for plugins, encryption, page rotation, watermarks, merging, splitting, FTP uploads, email notifications, and more. There are configuration settings and a lot of options, along with plugin support for SMTP and FTP. This program comes with short installing procedure and needs to setup a printer driver to work properly. You can get help with general settings such as the setup language,…


13 Alternatives to PDF Previewer for Windows 8

December 25, 2016

PDF Previewer for Windows 8 is a reliable practical utility that you can open file dialog and get a well-detailed preview of PDF documents in any Explorer Windows. This program can save PDF documents and you can adjust the preview pane with windows to make the image clear. You can recognize most documents by content of the first page and there are no options to zoom or simply pan the…


14 Alternatives to PDF24 PDF Creator

December 24, 2016

PDF24 PDF Creator is a comprehensive program to create PDFs from any portable document, extract pages, merge and split files, swap pages across different files, and manage and create certificates. The use can quickly figure out advanced settings, set metadata and document security, and more. This tool comprises a user-friendly interface which helps you to open a file, rearrange image frames or pages, swap pages across various files, and insert…


14 Alternatives to doPDF

December 22, 2016

doPDF is a reliable piece of software that converts any printable document to PFG format while offering you to choose the page size, scale, resolution, orientation, and unit type. This program tweaks during the installation procedure and works with the utility as a virtual printer. The tool comes with simple interface with simple-to-use commands and can be accessed by hitting the print button in any program. You can select the…


22 Alternatives to Zoho Mail

December 22, 2016

Zoho Mail is a webmail service that is designed to organize your contacts easily, take control of your inbox, and schedule your day better with calendar. This browser-based program comes with ad-free, clean, and minimalist interface for business users to communicate while catering to the mailbox management and customization needs of IT administrators. The user can save important emails to the phone, customize push notifications, and access other external POP…


13 Alternatives to RedNotebook

December 19, 2016

RedNotebook is a straightforward application that schedules your daily activities, simply write down your ideas, and create memos with pictures or links. It is designed to write down important ideas and notes in a clean working environment. This program offers to add text messages for each day of the week and quick access to a built-in calendar. The user can cut, paste, copy, or delete the selected text, and the…


12 Alternatives to DoNotDisturb

December 17, 2016

DoNotDisturb is reliable, and the program blocking can be used for as you like, no time restrictions, and you can control the many distractions on your PC with this effective and simple software. ¬†When you need to get an important task done, your computer is now an entertainment center with Audio media, video clips, games, web browsing, voice over IP phones, chat sessions, etc. The user can easily spend an…


13 Alternatives to POKATreader

December 15, 2016

POKATreader is a perfect document management and presentation tool that allows you to read your PDF files in full-screen mode. This program is great for books, newsletters, documents, reports, product guides, catalogs, magazines, annual reports, business plans, journals, periodicals, legal works, and more. You can rename or delete the bookmarks, change skin, go to specific page and print it, and zoom with none-click. This application comes packed with many core…


22 Alternatives to Gmail

December 13, 2016

Gmail is a free search-based service that keeps your message safe, find any message quickly, read and respond offline & online, and get your messages instantly through push notifications. This search-based engine comes with search capabilities, SPAM protection, a mailbox with IMAP and Pop access, a filtering and labeling system, display of email threads as conversations, 10GB of free storage, and an integrated chat, etc. There is an organized inbox…


11 Alternatives to HelloSign

December 10, 2016

HelloSign enables you to sign, retrieve, send, fill out, and save documents paperlessly. It is a cloud-based electronic signature and users can sign documents on a mobile phone, computer, and tablets. You can use some basic scripting into a web page or app. The user receives the documents, and he did not pay anything, only the sender user pays. This program eliminates the cost and inconvenience, in time and money…


13 Alternatives to Simplenote

December 8, 2016

Simplenote is a straightforward and simple software solution that you can synchronize, edit, manage and create notes all across your devices. It enables you to create notes, write down ideas or to-do lists, memos, future plans, and thoughts, publish them directly or share with friends on the web. This program allows you to access your updated notes from all devices and share your notes with other users. The user can…


13 Alternatives to Haihaisoft PDF Reader

December 4, 2016

Haihaisoft PDF Reader is a comprehensive and handy PDF document reader that is specially used to view and print PDF documents in a user-friendly environment. There is an intuitive and clean interface of this program, no support of drag and drop method, and you can open a document with the help of file browser. The user can change the viewing mode, send the file through an email, and view PDF…


22 Alternatives to Tutanota

December 1, 2016

Tutanota is a secure email service that is designed to offer end-to-end encryption for emails sent from a user of this online program to another. You can keep private your contacts and emails and automatically encrypt all your data on device. This email software is licensed under GPL v3 that is particular to any encryption service, forever free, and there is also an amazing support from community. The user can…