16 Alternatives to XSearch

March 28, 2017

XSearch is accessible and powerful program that is specially used to locate different documents and files on your computer quickly. There is well-organized interface, an intuitive design ad speed of processing for default search methods, and few configurable settings. The user can remember about the missing file depending on amount of info and requirements, select to look for exact words, case sensitive search, parts of phrases, or even everything. You…


16 Alternatives to Agent Ransack

March 27, 2017

Agent Ransack is a powerful program that is specially used to open and locate files on your PC quickly, set advanced and standard search criteria, and export and generate reports to file. This application runs smoothly on all PCs running a recent edition of windows to enter the keyword and filename. The user can search the entire drive but takes a long duration to complete and restrict the search by…


12 Alternatives to PhoneView

March 27, 2017

PhoneView is an intuitive and versatile OS X desktop utility that enables users to manage the files on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch in a breeze. You can quickly transfer or access the MMS or SMS messages, call history, iMessages, contacts, notes, photos, and other data. There is an option to connect the device through a USB cable directly to access the data on your iOS devices. The users have…


16 Alternatives to SearchMyFiles

March 24, 2017

SearchMyFiles is a powerful and portable application that can quickly find files on the disk, save and generate reports to file, indicate exclusions, and use wildcards. The user can store the tool on a USB flash drive, directly run its executable file, and save it to any PC. This utility does not create extra files on the disk or modify Windows registry settings without your consent. There is a simple-to-use…


16 Alternatives to Cathy

March 22, 2017

Cathy is a reliable and useful disk cataloging program which helps you catalog a wide array of media types, creating backups for your files can be essentially useful, and it also translates into a large discs. There is clean interface which is easy to figure out and the utility works with subdirectories and directories. This application lets you index the files stored on different removable media and modify the archive…


16 Alternatives to AstroGrep

March 20, 2017

AstroGrep is an intuitive and reliable application which is specially used to perform search operations in a user-defined location, and apply filters like file extension, date, and size. The user can copy it on many devices or USB flash drive and take it to search for files on the breeze. There is an intuitive and clean layout to carry out most operations with a minimal effort. This utility lets you…


16 Alternatives to PowerGREP

March 18, 2017

PowerGREP is an advanced and powerful file finder for binary files and text which is featuring library with predefined actions, a built-in text editor, support for regular expressions, and more. The application comes loaded with a bunch of configuration parameters and advanced options for experienced users. You are welcomed by a professional-looking UI with advanced features after uncomplicated and a swift setup process. This program helps you collect data, do…


14 Alternatives to Swish

March 16, 2017

Swish is a small software solution that is designed for help you set up SFTP connections, work with remote files from your PC, and use Pageant. You can simply transfer items to various locations and perform straightforward actions for access all your files and folders with this software. There is a simple and short installation procedure of this program and you can observe a new icon at the end of…


16 Alternatives to Everything

March 15, 2017

Everything is an excellent file searcher which offers sorting modes and advanced filters, regex, bookmarks, and file list export, and get instant file search results. This program comprises configuration properties and a vast array of options, it automatically index drives, updates its index, and monitors them for changes. You can select data location and the settings of the app, specify the service port and set it up as a service…


14 Alternatives to CarotDAV

March 12, 2017

CarotDAV is a sturdy piece of software that can help you remotely manage the files and connect to multiple servers. You can achieve quick file transfers and need a.Net Framework installed on your PC to work properly. The utility offers you to manage all the files and connect to your favorite remote file storages. It is possible to connect your DropBox, OneDrive, WebDAV, FTP, SugarSync remote storages, and organize or…


16 Alternatives to liquidFOLDERS

March 9, 2017

liquidFOLDERS is a complex and interesting program which is designed to easily organize your documents on your PC access the documents swiftly. There is a clean display and simple installation, also keep in mind for the changes to take effects, you must need to restart your PC. The user can rename the Store to add files, load an entire directory of data in a few clicks, and simply use the…


14 Alternatives to trolCommander

March 7, 2017

trolCommander is an intuitive and useful application that you can explore, delete, move, open, copy, paste, and manage the folders and files on your system. You can access folders on your network drives and transfer them through FTP with a minimal effort. This program comes with an intuitive and organized dual-view interface that facilitates enhanced flexibility and quick navigation to managing files. The user can perform various operations and browse…


14 Alternatives to SmartFTP

March 6, 2017

SmartFTP is a powerful program that is used to transfer large or small number of files from one to another place using the File Transfer Protocol. Some developers need to download and upload images, movies, and entire websites or documents, so this tool is especially useful for them. There are secure connections that protects the data by encrypting the information from unauthorized access. You can quickly choose the connection type,…


14 Alternatives to WinRAR

March 5, 2017

WinRAR is an advanced data compression application archiving utility with a complex compression engine, recovery mode, repair feature, security features, file splitting, integrity checkup, and more. This program allows you to manage, create, and organize archives in a comfortable and quick manner. It supports a wide array of formats like ACE, LZH, ARJ, TAR, RAR, CAB, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2, Z, ISO, UUE, and 7-ZIP. The complex compression allows faster file…


16 Alternatives to DocFetcher

March 3, 2017

DocFetcher is a powerful and handy software program that uses regular expressions to filter the results and allows you to look for folders and files on your PC. There is a standard window-based interface with a well-organized layout and you can filter the document types on the left side of the frame. The users must define the location by creating an index form to do a search task. This application…


16 Alternatives to BareGrep

March 1, 2017

BareGrep is a lightweight text searching and file finding utility with regular expressions and interactive, wildcards, and incremental search, and offers several configuration options for all types of users. There is an intuitive and well-organized layout and the interface of this application does nit excel in the visual aspect. You can filter files by name, type, or part of name, specify a folder to scan the content, and view the…


10 Alternatives to GSplit

February 28, 2017

GSplit is a reliable application that is used to fragment your large files into small pieces and join them back together. This program can be easily used by individuals and ideal for instance when files are extra-large to be placed on removable drives. The user can import a file through the file browser only for processing and Batch processing is allowed. There is no support for drag and drop method…


14 Alternatives to PeaZip

February 27, 2017

PeaZip is a powerful application that offers to take advantage of a lot more integrated tools and just the possibility to compress files and folders to save precious disk space. In this program, the upper toolbar is fitted with innovative buttons that let you convert, extract, add, test, and several other options. The program integrates major features in the context menu, and the workspace resembles a file explorer lets you…


16 Alternatives to RecentX

February 25, 2017

RecentX is an interesting piece of software that can view recently visited files, websites, programs, folders, and clipboard content in a sidebar, and assign smart and regular tags to find items quickly. There is sidebar which can be moved to any position on the screen and the user can expand the list with recently accessed files by clicking a button. You can copy their path to the clipboard, open them…


14 Alternatives to muCommander

February 20, 2017

muCommander is a simple to use program that is used to handle folders and files easily on your PC and features a double-sided interface. This application can be figure out effortlessly by advanced or inexperienced users and runs on Java-based system. The utility offers many options such as Classic or Native theme and the Metal or Windows Classic skin so, you can select the theme of application and skin upon…


14 Alternatives to B1 Free Archiver

February 18, 2017

B1 Free Archiver is a simple program that is designed for extracting content and compressing files from archives and supports many formats like RAR, ZIP, B1, JAR, 7Z, ZIPX, and CAB. This program brings up a modern window with a layout after quick installation and uses the Explorer-based folder structure to detect the files. There are few simple steps to create a new archive like establish the target directory and…


16 Alternatives to FileLocator

February 17, 2017

FileLocator is a comprehensive and reliable program which exhaustively search your PC for all Particular files, filter files by timestamps and attributes, use regex, and save and generate reports. There are multiple tabs to do multiple searches with various filters at the same time. The user can check-out the user-friendly interface with the neatly organized window after uneventful and brief setup procedure and the tool provides two various layouts for…


16 Alternatives to Copernic Desktop Search

February 14, 2017

Copernic Desktop Search is an intuitive and reliable program which can target local files, local emails and contact, browse favorites and history, and scan attachments and files. There is a clean and simple interface to choose the targets between emails, pictures, music, files, contacts, videos, history, and favorites. The user can view all type of categories and the results show the file name, last modification date, size, and location. You…


16 Alternatives to FileSeek

February 12, 2017

FileSeek is an intuitive and simple to use program that offers support for multiple profiles and allows users to search for text string matches inside any file. There is a simple and quick installing procedure and you can check out a standard window with a well-defined layout after completing. When it comes to the target directory, the user can set up the search parameters, exclusion list of folders or files,…


14 Alternatives to Bitvise SSH Client

February 8, 2017

Bitvise SSH Client is a comprehensive program that offers support for directory listing, restarted transfers, TCP/IP tunneling, and featuring an integrated FTP-to-SFTP bridge, and more. This program comes wrapped in a rather simple GUI with a well-organized categories and layout and cannot be compared to PuTTY. You can find powerful command-line parameters and SSH port forwarding abilities among other particular features. The command-line remote execution client and scriptable command-line SFTP…


12 Alternatives to ISpirit

February 7, 2017

ISpirit is an iDevice manager for Windows that is designed easily to manage your themes and files between iPad, iPod, and iPhone and PC alongside a great outcome in the shortest period of time. This program offers powerful tools and comes with modesty and simplicity. The application supports both Wi-Fi enabled, and classic USB connections, the first one scores in the flexibility department and other one serves a wide array…


10 Alternatives to NoVirusThanks File Splitter & Joiner

February 6, 2017

NoVirusThanks File Splitter & Joiner is a pretty efficient piece of software that allows you to calculate the checksum of any item and split and join files with just a click of the button. It is specially designed to generate their MD5 hash algorithm, joining several times, and aid people in splitting with a minimal amount of effort. This program encloses a few tabs which facilitate to boxes, some buttons,…


14 Alternatives to Free Opener

February 4, 2017

Free Opener is an intuitive application that is used to open the most popular file types, multimedia files or even archives, whether they are documents. You can find appropriate tools and try the operating system on the web but cannot deliver perfect results. This program supports a wide range of formats like MKV, SWF, AVI, MP3, ZIP, 7Z, GIF, TIFF, JPEG, JPG, LOG, RESX, MEG, INI, ICO, NEF, SR2, and…


16 Alternatives to Lookeen Desktop Search

February 3, 2017

Lookeen Desktop Search is a powerful and fast search application which is specially designed to find files or data on PC within your emails, documents, or attachments. This program comprises search-as-you-type capabilities and offers users to preview any of the files that appear list on its main window. There are courtesy of real-time data indexing capabilities in the application to find the data at any time. The users can choose…


14 Alternatives to FileZilla

January 29, 2017

FileZilla is a fast SFTP and FTP tool that is specially designed to secure transferring, easy navigation by using advanced protocols and offers a dual-pane interface and multiple connections support. This program can be used for remote file editing, achieves awesome transfer speeds, and also gives support for various protocols such as SFTP, FTPS, and FTP. The utility comes packed with a few menus including a toolbar of buttons and…