8 Alternatives to NAVIGON

NAVIGON is a mobile app that allows you to search smart address. You can find every dictation instantly. The program offers fuel prices so you can find the cheapest gas station. NAVIGON set standards in navigation with quality, design, and future orientation. The program combines precise navigation with individual usage life. The program features in […]

Office & Productivity Security & Privacy

22 Alternatives to NetAdmin Pro

NetAdmin Pro is a fully automated great monitoring program that continuously gives diverse information on the local network you are connected. It is an advanced version of NetAdmin. It supports multiple connected network interfaces. It has Bonjour scanning. It gives automatic SNMP information gathering. It provides more informative network structure. It enhanced chart with beauty. […]

Video & Movies

19 Alternatives to Showbox.com

Showbox.com is a cloud-based video creation platform. It enables Brands, Websites and Online Marketplaces to provide their communities with fully controlled, easy to use, video creation tools, ensuring high-quality results. It allows your community to create remarkable videos, easily and at scale. It gives you a guarantee that your community members can quickly make their stunning […]


19 Alternatives to cPanel

cPanel is an efficient hosting platform for Linux distribution. It is providing first class support and rich feature set. If you are a boutique web shop, a freelance techie, or just a corporation, you can use cPanel & WHM, along with their virtual dedicated or private servers. Its ecosystem spans hundreds of developers, thousands of […]


31 Alternatives to eSpeedFan

eSpeedFan is a comprehensive program that allows you to monitor different aspects of all the systems in your LAN such as HDD and CPU temperature, free space on HDD, fan speed, RAM and CPU usage. Get info SMART attributes and LAN upload and download speed. It can assist you to monitor different parameters for all […]

Photos & Graphics

19 Alternatives to Vectorian Giotto

Vectorian Giotto is the free Flash animation package made for you to design, not to code. With this, you can relax and focus imagination on creative concepts with integrating stunning graphics and music into masterpieces of design. It has full support for Action Script 2, but we made built in effect generators which will help […]

Office & Productivity

20 Alternatives to Byword

Byword is planned to make writing more pleasurable with Markdown on your iPad, iPhone, and Mac. Its premium features are Publish to Medium, WordPress, Evernote, Tumblr and Blogger. It exports Markdown documents to PDF and HTML documents. It offers most complete Markdown support including tables, footnotes, and cross-references. It has an alternate dark theme for […]


18 Alternatives to Network Speed Calculator

Network Speed Calculator is a small sized, straightforward networking application that can calculate connection speed according to the set of parameters defined by you.  Network Speed Calculator is a portable program so you can run it without installation and save it to any drive. The GUI has a single window with a clear-cut structure. To […]


31 Alternatives to oRipa Screen Recorder

oRipa Screen Recorder is a straightforward recording application that can record your screen activities and save the files to local disks. Access the user-friendly interface with just basic technical knowledge. The program can record only whole screen activity, and you can choose the size of the output video file, video compression and the frame per […]


16 Alternatives to SiSoftware Sandra

SiSoftware Sandra is an efficient system analysis, benchmarking and diagnostic program that facilitates you to test the performance of your system and get hardware info. The installation process requires some configuration. You can activate server to enable authenticated users to log in to the system remotely as well as allow the tool to restart on […]


30 Alternatives to SpaceObServer

SpaceObServer is a straightforward program that enables the user to scan his system and create reports on size, structure or properties of files. This hard disk space manager can scan for system trees and provide data reports. It stores collection of information in a customizable SQL database. You must keep in mind that the application […]


19 Alternatives to WindowSpace

WindowSpace is a straightforward program that enables the user to manage numerous windows on widescreen or multi-monitors. It helps users to organize their desktop in an efficient way. It does not disturb your work by showing unnecessary windows. Instead, it runs in the system tray silently. When you need to use it, just configure basic […]


12 Alternatives to Fossdroid

Fossdroid is the official Wikipedia program which contains more than 32 million articles in 280 languages. It is the most comprehensive reference work humans have ever compiled. This app store contains many useful features which can help you to collect knowledge on your smartphone. Tabbed browsing helps you to open articles on multiple tabs for […]


8 Alternatives to WinSSHTerm

WinSSHTerm is a small and lightweight program that assists you to access remote systems via SSH. It helps you to be more productive. The program includes keyboard shortcuts and intelligent navigation tools, enabling you to switch between or initiate new SSH sessions, even you are managing may systems. It provides built-in support for copying files […]


23 Alternatives to Canorus

Canorus is a music score editor that helps musicians to edit notes real time or during playback. The application supports polyphonic sounds, chord markings, staves, and lyrics. The application enables you to import and export file formats like XML and MIDI. You can make changes to the looks of the editor, playback, input and output […]

Social & Communications

15 Alternatives to GroupMe

GroupMe is an open source communication stage which provides the efficient way to chat with everyone you know. It makes it suitable to stay in touch with the valuable people in your life. It is a mobile group messaging app that launched in May 2010 by the Private GroupMe Company. It delivered 100 million messages […]


31 Alternatives to Onshape

Onshape is an online CAD application which is useful for real-time CAD deployment, real-time analytics & controls, and real-time data management. It provides different versions for different groups such as for professional design teams, for enterprise organizations, for the public & open source, and for students & educators. The professional version allows users to design […]


7 Alternatives to Easy File Sharing Web Server

Easy File Sharing Web Server is an advanced file sharing application that allows you to upload or download files through a web-driven interface, limit the upload and download speed, set up permissions, and find files on the remote server. In addition, you can search for folders and files in the virtual folder, and sort the […]


10 Alternatives to Friendica

Friendica is an open source application that implements a distributed social network. The service enables users to integrate contacts from Twitter, Facebook, GNU social, Pum.io, App.net, and other services in their social network. Bi-directional communication is possible in Friendica. There is a bridge to include RSS feeds and email contacts. Connectors enable cross-posting to blog […]


30 Alternatives to Bolt

Bolt state of the art PHP CMS, a modern Web program for creating custom-structured websites with the help of a visual interface. This content management system created on top of the Silex PHP framework. It targets designers and developers alike, providing an easy to use infrastructure for creating modern websites. The program provides support to […]

Photos & Graphics

23 Alternatives to openCanvas

openCanvas is a painting program dedicated to Windows Operating system which is suitable for beginners to professional users. You Equipped with analog-like brush strokes and functional yet user-friendly interface; it has the higher basic performance and the unique Event function which enables to record and replay the drawing procedure. It has different features and excellent […]

Video & Movies

19 Alternatives to Webmirror.me

Webmirror.me is a software which records video or takes pictures from webcam or browses an image from your device. You capture your webcam using only your browser. You use it as a mirror or create emotional collages. It adds filters, effects or funny layers and shares or saves the created video or photo to your […]


31 Alternatives to Synchronize It!

Synchronize It! is a synchronization application that assists you to perform archives and directories synchronization. So you can see what have changed in your folders and move changes with single cursor click. Folders comparison section enables you to preview differences between two folders and synchronize your folders using different predefined rules like Synchronize or Update. […]

Office & Productivity

22 Alternatives to Ricoh Print&Share

Ricoh Print&Share is a mixture of a virtual printer and an application software. It is a multi-functional, multi changed and intelligent virtual printer driver with many useful tools. It has full featured, eco-friendly and highly configurable features. It provides print and share can do more than just printing documents. It has multiple output channel with […]

Video & Movies

22 Alternatives to Butter Project

Butter Project is a suite of Open Source mobile and a desktop application which allows video streaming over the BitTorrent protocol. It was first made public on 23 October 2015. The goal of this software is to create an entirely legal base which other application can use to provide streaming functionality. It was created as […]

Sport & Health

15 Alternatives to Sunny

Sunny is the online beach recorded music platform which helps you to listen beach sound at home, office or anywhere. With this app, you imagine you cloud sleep, work, relax and meditate on the beach. With this, you recorded in stereoscopic 3D for headphone / fantastic 3D parallax illustrations. It is nature sound mixer program. […]

System & Hardware

15 Alternatives to Battery Watch

Battery Watch gives you a quick overview on your BlackBerry phone’s battery status. It shows your battery status when the battery is fully charged. It displays color coded charging status (red, yellow, green). It shows battery statistics with graphs. It integrates into the native Android device by showing battery state (charging discharge, fully charged, unplugged, […]

Office & Productivity

22 Alternatives to pdfMachine

pdfMachine is fast and straightforward. It is a native Windows print driver. It changes a print stream from an application nonstop into a PDF. Once you have installed this software, you open your document which you want to convert, then click print. It is Installing on your system is easy. Using with one click only […]

Security & Privacy

22 Alternatives to Auslogics Anti-Malware

Auslogics Anti-Malware is a top notch protection against malware and data safely threats. It will help to keep your PC secure and give you the peace of mind you want. It detects malicious items you would never suspect existed. It is a small program in size and is light on system resources, so your PC […]

Online Services

13 Alternatives to Flow

Flow is use for both image and barcode recognition to continuously identify millions of products in a live camera view with seamless transition between products barcodes and packaging. You point to an item and flow overlays reviews, availability, and pricing, media content and other information directly from the object in the view. Flow 2.0 now incorporates […]