15 Alternatives to Dropbox

March 28, 2017

Dropbox is an intuitive and reliable application that allows you to sync and store your files on the cloud and share them effortlessly over the internet with your friends. You must create an account to start using this tool and can set the tool to sync all the folders in your Dropbox. There is a folder to move or copy data to share online, access your Dropbox files from another…


12 Alternatives to PhoneView

March 27, 2017

PhoneView is an intuitive and versatile OS X desktop utility that enables users to manage the files on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch in a breeze. You can quickly transfer or access the MMS or SMS messages, call history, iMessages, contacts, notes, photos, and other data. There is an option to connect the device through a USB cable directly to access the data on your iOS devices. The users have…


15 Alternatives to SparkleShare

March 26, 2017

SparkleShare is a simple and efficient software solution which lets you create a folder on your PC, can add remotely hosted folders, and revert a file to any point in its history. You need to give information about email address and your name to access the features of this tool, and only team members can view these details. There is a unique client ID which is automatically generated for linking…


15 Alternatives to Box

March 20, 2017

Box is a handy and useful tool which is designed to access the cloud files on your devices and upload your most frequently used documents on the cloud. There is an uneventful and brief installation and the application will create a folder automatically on your PC, also placing a shortcut. The user can create a link that can be sent to friends or colleagues, so as to permit them to…


15 Alternatives to Yandex.Disk

March 18, 2017

Yandex.Disk is an efficient piece of software which can upload more than 10GB of directories and files to a cloud, share them with friends, edit images, take screenshots, and add videos and pics automatically from your camera. You can get a public link and easily select a directory or file to share the uploaded items easily by sending your friends or colleagues. There is a clear-cut GUI to interact with…


15 Alternatives to Tonido

March 15, 2017

Tonido is a simple and reliable application for accessing the data on your PC from any device with an internet connection and provides file upload, download, and sharing operations. There is a simple interface, lists all the drives in one place, and you can filter out unnecessary items to reach the relevant results. The users get a web link offering access to all the data over the internet on the…


15 Alternatives to Microsoft OneDrive

March 3, 2017

Microsoft OneDrive is a reliable and easy to use application that is specially designed to keep important files with you anywhere and run as an interface. You can share files easily across multiple devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and PCs, and upload files of all sizes and formats to the cloud system. The user can use simple drag and drop actions or the copy paste approach to add files…


15 Alternatives to Resilio Sync

February 25, 2017

Resilio Sync is a fast and convenient utility that lets you to synchronize one or more directories across multiple computers without interception or data theft. The user can easily access important files and other documents without transferring them manually. There are intuitive options and modern-looking interface to share folders with smartphones or PCs securely. You can scan the QR code or send the automatically generated secret code to link it…


15 Alternatives to Seafile

February 17, 2017

Seafile is a reliable piece of program which is specially used to quickly transfer files and assist users in performing file synchronization and sharing. There is a quite simple interface, fast installation procedure, and the folders accessible through the service. This application keeps the data private at the same time and offers services for file synchronization. You can drop the data to complete the action and select to protect the…


15 Alternatives to Syncthing

February 14, 2017

Syncthing is a powerful file-sharing utility which comes with a user-friendly and smooth interface, and lets you to share various documents between different devices. There is a web-based Graphical User Interface to access it from any Internet-enabled device and user-friendly layout that encompasses straightforward functions. The user can rely on this app to transfer files between different devices in a convenient manner without having to upload them to a third-party…


15 Alternatives to iCloud

February 3, 2017

iCloud is an intuitive and reliable program that comprises standard settings for managing apps for your iCloud files, even which can be configured by less experienced users. The users need to restart the PC and an Apple ID to access iCloud’s configuration panel at the end of the installation process. There is a standard window-based interface with a well-organized layout to synchronize iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch mail, tasks, calendars,…


15 Alternatives to SugarSync

February 2, 2017

SugarSync is a user-friendly and efficient cloud storage utility that is designed to synchronize your multiple computers and upload your most import documents effortlessly. There is a modern user interface to switch between its various functions specifically Cloud, Activity and Sharing, and provides several menus for easier access to share or sync a specific directory. The users need to create an account with a password and email address to access…


15 Alternatives to 4Shared

January 23, 2017

4Shared is an intuitive piece of software that is specially used to upload and download files into 4Shared account without the need for a web browser. There is a user-friendly interface to offers easy access to powerful features, and useful for synchronization, uploading and folders. This program displays the existing folders, download and upload tasks, with the help of multi-panel layout including list of details such as size, completed, remaining…


15 Alternatives to Google Drive

January 23, 2017

Google Drive is a useful and simple program which offers you to access important data from any location seamlessly and facilitates a synchronization and file storage service across multiple platforms. The user can synchronize only selected folders, select the folder location, use proxies if required, and ensure the tool’s auto launch at system startup. This application automatically shares all folders and files, and creates a Google Drive directory on your…


15 Alternatives to CloudApp

January 23, 2017

CloudApp is a user-friendly and efficient application that assists users to share and upload screenshots, files, and video recordings on PC with your colleagues and friends. This utility comprises pre-defined set of shortcut keys and you can customize them easily through the options Window. The cloud URL is copied to the clipboard automatically when a video or screenshot is uploaded and ready for sharing. You can share and upload desktop…


15 Alternatives to ownCloud

January 22, 2017

ownCloud is a simple-to-use software program which can store your private data in the cloud, share it with your friends, and access it from multiple supported devices by using this file-sharing app. This tool does not comprise configuration preferences or complicated features and can be used for both business and personal purposes. The user can easily access this program from the taskbar notifications area to swiftly upload files when linked…


15 Alternatives to AeroFS

January 7, 2017

AeroFS is a flexible cloud storage package that uses cloud technology to back up your files and enables you to sync your files without a server. This program creates a dedicated folder on your PC and the content is synchronized automatically. There are powerful AES-256 and RSA-2048 encryption algorithms and the user can copy all the files to the AeroFS folder securely. You can set or revoke access permissions and…


9 Alternatives to CrashPlan

September 14, 2016

CrashPlan is a cloud that gives you unlimited space for online storage needs. It is basically called backup solution that is used for backup your all the types of data. CrashPlan offers you two options to backup your data one is online and second is offline. Online backup service is paid they automatically backup your files and you are worried about to lose your data. And offline backup is free…


9 Alternatives to Duplicati

September 6, 2016

Duplicati is a program that helps you to create you backup. It allows the user to store your important data securely. It is free and open source program. This software is available in different languages like English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and much more. It is simple and easy to use with a beautiful interface. You can also provide a command line tools to keep data is store easily and quickly….


9 Alternatives to Cobian Backup

August 30, 2016

Cobian Backup is a program that is basically used for backup your files and directories on the local computer or into another system in the network. It allows the user exists in both services one is application and other is online service. It is also secure your data it is ensured that nothing is corrupted during the backup process, sometimes when you are backing up large files you find some…


9 Alternatives to Acronis

August 21, 2016

Acronis is a software that can protect your important data while give you complete backup and restore function. It is loaded with full features like data duplication, your personal vault, and scheduled task etc. This software is very simple and easy to use, you can create backup files in just one click and follow a simple step by step process. It can also provide some extra backup options like password…


9 Alternatives to Mozy

August 10, 2016

Mozy is an application that is used to creating data backup automatically. It can be run all the system and anytime anywhere. It is simply installed and run no external hard drive required. Mozy is very friendly software that allows you to automatically backing up you important data. You can just select the files are backed up, then it creates automatically store point your files while you are browsing your…


9 Alternatives to IDrive

July 31, 2016

IDrive is an application that is used for restore and backup your personal and important data. You can create an account on the IDrive official website and get 5GB free online storage. You can store all types of files like music, videos, photos, and other documents. It is very easy to use with a simple interface and similar to that Windows standard file Explorer. You can access your file in…


9 Alternatives to OpenDrive

July 21, 2016

OpenDrive is a great application software that is used to create a backup for your personal and important data. It provides an effective and beautiful interface and it is very easy inexperienced person used it easily. OpenDrive allows you to control your personal cloud and enjoy your memories, movies, and impotent documents anytime, anywhere and from any device. You can also share data with anyone one and add users to…


9 Alternatives to SOS Online Backup

July 10, 2016

SOS Online Backup is a windows application that is used to back up folders and files to the cloud send email reports, schedule tasks, perform searches and items from the backup process. It restores them in the case of data loss or system crash. The user can carry out the backup process for helping by the utility employs a wizard-like approach. For less experienced users, this mode is suitable. When…


9 Alternatives to BackBlaze

June 30, 2016

BackBlaze is a powerful application that allows the user data backup tool from any computer files they want to an online account and provides multiple ways to restore the files. It backing up all important data and you can easily recover it from any time in any location. BackBlaze also allows the user to automate the backup task so that your data are always updated with the newest changing. You…


9 Alternatives to Uranium Backup

June 22, 2016

Uranium Backup is an advanced software application and data backup tools with support for files and destinations to include task scheduling, ZIP compression, FTP transfers with conditions, and more. This program is fast and contains only familiar options, and installation of this program shouldn’t be a difficult job. The user can get started by creating a new backup set by description and name. The tool loads it default details, logs…


10 Alternatives to Samsung SideSync

November 13, 2015

Samsung SideSync is perfect for using and monitoring service your Samsung devices from PC. Samsung SideSync allows you to share the display screen and data in between mobile and Computer. Samsung SideSync is accessible both for Mac OS X and Windows operating systems. SideSync is a new PC-Mobile solution that allows the screens, windows, and data to be shared very easily between a PC and Samsung Android Device. Now, the…


10 Alternatives to MyPhoneExplorer

November 13, 2015

MyPhoneExplorer is really a amazing free software desktop application enabling management of Android mobile phones. It is available from multiple download websites and has been downloaded over 1.5 million times as of 2007. MyPhoneExplorer is ideal for controlling your mobile phone along with its app from personal computer. MyPhoneExplorer permit the end users to control their entire mobile phone via cable connection, USB, infrared or Bluetooth. MyPhoneExplorer is probably the…