31 Alternatives to 3C Toolbox

3C Toolbox is a nice app that offers users with shortcuts to over 60 toggles and the option to monitor computer performance and battery consumption. It includes all types of tools and features that you can use to check the performance of your smartphone. You can use the program to analyze SD folder size and find the best cache size for the highest read speed. You can set it to manage startup apps and all events that can trigger an application to start. Moreover, you can adjust task killer that uses a group of apps to release memory when required. Work with a feature that deletes cache, call logs, text messages, and backs up your apps. It contains the option of monitoring your CPU performance together with battery drainage. The program allows you to manage all types of the program on your phone and get statistics on app usage. Kill programs that run in the background as well as manage your internet network. The program provides a history of your connected networks, along with a list of system functions that require the internet currently. The application enables you to adjust some settings using the menu. The premium version of the app offers access to some features like the option to auto backup updates apps, interval, and duration of recordings and component states, or download notification icon.

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SpeedFan is an effective and simple solution with support for log files which is designed to tweak and view settings for your PC’s fan speed, chip temperature, and voltage. This application keeps track of the hardware’s temperature level and capable of evaluating S.M.A.R.T attributes as well. There is a speedy…

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HWiNFO32 is a comprehensive program that collects system info regarding the software and hardware configuration. The program offers support for benchmarks and reports. It is a portable program so you can drop the executable file in any part of the hard disk and run it without installation. At startup, you…

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AIDA64 Extreme

AIDA64 Extreme is an advanced system diagnostics program that collects useful info on the computer’s software and hardware configuration. This streamlined Windows diagnostics, hardware monitoring and benchmarking program offers support for email notifications and reports. It allows users to test the capabilities of the CPU, memory, and FPU by running…

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Core Temp

Core Temp is an efficient program that allows users to monitor CPU core temperature and shut down, hibernate the computer or put it to sleep automatically to prevent hardware overheating. The small window of Core Temp can display the process info and temperature readings, allowing you to choose a preferred…

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iStat is an intuitive and unobtrusive menu bar solution which lets users to monitor resources usage and the system activity quickly. The user can identify possible issue sooner, understand more about Pc, and get access to this type of information through status bar. This application provides and analyzes separate status…

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Open Hardware Monitor

Open Hardware Monitor is an approachable and straightforward program which offers you an upper hand to foreseeing HDD issues and various technical details regarding the state of your PC. There is a simple interface based on a regular window with a simple structure to handle easily by all users. This…

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Fan Control

Fan Control is a clean and simple preference pane that offers you control over your fan speed of Mac and alter the default base speed. This program lets you to adjust the minimum fan speed based on the current CPU temperature, enjoy the versatility and power offered by your Mac,…

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Real Temp

Real Temp is a portable and compact software utility that can monitor processor temperature, log activity to file, enable system tray notifications, run sensor benchmarks, and more. There is no need of installation, you can just click the executable to launch the app and drop the program files in any…

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Argus Monitor

Argus Monitor is an intuitive and reliable application that monitors status of system components and temperatures like GPU, CPU, and hard disk drive, and run SMART analysis. The tool runs as a background tasks and makes sure your computer is healthy. This program can keep track of the health status…

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smcFanControl is a user-friendly and practical Mac OS X utility that is specially designed to help users to control Mac’s built-in fans to cool down the PC. You can reduce the system temperature, manually adjust the fan speed of your Mac, and cannot set a minimum speed below Apple’s default…

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Sidebar Diagnostics

Sidebar Diagnostics is a comprehensive utility which displays system information and valuable hardware directly on your PC desktop with the stylish and streamlined sidebar. There is a quick installation process and it displays information through a sidebar that is integrated with PC’s desktop. The application shows a chic sidebar that…

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AMD Overdrive

AMD Overdrive is an industry standard program that lets you maximize the capability, adjustability, and flexibility of the AMD chipset products. A collection of features allows you to adjust and control system stability. Use it with care because you can damage your system in case of misusage. It provides you…

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Corsair Link

Corsair Link is a handy and lightweight application which lets you to monitor the fans, case lighting, temperature, and other motherboard sensors from your PC. The user can use a custom image as drag and drop devices listed and the background image to make things as simple as possible. There…

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SSD-Z is an effective program that allows you to learn more about your hard drive including SMART status, processing technology, partition layout, and other details. The program has a tabbed interface, grouping info according to its type. It helps you to learn about your Device like its SMART attributes and…

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Easytune is a handy program specially created for those Gigabyte users that want for overlock their system safely. The program provides lots of information regarding the functioning parameters of the on-board CPU, graphic card or memory. With the current values in front, you can get an idea on how far…

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CPU Thermometer

CPU Thermometer is an intuitive and reliable piece of software that enables users to monitor their CPU temperature, comes with a compact interface to show the essential details regarding the well-being of the processor. There is tiny frame which shows the processor type, series and name, and the developer, and…

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SSD Fan Control

SSD Fan Control is a practical Mac OS X program that allows users to control the fan speed of their Mac’s hard disk and optical drive unit manually. It provides a solution to users who need to change their Mac’s configuration by installing third-party solid state disks on hard disks.…

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[email protected] Hard Disk Monitor

[email protected] Hard Disk Monitor is an efficient piece of software which can be used to view information about your hard drive, including generate an HDD temperature graph, scan the disk for bad sectors, and S.M.A.R.T attributes. This program doesn’t allow to download any third party products. The users are brought…

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ASUS EPU Six Engine

ASUS EPU Six Engine is a compatible and straightforward program which implements a power saving system on PCs comprised with ASUS motherboards and finds a balance between energy and performance. The user can contribute to the environment protection and reduce the electricity bill with this utility. This application organizes energy…

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DHE DriveInfo

DHE DriveInfo is a portable and small-sized application that shows extensive information on removable devices and hard drives, including temperatures, MFT and VBR data, and S.M.A.R.T attributes. The user can drop the executable file on the hard disk to a custom location and just click it to run this app.…

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Motherboard Monitor

Motherboard Monitor is an old software program that can show system info. This program helps you to monitor sensors through the system tray area and prevent the computer from reaching the maximum temperature. It creates an icon in the system tray area that displays the live CPU reading and offers…

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HWMonitor is an extensive hardware monitoring software that can find out live readings for fan speed and HDD temperature, keep track of essential sensors on your PC, and features data exporting options. There is a clear-cut interface, hassle-free installation, and a normal window with a straightforward layout. This program lists…

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AIDA64 Engineer

AIDA64 Engineer is a special edition of AIDA64 designed for corporate Engineers. The program provides extensive system reports and comprehensive benchmarking and diagnostics. It provides technical info on your system’s hardware capabilities and enables you to create reports and run benchmarks. It is a portable program so you can run…

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CPUCooL is an advanced program that allows you to monitor fan speed, temperature, and voltage for many motherboards. It can keep track of process core voltages, temperatures, fan speed as well as numerous hard disk details. It supports many motherboard models. In the primary window, you can view all the…

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CPU Monitor

CPU Monitor is a small program that facilitates you to monitor the CPU performance in real-time from the system tray. It runs in the system tray silently until called upon. It shows only a few configuration settings for working. The program allows you to get information about your system such…

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Performance Monitor

Performance Monitor is a straightforward and useful program that facilitates you to keep track of your system’s CPU, disk, memory and network usage. The program includes four window that contains a graphical representation of each performance component. It is a highly customizable program that contains a few skins to select…

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Intel Desktop Utilities

Intel Desktop Utilities is a lightweight program that enables you to monitor temperature and status of system components like GPU, CPU and hard drive. Work with Intel Desktop Utilities to run SMART analysis and make your computer healthy. You can run the program in the background, and it will monitor…

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Lubbo’s Fan Control

Lubbo’s Fan Control is a system application that allows you to gain full control over the functioning parameters. The program offers a comfortable means of keeping an eye on the fans that the system includes. In this way, you can succeed in preventing the temperature of GPU and CPU from…

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eSpeedFan is a comprehensive program that allows you to monitor different aspects of all the systems in your LAN such as HDD and CPU temperature, free space on HDD, fan speed, RAM and CPU usage. Get info SMART attributes and LAN upload and download speed. It can assist you to…

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Intel Active Monitor

Intel Active Monitor is a fast alerting application created by Intel available on Intel Desktop exclusively. The program allows you to monitor power supply voltages, temperatures, and fan speeds. As computers increase in performance and decrease in size, monitoring the overall system health becomes more important. This useful program will…

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RightMark CPU Clock Utility

RightMark CPU Clock Utility is an advanced application that allows you to make an adjustment of the CPU multiplier, OS load, voltage level and temperature. The program looks deeply into the most significant parameters and enables users to generate profiles for different performance and power scenarios. It is a completely…

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