9 Alternatives to AirParrot

AirParrot is a straightforward program that enables you to connect your system to a TV and stream content to it wirelessly. You can move your PC screen to your Apple TV by mirroring your computer activity. Just like with AirPlay, you can use Apple TV and view images, movies, listen to music and much more. You can do this all by allowing AirParrot to mirror your computer screen. In addition, you can set the TV to be an extended desktop. The program recognizes your Apple TV automatically using its built-in AirPlay feature. The program remains in the system tray, and you can access it from there. It is a three-click process that takes a couple of seconds. The program can deliver 1080p HD streaming with the newest generation of Apple television devices. After connecting TV to computer, you don’t need to use the same one from that point on. You can select to mirror any device recognized by the program. In addition to video streaming, you can also get stereo audio output. It is a fact that you can use the TS as an extension for your computer makes the program a valid selection for when you require running a business presentation on a larger screen. Overall, it is an efficient tool for enhancing the working of your computer.

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AirMyPC is a comprehensive program that facilitates you to use the AirPlay technology to mirror your system on an Apple TV. So use a wireless connection to mirror Apple devices on your system. AirPlay is a service that can display the contents of an iPad or an iPhone on your…

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Mirroring360 is a reliable and efficient program that facilitates you to share & record your Chromebook, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Android, and Mac screen wirelessly without the requirement of cables or hardware. Work with Mirroring360 to start sharing your work idea and latest apps. The program facilitates you to work with…

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ApowerMirror is a simple mirroring program that allows you to mirror and share the screen of your iOS or Android phone with a PC. It means it can show the screen of the smartphone on the system, allowing you to enjoy watching clips, listening audio, playing games, and so on.…

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AirPlayer is a small application that enables you to advertise our Mac as a target for AirPlay. The program will help you to playback some iOS devices files on your Mac system. This application helps you to stream music, image, photo from DLNA media servers to your Apple iPhone, iPod,…

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Wondershare MirrorGo

Wondershare MirrorGo is a lightweight application that enables you to mirror your Android smartphone screen on your system. In this way, you can play your Android games on the large screen of your desktop. Just install the program on your desktop, connect to your Android device through USB cable or…

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Air Display

Air Display is a reliable mirroring program that allows users to extend their desktop easily and use a connected device as a second monitor, as long as it has a display. It is a helpful program for those who need to extend their desktop area and work with programs on…

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AirFlick is a free and small application that can access server files and URLs to Apple TV. The program facilitates you to transfer your Mac into an AirPlay-compatible display. The program can show display time, day, RSS-feeds, local weather, or live screen shots on ATV. In this way, you can…

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Reflector is a practical application that enables you to connect your iOS or Android device to the computer and use the AirPlay technology to stream content to your computer. Work with Reflector to view the activity from your iPhone, iPod, or iPad on the system monitor by using a wireless…

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Vysor is an all-in-one operator with the Windows OS to remotely manage the Android cell phone. A software that enable the end users to manage Android operating system with the desktop computer. Vysor is completely working with almost all operating-system as well as with Chrome. You launch in Chrome, switch…

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