6 Alternatives to Imagus

January 19, 2017

Imagus is an extensive extension that is used to show videos or images and enlarge thumbnails from links with a mouse hover. This tool offers plenty of settings which can be customized and simply useful features such as viewer, hover zoom, gallery, grants, sieve, and tools. You can disable the resizing mode totally or set the first sizing mode. There are opening images, shortcuts, and send image tools and you…


14 Alternatives to Safari AdBlocker

January 16, 2017

Safari AdBlocker is a straightforward and handy application which lets you to visit your favorite web pages and browse the web without worrying about annoying advertisements. The users first need to download the light DMG disk image and mount it to enjoy a smoother and cleaner browsing experience. When installed, you can open the AdBlocker tab and Safari’s preferences window to disable and enable Safari AdBlocker, organize your filters and…


13 Alternatives to Papaly

January 15, 2017

Papaly is a browser-based service that offers you to manage all your links and sync your bookmarks easy and fast with step by step instructions. This online tool enables you to share your board via other channels and social media profiles and publish the board by a shortened link. The user can invite and share others to the board that is either private or public. There are results in search…


14 Alternatives to Yandex.Browser

January 12, 2017

Yandex.Browser is a user-friendly web browser that enables users to speed up the loading of web pages, customize its layout, block or allow cookies, as well as translate pages into different languages. It is based on the Chromium open source project and uses the same engine as Safari and Google Chrome for rendering web pages. Its built-in turbo mode can be enabled if your internet connection is slow and also…


14 Alternatives to Midori

January 9, 2017

Midori is a lightweight, fast web browser that works quick page rendering, session management capabilities, and offering users with a tab-based interface. The user can open a large number of pages and swap between them at the same time. This program can also open private windows, and private browsing mode is not stored in the application’s history. When using this mode, no website can track your language, activity, or time…


14 Alternatives to Ghostery

January 9, 2017

Ghostery is a simple and useful tool that is specially used to detect trackers, pixels, web bugs, and beacons easily placed on web pages by Google Analytics, Facebook and other data providers and networks. You can view data about trackers and also information with targeted advertisements based on the pages. There is a notification in the top right corner after the installation to know which trackers are active on the…


13 Alternatives to Basket

January 5, 2017

Basket is an online browser-based service that is used to save embed links and any URL, and you can completely personalize the bookmarks with color, category, notes, and tags. When you add an article, you never lose it and can also view saved online PPT, PDF, Doc very inside of this tool. The user can share bookmarks anytime with friends and partners through email with a click over social media….


13 Alternatives to XMarks

December 31, 2016

XMarks is a bookmark synchronization and cross-browser service that is designed to offer web discovery and search enhancements based on sites bookmarked by users. There is a multi-language support and you can simply use with a browser extension. This online program is used for Internet Explorer, Android & iPad, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and iPhone. You can get benefit from its features like iPhone and Android mobile phone apps and this…


14 Alternatives to uBlock

December 29, 2016

uBlock is an accessible browser add-on that offers you with an easy method of blocking banners and adverts on the web pages and lets you block any other element by customizing its filters. The user can simply drop the downloaded file of the program over any open Window. A dedicated power button can deactivate or activate the feature at will and also indicates you how many ads are hidden. The…


13 Alternatives to SemanticScuttle

December 25, 2016

SemanticScuttle is a web-based and self-hosted tool that is used to bookmarking and experimenting with collaborative descriptions of tags and structured tags. This online program comes with a wide set of options, simple design, and works as a bookmark manager. You can import the delicious and browser bookmark and authenticate LDAP/Active directory. There are theming support, Firefox plugin, RSS feed support like private feeds, per-tag feeds, global feed, and user…


14 Alternatives to QupZilla

December 20, 2016

QupZilla is a cross-platform web browser that offers fast navigation speed, an RSS reader, an ad blocker, bookmark and download managers, and tab-based interface. This program utilizes Webkit to support contemporary web standards. The browser includes web feeds, the integration of history, and bookmarks in the single location. It can take screenshots of entire pages and Speed Dial homepage. This program consumes fewer system resources than Mozilla Firefox and Google…


13 Alternatives to Bookmark Manager

December 15, 2016

Bookmark Manager is an online extension that assists you to organize, delete, and edit the web pages of bookmark to find them easily and also update the bookmarks across devices. The user can save note and image to make bookmarks helpful and Google also suggests a folder. You can immediately find the elusive page with search which looks the bookmark snippet, title, and page’s content. This browser service enables you…


6 Alternatives to ezLinkPreview

December 12, 2016

ezLinkPreview is a simple and intuitive application that lets you to preview images and links without leaving your current tab and browse more efficiently. This tool allows you to hovering over a link, fades in a small ez icon at the upper right corner and find all HTTP links on a page. You can click the ez icon and Mouseover any link to show the linked page in a separate…


6 Alternatives to ImageZoomer

December 11, 2016

ImageZoomer is a reliable piece of software that is specially used to zoom images inline on the current page by scrolling the mouse wheel and holding the right mouse. You can left click to reset and get help to make the extension compatible with the latest updates. It is possible to scroll the mouse wheel and hold the right mouse button on an image to resize the image, left click…


6 Alternatives to ImgTip

December 10, 2016

ImgTip is an open-source and innovative program that displays image pop up when hovering link that points to image preview page or an image file. This utility is useful for image search engines, galleries, and image boards which have links to image files. There are typical thumbnails placed inside such links and thumbnails on a few sites may be linked to pages with large images. The user can get help…


11 Alternatives to Auto Refresh Plus

December 10, 2016

It is a Chrome base extension that automatically refreshes your one or more page without requiring any user input. Auto Refresh Plus allow the user to set the time interval for refresh your page, and you can be able to change the setting at any given time. It also shows the notification and plays sound it is your choice if you needed. It is not a just extension for reloading…


14 Alternatives to SRWare Iron

December 9, 2016

SRWare Iron is an easy-to-use web browser that combines the ease of use of Chrome’s interface and offers with the same features as Chrome. This program eliminates some privacy and security problems, and different from Chrome is solving some privacy issues. The failure details or submission of entries are not transmitted to Google, and this browser can disable functions. This program is bundled with many features designed to provide a…


13 Alternatives to Tagpacker

December 4, 2016

Tagpacker is a free and powerful online tool that is specially used to organize, collect, share your favorite links quickly, and also offers effective and simple way to manage links with tags. You can speedily bookmark videos, articles, and more side-by-side while browsing and keep your collection always neat and tidy. There is a best opportunity to build your reputation with this platform in your field. It is possible to…


14 Alternatives to Google Chrome

November 28, 2016

Google Chrome is a web browser that is used to deliver a simple and fast Internet navigation mode. This program has bundle of many powerful features like such as privacy mode, synchronization, bookmarks, extensions, automatic web page translation, themes, and more. It offers easy-to-trigger customization options and a seamless navigation mode. The user can work with multiple tabs and make use of the drag and drop support in the preferred…


13 Alternatives to historious

November 23, 2016

historious is a single-click bookmarking search engine that you can save a copy of web pages you bookmarked and find the pages easily. There is a single click access on bookmark websites and you can locate them again by searching in the content of the page for any word. When read the page, the user can add tags and use the special tag unread which erases itself. It is possible…


14 Alternatives to AdGuard

November 16, 2016

AdGuard is an application that is designed to protect against phishing, reduces both page data usage and load time, and pop-up killers for all web browsers. This program supports a wide range of web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Maxthon, Opera, or Safari. It also supports less known ones including K-Meleon, Lunascape, SRWare Iron, Flock, Avant, Orca, GreenBrowser, Comodo Dragon, MyIE, Pale Moon, and SeaMonkey….


13 Alternatives to Flamory

November 14, 2016

Flamory is an intuitive and online email engine that allows you to save a copy of a file and every web page when seeing on screen and find them later easily. This online program offers you to locate snapshots later using full-text thumbnails and search and paste them where you want as screenshots or links. The user can share his finding document, email, or a blog post. You can save…


13 Alternatives to Myvidster

November 3, 2016

Myvidster is a backup and social video bookmarking service that is specially used to search, collect, and share videos. This online app gives you the possibility to download your favorite videos to your phone, access to the popular, recent, and newly bookmarked videos, and subscriptions and queue. You can join the largest and fastest video sharing community on the internet. The online program comes with app store optimization, there is…


11 Alternatives to Site Reloader

October 31, 2016

It is a free website or an extension which you want the site to be auto refreshed and auto reloaded. It is free and online. You can create a free account. you can use in with your Google account if you like. The benefit of using your account is that your Windows history is on your account you need not specify the time interval again. It allows the user to…


14 Alternatives to AdFender

October 30, 2016

AdFender is a lightweight application that is designed to instant messaging programs and block annoying ads for various web browsers while surfing the internet. The user can navigate and speed up internet bandwidth in a clean environment. A straightforward and clean interface shows an overview of the current blocking session. This program offers details about the active connections, requested scans, date, total blocked ads, banner or flash ads, and saved…


11 Alternatives to Page Refresh

October 23, 2016

Page Refresh is used for auto refresh and auto reload you websites and page.  It is a Chrome base extension, and you should be able to set the refresh time on your page and websites. There is no need to show the icon toolbar on your web page it is optional to show the icon or a hide because its extension provides a short key CTRL+SHIFT+R to make a page…


14 Alternatives to Proximodo

October 22, 2016

Proximodo is an open-source customizable web filtering proxy server and the website and the browser exchange headers that explain the activity of the browser’s cache system, use cookies or create. The HTML code of the page contains Javascript programs or hidden tags that manage the Brower’s behavior like page layering, animation, mouse-over, pop-up messages or URL masking. The page includes banners and ads that slow down your web experience and…


14 Alternatives to Better Pop Up Blocker

October 18, 2016

Better Pop Up Blocker is a customizable popup blocker for Google Chrome that assures a developed browsing experienced that is not tainted by advertisements. This software can prevent pop-ups all over the page from running rampant. The users allow the navigator to install resources than the web store from other places and an extension, integrating it into the web browser is a breeze. You can easily configure popup blocker and…


14 Alternatives to AdBlock Master

October 6, 2016

AdBlock Master is a simple to use application that is designed to filter the commercial banners or advertisements and stop internet browsers and prevents them from loading. Its database is improved and a heuristic analyzer offers it to block more types of advertisements. This program is based on a live blacklist database and the list is constantly updated. The live blacklist database can easily be appended from the Local Database…


14 Alternatives to NoAds

September 24, 2016

NoAds is a Windows program that is used to detect and stop internet popup ads from getting in the way of web surfing via popup selection and manual window. The interface of this application consists around three tabs America Online, Wildcard titles, and the standard Internet Explorer ad blocking list. The users can target windows in the lower one and see currently opened windows in the upper panel. This program…