11 Alternatives to Grav

February 23, 2017

Grav is a free modern source flat-file CMS that requires no database, builds faster websites, and comes with a sophisticated package manager and powerful API. This email service offers bundled core features such as flat-file architecture, CLI tools, instant install, smart caching, awesome technology, extensive documentation, powerful configuration overrides, package manager, and routing and redirection. You can get help the development process with a powerful visual debug panel by providing…


22 Alternatives to Hexagon

February 22, 2017

Hexagon is a fully-featured application that allows you to create complex 3D models and export them to STL, DWG, DXF, 3DS, OBJ, CAR, and other file formats. This program has a multitude of dedicated parameters and gives the possibility to create 3D models. There is a 3D workspace that is divided into many panes for visualizing 3D models. It is possible to move objects to any area of the environment,…


22 Alternatives to GLC_Player

February 21, 2017

GLC_Player is a comprehensive and handy program that is specially designed for analysis of 3D models and easier visualization with a stable environment. This application shows the details of each 3D model rendered under the OFF, STL, 3DS, OBJ, 3DXML, COLLADA, and COFF OpenGL library. You can analyze and observe the characteristics of certain 3D models, render and define dynamic 3D models with natural movement and fluid. The tool is…


12 Alternatives to Affinity Designer

February 20, 2017

Affinity Designer is a professional design application that allows you to create retouch images and compelling graphics with this advanced color manipulation tool. The user can improve the appearance with a minimal effort and get the results of a better quality. You can use Personas to define your working environment and offers another toolset. There is a Pixel Persona that provides extra editing tools and the Dwarf Persona encompasses all…


11 Alternatives to MLCAD

February 16, 2017

MLCAD is a comprehensive application that helps you to create entire towns and impressive models of buildings by using standard LEGO parts or elements. This program comes with a customizable and comprehensive interface and when you install the application, it asks you to set the base path which is important for the folder of this program. The user can move and arrange all toolbars around and also close them. There…


11 Alternatives to Twitter

February 10, 2017

Twitter is a reliable, effective, and useful utility that comes in handy to share Twitter pics and easily send tweets without a browser. You can send messages and manage your accounts effortlessly with this program. This tool lets you to reset the password by redirecting you to a specific page, create new Twitter account, and you need to insert your user credentials after launching this utility for windows. The users…


22 Alternatives to Blender

February 10, 2017

Blender is a professional 3D creation software that offers you to create a 2D and 3D models and encloses animation, lighting, texturing, professional modeling, and video post-processing tools. This program has expert-oriented GUI, comprehensive documentation, and comes with a well-structured tutorials and user manual. A vast online community can help you get familiarized with it and an open-source program. You can simply lose yourself in the documentation if you are…


11 Alternatives to LeoCAD

February 9, 2017

LeoCAD is a simple and efficient CAD application that offers a huge library of pieces similar to the Lego ones and lets you create your own design. This program comes with an intuitive interface that helps you to create your 3D models. There is a usual menu bar to enhance usability and also shortcut buttons, a color panel, a preview pane, and a list of all the types of parts….


12 Alternatives to Gravit.io

February 8, 2017

Gravit.io is a handy application that is used to create graphic design projects in an extensive environment and offers many relevant tools. The application comes packed with a user-friendly design and organized many intuitive functions throughout its main window. There is a minimalistic settings menu that contains handful features such as showing angle tooltips, displaying coordinates, highlighting on hover, and resizing border width on transform. You can generate graphic design…


11 Alternatives to Blogger

January 31, 2017

Blogger is an extensive email platform that is specially used to create a unique and beautiful blogs, share your photos, thoughts, and more with the world and your friends. There is an unlimited flexibility to personalize and an API which lets you integrate the features into other sites. The user can choose the perfect design, hundreds of background images, and easy to use templates. This browser-based tool was developed by…


22 Alternatives to ArchiCAD

January 30, 2017

ArchiCAD is an intuitive and reliable CAD application offering a comprehensive set of object manipulation tools and enables engineers, designers, and architects to develop and view detailed 3D models. This tool comes with an advanced modeling capabilities, fast designing process from the first concept to the documentation level and final architectural sketch. The user can create custom elements with any geometry type by corners, editing, moving and shaping surfaces, parameters…


12 Alternatives to Xara Designer Pro

January 29, 2017

Xara Designer Pro is a powerful and helpful piece of software that is used to render vector drawings, create flash animations, photo compositions, and web graphics. There is a modern design of the UI and an experienced user can use this program properly. You can get the usually written help contents, daily tips, online video tutorials, workshops, and online forums. This program includes a lot of examples and templates such…


22 Alternatives to Autodesk AutoCAD

January 21, 2017

Autodesk AutoCAD is one of the most powerful CAD applications that is used to design complex mechanical parts or even buildings and achieve great precision in any field of activity. This program comes with an intuitive interface, well-organized features, and suitable for experienced users and business environments. There are basic geometrical shapes that is used to draw custom objects and define your ones. You can fully customize shapes with adding…


11 Alternatives to LiveJournal

January 18, 2017

LiveJournal is a community publishing platform that is specially designed to personal publishing, individual expression, social networking, and community involvement. You can create individuals looking to meet new friends, share common interests, and express themselves. This online tool encourages personal expression and communal interaction by providing a deeply customizable journal and a user-friendly interface. There is a unique personality of this email service in different parts of the world and…


22 Alternatives to FreeCAD

January 17, 2017

FreeCAD is a free and user-friendly program that helps you to create 3D and 2D drawings, write scripts, and comes with many dedicated parameters. There is a straightforward and clean interface and you can create 3D, CAD, PLM, MCAD, CAx, and CAE projects. The users can import data from many formats such as DXF, BRP, WRL, ASC, OCA, IFC, JPG, BMP, IGES, MED, SVG, DAT, or others. This tool comprises…


11 Alternatives to LPub3D

January 16, 2017

LPub3D is an advanced and easy to use utility that offers a wide variety of relevant features and generates virtual Lego constructions. This program needs LDraw libraries and LDraw engine on your PC to function properly. There is an extremely functional 3D model viewer and you can view your creation from many perspectives. You can completely control over your projects by using the LDraw file editor. This tool is wrapped…


11 Alternatives to LDraw

January 15, 2017

LDraw is an open standard and comprehensive for LEGO CAD programs that is specially used to create virtual LEGO scenes and models. The installation procedure is a simple, the users need to double-click the archive to extract its contents, copy the folder of this program to /Library/LDraw, or copy the folder of this program to your name/users/Library/LDraw. You can install and download it to get benefit and this package represents…


12 Alternatives to Clip Studio Paint

January 14, 2017

Clip Studio Paint is an efficient and feature-packed software that is designed to edit, illustrate, and enhance the appearance of manga and comics drawings. This program provides the functions to create real artwork from scratch. The tool has an intuitive interface, well-structured GUI, and components accessible from its main window. You can customize the parameters and opt for a drawing instrument on the left-side panel. On the right-side, the user…


22 Alternatives to Autodesk Maya

January 14, 2017

Autodesk Maya is well-known, and one of the most powerful animation software that helps you effect with photo-realistic rendering creates breathtaking environments and animations. This program and animation solution comes with all the functions. It has a well-organized and visually appealing interface, even if consists toolbars and menus, loads of buttons, it is also highly customizable. This program comes equipped with an impressive array of tools, controls, and effects, and…


22 Alternatives to LibreCAD

January 13, 2017

LibreCAD is a user-friendly application that supports a long list of formats and designed to help you edit and create different CAD files easily. There is a simple and free method of designing CAD drawings and export and import items. This tool comes with a comprehensive help documentation and smoothly run installation procedure. You can add few panes and elements to help you view project, list, and a logs with…


11 Alternatives to LDCad

January 11, 2017

LDCad is an extensive and reliable piece of software that is designed to edit LDraw model documents in real-time. The interface of this program is quite different from other modern CAD programs and you can get benefit from adorable options. There are Windows and Linux support, part ghosting, part grouping, MPD support, relative grids, nested editing, instruction stepping support, and undo or redo options. You can edit multiple file, open…


12 Alternatives to VectorNow

January 6, 2017

VectorNow is an intuitive program that is used to convert common image files into DXF and DWG drawings, configure conversion settings, and preview the output and input files. This program offers support for PNG, TIF, JPG, BMP, and GIF pictures, and comes wrapped in just a couple of customization options. It contains a well-organized interface and a single window of this utility gives direct access to all available options. You…


22 Alternatives to LightWave

January 4, 2017

LightWave is a feature-rich 3D animation and modeling software that offers a plethora of editing options and ready to assist 3D artists and designers with their work. It is specially designed for professional artists and comes bundled with rendering tools and advanced modeling. This program offers you to get an idea of your projects and allows you to modify surfaces, scenes, graphs and images to create realistic, customized graphics, amazing…


11 Alternatives to Svbtle

January 1, 2017

Svbtle is a comprehensive and simple browser-based utility that is used to developing and collecting ideas, reading ideas, and publish them with the world. There is a dashboard that helps you to develop ideas, curate ideas slowly, and share them to the world. This email service assists you to your published content will remain online forever. It is possible to write without distractions and format the posts using Markdown which…


12 Alternatives to Realdraw

December 26, 2016

Realdraw is an extensive graphic processing program that combines bitmap processing and vector, 2D, 3D in one package. This program comes with numerous advanced functions, configuration parameters and customizable settings for experienced users. The utility contains professional-looking interface and shows panels on the bottom, left, and right of the screen with color adjustments, drawing tools, styles and layers, and menu bar and toolbar. You can select an initial style at…


11 Alternatives to BlockCAD

December 25, 2016

BlockCAD is a lightweight application that is used to hold your imagination in creating amazing 3D structures with Lego blocks. There is a fitted interface with a generous workspace to place and view blocks that occur in a side panel. This program is a little difficult to use and you can build simply by stacking the piece together and selecting a piece from the list. The user cannot freely move…


22 Alternatives to NaroCAD

December 24, 2016

NaroCAD is a useful piece of software that lets you to easily edit and create 3D CAD models, wrapped with a Boo compiler, many elements, tools, and export and import capabilities. This program comes with a well-organized design and a minimal interface that comprises a tabbed ribbon, quick access toolbar, few panes, and several buttons. There are extensive help contents and you can view your on-going project and various information….


11 Alternatives to Craft CMS

December 21, 2016

Craft CMS is an extensive email service that provides the tools to sculpt a content management experience and makes the life enjoyable for content managers and developers alike. This online tool doesn’t make any assumptions about the content and allows you to define it to capture the information by setting up custom fields. There is a powerful localization support built right into the core and an intuitive publishing experience which…


12 Alternatives to Mayura Draw

December 16, 2016

Mayura Draw is easy to use application that is designed to use a large variety of vector drawing tools or insert various image files for high-quality works of digital art. The user can store this program on a USB flash drive because of its lightweight and portable compatibility. There is a decent file support with formats like WMF, TIF, BMP, PNG, GIF, JPG, MD, and AI being the ones you…


22 Alternatives to Autodesk 3ds Max

December 14, 2016

Autodesk 3ds Max is a 3D animation software that offers a comprehensive set of tools to generate impressive scenes. It offers a strong modeling architecture for graphic designers and app is developed in two editions. This program talks especially to visual effects artists and game developers. You can complete an online form with some basic information to download the software. The application comes packed with a complex setup and professional-looking…