12 Alternatives to DefenseWall

January 13, 2017

DefenseWall is easy to use application that protects yourself when surfing the internet and helps you prevent unauthorized infiltrations and any attacks on your PC such as spyware, adware, Trojans, rootkits, and keyloggers. The user can access the main application Window, and this program places itself in the system tray. This application can protect your system by dividing apps into two groups against malicious agents. The tool grants permission to…


12 Alternatives to Idoo USB Encryption

January 11, 2017

Idoo USB Encryption is a powerful program that helps you lock USB flash drive, pen drives, memory sticks, jump drives, thumb drives, and flash drives encryption. USB flash drives are designed to move data from one PC to another. These files are small in size, affordable, convenient, but can carry gigabytes of data. It is supported in Windows XP, Vista, 7, and developed by Idoo Encryption. This software is very…


12 Alternatives to Challenger Encryption

January 10, 2017

Challenger Encryption is a desktop application that works well when installed on a CD, DVD, notebook, desktop, micro SD card or USB flash drive. The software stays on the portable storage in case of the portable installation. This program is specially designed for communication in closed networks and local data protection. All files can stay locked down; the user didn’t face any problem in case either the desktop or USB…


12 Alternatives to Windows Live Family Safety

January 6, 2017

Windows Live Family Safety is a reliable and useful program that allows you to restrict access to specific games, websites, or programs and monitor children activity on the PC. You can set up security settings for any users with this program, and you have administrative rights. The user can create a blacklist or whitelist and control the websites by setting up the filtering level. It is possible to extend the…


12 Alternatives to Deep Freeze

January 6, 2017

Deep Freeze is a perfect and intuitive tool that helps you reset the PC to its original state after a reboot session and wipe out all changes made to your system. This program can simply activate and allows you to restore all initial settings at the next startup of your PC. The user needs to set up a master password because it is very important that can activate or deactivate…


22 Alternatives to Wise Care 365

January 3, 2017

Wise Care 365 is a user-friendly application that lets you to increase the performance of your PC, clean junk files, and find and fix errors. This program can be installed within seconds without any issues and enables you to remove all the redundant data on computer without affecting its stability. After the opening of its main window, it can assign it a rating and access its status. You can choose…


22 Alternatives to ProtonMail

January 2, 2017

ProtonMail is an enhanced email security that is specially used to secure your communications based in Switzerland and read and compose your email. There is an automatic email security with end-to-end encryption so encrypted emails cannot be shared with third parties and nobody can read and decrypt you emails. This online utility contains awesome privacy, no need to keep any IP logs, and protect all user data by strict Swiss…


12 Alternatives to DiskCryptor

December 30, 2016

It is an application that gives an extensive set of options for protecting hard disks with a Keyfile, password, catering to advanced users who want to safeguard data. The installation procedure of this software is fast that requires a PC restart to finish. DiskCryptor adopts a regular window with the easy structure for the interface. The user can check out type, size, label, and status. This software has other options…


12 Alternatives to GlassWire

December 28, 2016

GlassWire is a firewall utility that blocks applications from connecting to the internet, view bandwidth usage statistics, and allows you to monitor the network activity. It offers you with around-the-clock security by monitoring the outgoing and incoming network traffic. This program can display and detect information about every process or service that is the IP addresses of each third party connections. The application shows this information in graph form to…


12 Alternatives to BrowseControl

December 27, 2016

BrowseControl is an intuitive application that can restrict access to certain websites, completely block the internet, and schedule access during specific times of the week or a day to filter the internet from a centralized console. The application is a pioneer in the industry and used to improve employee productivity. This program offers core features such as enforce internet usage policy for your organization, block any websites with ease, remove…


12 Alternatives to BufferZone

December 26, 2016

BufferZone is an intuitive application that offers a safe virtualization environment for downloading items and apps from the internet. This program contains standard and advanced settings, you need to restart the computer at the end of the installation process and can hide specify folders when surfing the web. The user can add e-shopping and e-banking sites to protect when the utility run. There is a well-organized interface where you can…


22 Alternatives to CCleaner

December 23, 2016

CCleaner is a handy application that is used to remove your junk files, fix broken registries, and make your computer as good as new. There is a cleverly simple interface, store major functions in a side panel, and system information is displayed an upper part. You can select specific applications and windows features with two tabs. The user can select autocomplete history, recent documents, save passwords, and old windows installations…


22 Alternatives to Zoho Mail

December 22, 2016

Zoho Mail is a webmail service that is designed to organize your contacts easily, take control of your inbox, and schedule your day better with calendar. This browser-based program comes with ad-free, clean, and minimalist interface for business users to communicate while catering to the mailbox management and customization needs of IT administrators. The user can save important emails to the phone, customize push notifications, and access other external POP…


12 Alternatives to Windows Firewall Notifier

December 18, 2016

Windows Firewall Notifier is a handy application that is used to view real-time details regarding rules and processes and increases the default Windows enclosed firewall behavior by handling outgoing connections. The user can easily safeguard PC like his personal documents against spam, malware, viruses, and other threats concealing the internet. This program can track all the processes and fully customize the way of managing the rules that are connected to…


12 Alternatives to DoNotDisturb

December 17, 2016

DoNotDisturb is reliable, and the program blocking can be used for as you like, no time restrictions, and you can control the many distractions on your PC with this effective and simple software.  When you need to get an important task done, your computer is now an entertainment center with Audio media, video clips, games, web browsing, voice over IP phones, chat sessions, etc. The user can easily spend an…


12 Alternatives to Enigma Protector

December 16, 2016

Enigma Protector is a powerful tool that is designed to increase the security of applications by handling data compression, generating activation keys, applying trial periods, and a lot more. There are some supported files under the commonly used formats like OCX, DLL, SCR, and EXE. This program comes with a well-organized interface, multiple tools, and intuitive design. The users get to tweak settings for virtualization, protection, registration, and few miscellaneous…


22 Alternatives to BleachBit

December 14, 2016

BleachBit is a reliable program designed to remove unnecessary files, clean your PC along with internet access, free up valuable disk space, and delete privacy-related data. After the quick installation process, you can easily perform operations and check out the well-organized layout. The user can delete backup and temporary files, along with system items, like memory dump, logs, clipboard content, Prefetch, MUI cache, and Recycle Bin. This application offers you…


22 Alternatives to Gmail

December 13, 2016

Gmail is a free search-based service that keeps your message safe, find any message quickly, read and respond offline & online, and get your messages instantly through push notifications. This search-based engine comes with search capabilities, SPAM protection, a mailbox with IMAP and Pop access, a filtering and labeling system, display of email threads as conversations, 10GB of free storage, and an integrated chat, etc. There is an organized inbox…


12 Alternatives to Filseclab Personal Firewall

December 7, 2016

Filseclab Personal Firewall is a free personal firewall that provides more secure protection of your computer and offers you to manage which programs can access the internet and at what times. This program gives an automated rules wizard, and you can automatically create a rule and choose to grant or deny access. It is possible to support rules for intranet, applications, network type and time and create rules manually. The…


12 Alternatives to Enigma Virtual Box

December 5, 2016

Enigma Virtual Box is a straightforward application that is specially designed to facilitate the virtualization of registry apps and entries and offers a powerful system. The intuitive interface of this program plays an essential role in getting the job done and very practical. This program comes with core features and actually works simply. The utility can take all the registry entries and necessary files that are required to package them…


22 Alternatives to Wise Disk Cleaner

December 2, 2016

Wise Disk Cleaner is a handy application that is specially used to remove junk and useless files of windows, clean junks of browsers, and defragment your disk. There is a modern interface and clearly visible elements which are cleverly stored in the main window. This tool comes with its four major features such as Advanced Cleaner, Common Cleaner, Disk Defrag, and Slimming System. The user can scan hard disk drives…


22 Alternatives to Tutanota

December 1, 2016

Tutanota is a secure email service that is designed to offer end-to-end encryption for emails sent from a user of this online program to another. You can keep private your contacts and emails and automatically encrypt all your data on device. This email software is licensed under GPL v3 that is particular to any encryption service, forever free, and there is also an amazing support from community. The user can…


12 Alternatives to LaCie Private-Public

November 29, 2016

LaCie Private-Public is an intuitive and lightweight security application that helps you create an encrypted volume where you can store your confidential and private information. Your private data is protected against AES-256 encryption algorithm and unauthorized viewing with the aid of a password. The user can directly run the tool on his system and bypass the installation, and if the user wants to get rid of it, the user needs…


12 Alternatives to FortKnox Firewall

November 26, 2016

FortKnox Firewall is a personal firewall solution that can keep threats away and save your system from different inbound or outbound attacks. You need serious and well security if personal data or important files are stored on your PC. A separate antivirus is most often used the combination in this respect with an independent firewall. This program has a friendly and rather nice looking interface that offers you configure this…


12 Alternatives to SelfControl

November 24, 2016

SelfControl is an intuitive application that is designed to help you stay away from web pages and emails that keep distracting you, to be more productive in an attempt. The user interface of this program is extremely simple, and you can adjust the timeout period by a slider bar, going from 15 minutes to 1 day. There is an edit blacklist button that gives you access to the Domain Blacklist…


12 Alternatives to VMware ThinApp

November 24, 2016

VMware ThinApp is a powerful piece of software that increases computer security, accelerate application deployment and migration, and create ThinApp packages. There is a configuration of the project and you can create an initial baseline of your system by using this program. This program scans your file registry and hard drive to create a baseline of your computer before starting the virtualization process. After the completion of virtualized bundle, you…


22 Alternatives to Clean Master

November 21, 2016

Clean Master is an intuitive software solution that offers you to remove all the junk files from computer quickly, releases more RAM to boost performance, and traces left behind by uninstalled apps. This application identifies temp files and scans your computer with a minimal effort. The user can see easily how much data is occurred by system files, such as the multimedia or chat programs, the Metro apps, and the…


12 Alternatives to USBCrypt

November 17, 2016

It is a modern-looking program that offers a simple means of protecting your sensitive data from prying eyes, by encrypting a removable storage unit or partition. The installation process does not offer to download other product and not last long. USBCrypt has surprise-free setup and clean interface. The user comes face to face with a modern GUI and simple, as it is comprised a few drop-down menu and buttons. In…


12 Alternatives to Toolwiz TimeFreeze

November 15, 2016

Toolwiz TimeFreeze is an instant protection tool that is used to create a virtual copy of your current settings so you can restore them during the next computer boot. The tool comes with the easy concept and you can install third-party applications and perform all sorts of tests without effects on the host. There are few customization options during the installation procedure such as aloe the service on the C…


22 Alternatives to Wise Registry Cleaner

November 12, 2016

Wise Registry Cleaner is a comprehensive application that can optimize the performance of computer by erasing unnecessary files, clean the windows registry and defragment it with some clicking. There are clearing redundant keys from the registry that lets you to increase PC speed and you can optimize work and the system on its stability with this tool. The Tuneup section suggests network tweaks, based on your current configuration, optimization items,…