14 Alternatives to Better Pop Up Blocker

Better Pop Up Blocker is a customizable popup blocker for Google Chrome that assures a developed browsing experienced that is not tainted by advertisements. This software can prevent pop-ups all over the page from running rampant. The users allow the navigator to install resources than the web store from other places and an extension, integrating it into the web browser is a breeze. You can easily configure popup blocker and it is not a complicated task. There is support for regular expressions for generating a more extensive list and the application offers to add the websites that are ensured to show popups. Another section offers to select the JavaScript or HTML functions in the configuration panel that should deny. In this program, including all sorts of prompts and context menus, text selection interception, alert boxes, click interception, timers, panels that resize and move on their own, etc. It can be instructed to strip all the JavaScript to make it regular in a link and to close all the popup screens. Better Pop Up Blocker is an intuitive application that offers some protection during the browsing session against all sorts of windows popping up.

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Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is a handy Firefox extension that ensures a private, secure, and pleasant browsing experience, removes banners, tracking, and advertisements while browsing the web. Advertising is displaying ad banners and brings a huge profit to any website, no issue if they are sponsored by Google or other alternative company.…

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uBlock is an accessible browser add-on that offers you with an easy method of blocking banners and adverts on the web pages and lets you block any other element by customizing its filters. The user can simply drop the downloaded file of the program over any open Window. A dedicated…

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AdGuard is an application that is designed to protect against phishing, reduces both page data usage and load time, and pop-up killers for all web browsers. This program supports a wide range of web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Maxthon, Opera, or Safari. It also…

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Ad Muncher

Ad Muncher is a powerful program that helps configure a huge list of parameters, and individuals block popups and advertisements for some of the most used web browsers. The application can block unwanted content and filter website data, regardless if referring to links, advertisements, sounds, images, or various scripts. This…

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AdFender is a lightweight application that is designed to instant messaging programs and block annoying ads for various web browsers while surfing the internet. The user can navigate and speed up internet bandwidth in a clean environment. A straightforward and clean interface shows an overview of the current blocking session.…

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Proximodo is an open-source customizable web filtering proxy server and the website and the browser exchange headers that explain the activity of the browser’s cache system, use cookies or create. The HTML code of the page contains Javascript programs or hidden tags that manage the Brower’s behavior like page layering,…

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AdBlock Master

AdBlock Master is a simple to use application that is designed to filter the commercial banners or advertisements and stop internet browsers and prevents them from loading. Its database is improved and a heuristic analyzer offers it to block more types of advertisements. This program is based on a live…

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NoAds is a Windows program that is used to detect and stop internet popup ads from getting in the way of web surfing via popup selection and manual window. The interface of this application consists around three tabs America Online, Wildcard titles, and the standard Internet Explorer ad blocking list.…

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AdBlock for YouTube

AdBlock for YouTube is a handy application that offers a simple means of eliminating ads on YouTube and it put an end to the inevitable interruptions by ads. The users can activate the video advertisement blocking function and start the program on the spot. A utility has to carry out…

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Stands is a fast ad block for unwanted ads, trackers, malware, and popups, and choose how many fair ads to unblock for a fair web. This program blocks the most annoying ads including expanding ads, Youtube ads, overlay ads, interstitial page ads, and auto-play video ads. No matter where the…

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NoScript is a useful and straightforward tool that enables Java execution and JavaScript only for trusted domain, block it for web pages, and especially used for more safe web-browsing experience. This program brings extra protection to your browser by many potential threats and blocking clickjacking. The user can configure the…

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JS Blocker

JS Blocker is an unobtrusive and automated solution which is designed to protect your privacy while browsing online and block websites from tracking you. There is an easy to install and setup extension to block tracking in Safari and a quick access to the add-ons controls. This application offers you…

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Ghostery is a simple and useful tool that is specially used to detect trackers, pixels, web bugs, and beacons easily placed on web pages by Google Analytics, Facebook and other data providers and networks. You can view data about trackers and also information with targeted advertisements based on the pages.…

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Safari AdBlocker

Safari AdBlocker is a straightforward and handy application which lets you to visit your favorite web pages and browse the web without worrying about annoying advertisements. The users first need to download the light DMG disk image and mount it to enjoy a smoother and cleaner browsing experience. When installed,…

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