15 Alternatives to Battery Life Pro

Battery Life Pro is correctly the useful app for your device. It just not only to maintain and monitor your battery status but an attentive reminder that gives you battery optimization tips and full charge suggestion. It also supports you to customize your own battery. Its main features are build theme with any photo, power saving mode, guides of extending Battery life and more. It has many optimization functions which include Boost phone talking time, Boost Video/Audio Playback, Boost internet browsing time, Boost Camera operating time, Boost all games play time and more. Use this app once a week to improve your battery time and much more. Additionally, it has more exciting features i.e. On Click App system, 24/7 Support, Improves your battery time using it just one week, Temperature indicator, Technology indicator, voltage indicator and much more. It has 4.7 stars ratings on Google Play Store which shows you this app is definitely works.

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Power Plan Assistant

Power Plan Assistant is a power managing tool for Microsoft Windows and Boot Camp. It is an ultimate automatic/manual power plan switcher with a compact yet very informative system Power icon replacement and many of other things. It quickly switches between the Windows built-in custom power plans and instantly power…

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BatteryMon is a battery monitoring software solution. It has a Windows based application and easy to use that allows the users to screen the presentation of laptop batteries and uninterruptible power supplies. This app Graphically sees the charge/discharge rate. It diagnoses the problem of battery cells with detailed statistics. It…

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Battery Watch

Battery Watch gives you a quick overview on your BlackBerry phone’s battery status. It shows your battery status when the battery is fully charged. It displays color coded charging status (red, yellow, green). It shows battery statistics with graphs. It integrates into the native Android device by showing battery state…

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Easy Battery Saver

Easy Battery Saver saves your battery power when many apps are running on your Android phone. This app gives you a perfect experience of using the phone by encompassing your battery life. It is a powerful app and easy to use. It has power manager app which specifically designed to…

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GSam Battery Monitor

GSam Battery Monitor is the fantastic app of your device. Is your battery is discharged so quickly? Then this app is the best solution to rescue your battery. If you are hunting for bad apps, then you must install this application. With the App sucker, it hunts down the battery-draining…

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BatteryBar is a simple battery meter which monitors and displays your battery status in the taskbar. With this app, you don’t worry about the battery life. It has high battery meter and a lightweight. This battery meter adjusts to your use. It gets better when you use it regularly. It…

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BatteryCare is a software for optimizing and maintaining the batteries of the modern laptops. It is lightweight, a freeware tool for optimizing the performance and usage of Laptop’s battery. It monitors the battery discharge and reminder when it fully charged. It helps to increase the battery lifetime. It has many…

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Deep Sleep Battery Save

Deep Sleep Battery Saver continuously puts the smartphone to deepsleep mode while screen off. It saves your battery life. During deepsleep mode 3G, Wi-Fi is turned off; background apps are stopped. That’s why, most apps are not working in the background like Google service, Facebook, etc. Then it wakes up…

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2x Battery

2x Battery extends many extra hours to the battery life by managing data connection and Wi-Fi. This app takes more than 10 million downloads. You don’t need to turn on/off the data connection anymore manually. It increases battery life by using a smart algorithm to turn on/off the data usage,…

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Amplify Battery Extender-Root

Amplify Battery Extender-Root is a Battery Manager Application available on Android and iOS. It improves the performance your device’s battery. It places you to control of how your device uses your battery by monitoring how often your smartphone can stay awake. Select the recommended settings for easy battery saving, or…

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Wakelock Detector helps you to detect battery overriding apps in your Android phone by checking the wakelock usage history. Now you can easily find what apps drain your battery. It is a mechanism of power management service in Android OS that can be used to awake CPU and keep the…

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DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver is the easiest and simplest way to protect your battery against hogging, poor charging. Over 400 million users download this free app. It saves up to 50% more battery life for your Android phone. Its Pro version saves up to 70% battery life of your smartphone. The…

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Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor can increase the standby time of your phone. Over 100 million smartphone users have found the benefits of its accurate power remaining forecasting, intelligent power saving, and professional charging capabilities of this app. Seriously! You can significantly extend battery life and save power using this app. It has…

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With Greenify your phone or tablet should never slow down after lots of apps installed. With this app, your smartphone can runs smoothly from the first day you had it. It helps you to identify and put the disobedient apps into hibernation to stop them from leeching and lagging the…

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JuiceDefender saves power of the battery by controlling the mobile data connection and Wi-Fi. This app has over 7,000,000 Downloads by users. This power saver app is easy to use and is specially designed to extend the battery life of your Android phone. It offers smart functions; it automatically manages…

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