10 Alternatives to JoyToKey

January 18, 2017

JoyToKey is a feature bundled keyboard emulator that allows you to rely on joysticks for controlling many games and other software solutions. A keyboard and mouse are very important to control any PC but there is also alternate that is the joystick. JoyToKey doesn’t need installation and can support up to 16 joysticks. You can create many configuration files and load only one and also simply press the button you…


15 Alternatives to smcFanControl

January 17, 2017

smcFanControl is a user-friendly and practical Mac OS X utility that is specially designed to help users to control Mac’s built-in fans to cool down the PC. You can reduce the system temperature, manually adjust the fan speed of your Mac, and cannot set a minimum speed below Apple’s default values. This program can be accessed through its status bar menu and runs in the background. The menu bar icon…


10 Alternatives to BatteryBar

January 14, 2017

BatteryBar is a lightweight application that displays relevant information such as full runtime and battery wear while using low resources and the battery status on the taskbar. You can figure out to take care of your laptop and keep track on battery’s lifespan with this app. This program provides support for language translations and additional themes. The interface of this application exists of a very small frame that displays the…


11 Alternatives to CPU-Z

January 13, 2017

CPU-Z is a free and feather-light utility that is used to view detailed hardware information on the computer, including overclocking detection and cache with options to create reports. The program oversteps several other products dedicated to PC diagnostics and it has not received an important update. This application has a hassle-free installation that takes a little time and minimal effort and has classical UI. You can run the app directly…


15 Alternatives to Open Hardware Monitor

January 10, 2017

Open Hardware Monitor is an approachable and straightforward program which offers you an upper hand to foreseeing HDD issues and various technical details regarding the state of your PC. There is a simple interface based on a regular window with a simple structure to handle easily by all users. This application monitors the fan speeds, temperatures, clock speeds, and voltages for your hardware components, hard disk, memory, and the processor….


19 Alternatives to Disk Bench

January 9, 2017

Disk Bench is an intuitive and handy little utility in which you can put your hard disk to the test by copying a directory, single file, or multiple customized files. This program is delivered as a standard executable file, doesn’t come packed in an installer, and launches the app with double-clicking. There are many tabs offered by the app such as copy a directory, copy a file, create a file,…


11 Alternatives to Spiceworks

January 8, 2017

Spiceworks is an intuitive and reliable program that allows you to manage your IT-related assignments and tasks, create a help desk, ranging from running network inventories, and troubleshooting potential problems and generate reports. The installation procedure is quite smoothly, and the app runs via a web browser. You need to have Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Firefox installed on your system and create an account to login. The user can…


19 Alternatives to DiskMark

January 7, 2017

DiskMark is a comprehensive and simple benchmark test which offers information regarding the read and write speed and checks your hard drive performance. There is a user-friendly interface that keeps focus on the task at hand and clear of any distractions. This program allows you to select the disk drive to analyze, set the parameters of the disk benchmarking procedure, and set the buffer size. You can run the benchmarking…


10 Alternatives to BatteryMon

January 7, 2017

BatteryMon is an intuitive application that reveals detailed monitoring and status information on notebook’s battery and can be handled by all users. The users can get a standard window with a simple layout after a brief installation process. It is possible to check out battery details regarding the status, power source, remaining time and energy, time on battery and total time, along with the capacity, and change rate and capacity…


19 Alternatives to AJA System Test

January 5, 2017

AJA System Test is a powerful and easy to use utility that works by writing a certain amount of data and is designed to measure the output and input performance of your volumes. You can measure how long it takes to transfer and read the info to your RAM, storage device, or a KONA video capture card. The user can tune his tests by changing the amount of data and…


15 Alternatives to Sidebar Diagnostics

January 5, 2017

Sidebar Diagnostics is a comprehensive utility which displays system information and valuable hardware directly on your PC desktop with the stylish and streamlined sidebar. There is a quick installation process and it displays information through a sidebar that is integrated with PC’s desktop. The application shows a chic sidebar that emulates the font, symbols, and colors from windows. You can set this tool to a specific desktop instance, change the…


19 Alternatives to UserBenchMark

January 3, 2017

UserBenchMark is an extensive benchmarking tool which lets you to evaluate the performance of your PC and compare it to the score acquired by other hardware configurations. This program can run tests to assess the performance of your USB drive, hard drive, graphics card, and processor. There are displaying weaknesses and strong points in a complete online report which shows the score. It is possible to perform as well as…


10 Alternatives to Joystick Mapper

January 2, 2017

Joystick Mapper is an intuitive and useful application that lets you map keyboard keys, mouse buttons, mouse axes, and mouse wheel to any Mac compatible gamepad or joystick. You can select a list of previously saved configurations with the main screen that are easily modifiable and just select the joystick output and desired input in the configuration screen. There is a smooth mouse movement and analog shoulder triggers can be…


19 Alternatives to HD Speed

December 31, 2016

HD Speed is a handy and reliable tool enables you to measure your removable storage device or a hard disk device which can do a write or read operation. There is a compact interface, managing to include all available features within a classic and compact window. The users have a graph display of the on-going procedure that comprises several buttons and drop-down menus. This application allows you to select any…


19 Alternatives to CrystalDiskMark

December 29, 2016

CrystalDiskMark is a highly efficient and lightweight application which allows you to assess write and read speeds and is designed as a benchmark system for your hard drive. This program has the power to measure random and sequential read/write speeds while showing all details. There is a simple interface to put your HDD under the scope and you can view the whole information in the main window. The user can…


10 Alternatives to BattCursor

December 28, 2016

BattCursor is easy to use application that is used to keep track of remaining battery percentage and save battery for laptops. This program shows the value right under an item with plenty of screen time and the battery charge at all times. The installation procedure is not complicated and very short after completion of installation, the application can be configured. It is possible to configure the visibility of the power…


10 Alternatives to Joystick 2 Mouse

December 22, 2016

Joystick 2 Mouse is an application that allows you to transform joystick into the mouse of your PC system and offers a new experience to avid gamers. This program gives the possibility to control your keyboard in the same and simple way. The application can help out people with physical disabilities and supports up to sixteen game controllers with added mapping. This utility keeps everything at a professional level and…


11 Alternatives to GPU-Z

December 18, 2016

GPU-Z is a small-sized software utility that is used to monitor live sensor readings in the system tray area, discover your graphic card’s capabilities, supervise temperature, and log sensor activity to file. It comes in handy to all users, features support for creating log files, and purchase a high-demanding video game. This program can easily compare the graphics card configuration with different systems. It is possible to run this app…


10 Alternatives to BatteryInfoView

December 17, 2016

BatteryInfoView is a small utility that helps you keep tabs on the evolution of the battery through reports in time and displays better information for notebooks and laptops. There is battery information including the battery name, manufacture date, serial number, and manufacturer name, full charged capacity, current battery capacity, power state, charge/discharge rate, voltage, and more. This program also offers a log window which adds a new log line. You…


10 Alternatives to ControllerMate

December 13, 2016

ControllerMate is an extensive and reliable application that is specially designed to customize the behavior of your HID devices like keypads, keyboards, joysticks, trackballs, mice, throttles, and gamepads, among others. You can trigger ControllerMate building blocks by MIDI messages or controls on devices and it includes more than 70 types. This program allows you to change the default behavior of a mouse or keyboard with driver configurations and create the…


11 Alternatives to Softperfect Network Scanner

December 7, 2016

Softperfect Network Scanner is a handy application that can detect hidden shares on a LAN, look for shared resources, a security tool for all network administrators, and much more. This program consists of only an executable file, no need for installation, and takes only a few seconds to go. The interface of this app is user-friendly and very clean but hides so many great things. You can scan with input…


10 Alternatives to Total Power

December 6, 2016

Total Power is an application that has favorite power plans at your fingertips to schedule shutdown sessions, change power plan, and save laptop battery life when the PC is idle. This program offers more options and comes as a neat extension. The application doesn’t take up any desktop space and goes directly to the tray area right from the start. The user can tweak this from the settings menu and…


10 Alternatives to AntiMicro

December 1, 2016

AntiMicro is a useful program that is specially used to map mouse controls and keyboard keys to a gamepad. This program is designed for playing PC games and the user can use this utility to control any desktop application with a gamepad. The application is supported on Windows, FreeBSD, and under different Linux distributions. There is no official support of this program on Windows XP and also no support for…


11 Alternatives to SIW

November 26, 2016

SIW is a resourceful software that is designed to display information about your software configuration and PC’s hardware, featuring support for notifications, reports, and customization options. A general info displays this app in a comprehensive manner and inspects your system configuration. The interface is user-friendly and quite intuitive and very easy installation. When you launch it, you find features in Windows, like hardware, software, and network-related, and get acquainted with…


10 Alternatives to Battery Logger

November 25, 2016

Battery Logger is an easy to use software program that monitors your battery’s capacity, examine graphs, and view log details with the evolution of battery life. This program has a simple setup and the installation process is reliable and fast. When it runs, the application gets integrated into the taskbar notifications area without interrupting PC activity. The window looks rudimentary, easy to navigate, and make this program seem like an…


10 Alternatives to DS4Windows

November 20, 2016

DS4Windows is an intuitive and reliable piece of software that offers you to get the best experience while using this tool and emulate Xbox 360 controller through Bluetooth or USB with additional features. This program comes with a clean and simple UI, and can quickly swap via different settings easily with profiles for your controller. The user can set the light bar to favorite color or set up controls for…


10 Alternatives to FreePIE

November 12, 2016

FreePIE is a comprehensive programmable input emulator that is used for emulating and bridging input devices. This application can also be used for remote control, VR interaction, and other applications, and it has also apps primarily in video gaming. The tool comes with an intuitive interface, well-structured GUI, and modern design. You can control the mouse in a computer game using a Wiimote and the script language is based on…


10 Alternatives to Pinnacle Game Profiler

November 10, 2016

Pinnacle Game Profiler is a handy program that allows you to play games on your PC by using game controllers and translate the actions of gamepad into keyboard commands. The user can create own profiles and customize his settings to match his gamepad habits and playing style. This program offers many options and enables you to create a command for every button from the gamepad. You can select the game…


10 Alternatives to Xpadder

November 1, 2016

Xpadder is a lightweight application that is used to simulate the keyboard and mouse in any game, while saving configurations for different consoles or preferred games. This awesome utility leaves no traces in your PC registry and doesn’t need of installation. It places a desktop shortcut for easy access and allows you to choose the folder for saving the profiles. You can get advantage from the popular key combinations and…


11 Alternatives to Belarc Advisor

October 26, 2016

Belarc Advisor is a handy application that builds a detailed profile of your installed hardware and software by running an automatic scan and loads it in a web page. You can create an extensive report to upgrade the machine and the app also discover the PC’s capabilities. The installation process is an easy task and nom options to customize. This program takes a while to gather all data and quickly…