12 Alternatives to Zehni Azmaish

March 13, 2017

Zehni Azmaish is an intuitive and great application that lets you to easy learning of Islamic knowledge for Android devices, learn about the pillars of Islam, and much more. There are two hints in each level for your help, you have 25 seconds to answer each question, and can earn more points. The user can get basic beliefs of Islam and the treasure of Islamic knowledge with playing this answering…


12 Alternatives to English Grammar Practice Test

March 2, 2017

English Grammar Practice Test is a reliable application that lets you to learn and improve your English grammar at your comfort, whether you are at home, and anywhere. This app works well even offline and gives you grammar questions to practice the English. You can select to answer mixed topic quiz or single topic quiz and practice same set as many times as you want. The user can move on…


12 Alternatives to Math Attack

February 23, 2017

Math Attack is an interesting and simple game that lets you to improve your math skills and you can practice various types of math like squares, multiplication, subtraction, addition, division, and multiple part questions. You can upgrade to get an advanced stats, more game modes, and no more ads. There are two features such as practice mode and stats that are a huge help to younger children and students. A…


12 Alternatives to IQ Test – How smart are you?

February 14, 2017

IQ Test – How smart are you? is an innovative and questioning application that test you on verbal ability, quantitative aptitude, and logical reasoning, among several other factors. This app is very difficult to cheat and right thing for you if you want wondered about your intelligence quotient. When you take a test, the questions may not be the same each time and you prove a true genius yourself if…


10 Alternatives to Controller Companion

February 14, 2017

Controller Companion is a comprehensive and straightforward controller program that is specially used to control your computer desktop, put mouse, keyboard and media control in the palms of hands. This awesome utility comes with an intuitive and simple interface and modern design. There are four main points of this tool such as media control, mouse control, virtual keyboard, and auto-disable. You can control the mouse cursor with the left analog…


12 Alternatives to Quiz of Knowledge

February 11, 2017

Quiz of Knowledge is a multiple choice social quiz to test your general knowledge with the rest of the world and comprises more than 4,000 questions developed by team of educators. There are questions about celebrities, Geography, Mythology, Sports, and so on. Knowledge is a great power, the game comes with updates with new categories and questions, offline playable, achievements, and world leaderboard. You can earn more points to give…


12 Alternatives to Quiz of the world 1

February 1, 2017

Quiz of the world 1 is an interesting and useful quiz application that is especially played to strengthen and test your global knowledge and available in English. There are answer questions on flags, famous people, borders, cities, capitals, countries, alliances, landmarks, currencies, and studies. This game has generated possible answers and questions from an upgradeable database. You can avoid duplication of questions which provides a sense of depth and seemingly…


12 Alternatives to Akinator

January 31, 2017

Akinator is an online interesting questioning game that can tell you about your character and read your mind just by asking a few questions. This game allows you to show the most unusual and extraordinary potions with the lab and offers core features such as unleash your creativity, try out the MyWorld experience, keep on guessing, and go in search for AKI awards. There is a radiant potion which erases…


10 Alternatives to Keysticks

January 31, 2017

Keysticks is an intuitive and reliable game controller that is specially designed to surf the web, play music and games on your computer, and works as a comfortable alternative to the mouse and keyboard. The user can control music player wirelessly and use Keysticks with a wireless Xbox 360 controller. You can browse the web wirelessly and also connect your PC to your TV using your controller. This program allows…


37 Alternatives to Burnout Crash

January 23, 2017

Burnout Crash is a very exciting heart throbbing super thrilling epic action based adventurous car racing video game that is developed Criterion Games and is published by Electronic Arts (EA). The game is a real enchanting experience and will defiantly blow the players apart and will took them to the modern next level of real time gaming. The crystal clear alluring catchy high definition liquid flow graphics of the game…


12 Alternatives to Speed Guess – Something

January 19, 2017

Speed Guess – Something is the most popular guessing and social drawing game that is specially used to sketch, doodle, draw, and make new friends, and guess words with friends. There is a brand new PvP challenge mode and many features to get help. It is possible to guess sketches and drawings correctly, and play a real-time PvP challenge with friends in the shortest time possible. The user can challenge…


10 Alternatives to JoyToKey

January 18, 2017

JoyToKey is a feature bundled keyboard emulator that allows you to rely on joysticks for controlling many games and other software solutions. A keyboard and mouse are very important to control any PC but there is also alternate that is the joystick. JoyToKey doesn’t need installation and can support up to 16 joysticks. You can create many configuration files and load only one and also simply press the button you…


37 Alternatives to The Crew

January 10, 2017

The Crew is a freemium thrilling adventure and action-based car racing video game developed by Ivory Tower and published by Ubisoft. The game was initially released December 2, 2014.  This is a real epic car racing thriller that is widely appreciated and praised by the players from all over the world. Even the critics praised the design and simulating gameplay and referred it as one of the best car racing…


10 Alternatives to Joystick Mapper

January 2, 2017

Joystick Mapper is an intuitive and useful application that lets you map keyboard keys, mouse buttons, mouse axes, and mouse wheel to any Mac compatible gamepad or joystick. You can select a list of previously saved configurations with the main screen that are easily modifiable and just select the joystick output and desired input in the configuration screen. There is a smooth mouse movement and analog shoulder triggers can be…


12 Alternatives to Category Quiz

January 1, 2017

Category Quiz is a simple and popular quiz application that you can answer the questions by category, improve your knowledge, available in English and German, and more than 10,000 question. You can complete all round the world with players by a global high score list. It is possible to login with Google account to allow new features, earn experience points, and unlock achievements. There are frequently updated questions which are…


37 Alternatives to Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box

December 31, 2016

Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box is a commercial full of fun, thrill and action based car racing video game developed and published by EA. This is the third edition to the Burnout game series and most probably the best one and the best seller too among all the installments of this series. The best part of the game is its enhanced and astonishing gameplay that provides the best possible gaming…


10 Alternatives to Joystick 2 Mouse

December 22, 2016

Joystick 2 Mouse is an application that allows you to transform joystick into the mouse of your PC system and offers a new experience to avid gamers. This program gives the possibility to control your keyboard in the same and simple way. The application can help out people with physical disabilities and supports up to sixteen game controllers with added mapping. This utility keeps everything at a professional level and…


12 Alternatives to Dice With Buddies

December 21, 2016

Dice With Buddies is a challenging video game and an addictive dice fun puzzle for Android and iOS devices which lets you to play multiplayer games with family, friends, or random opponents. You can play the exhilarating board game from the same account and share the fun whether thousands of miles away. Dice games come with improved interface, premium tournaments, and biggest winner events. This application offers core features such…


37 Alternatives to F1 2012

December 20, 2016

F1 2012 is a real life formula 1 epic thrilling and adventurous car racing video game that is developed and released by Codemasters Birmingham and Feral Interactive Collectively. It is one of the most top rated and famous car racing video game that is currently available in the market for playing. This is brilliantly designed fully fun based pure addictive game. It is nevertheless a sort of gift from heaven…


10 Alternatives to ControllerMate

December 13, 2016

ControllerMate is an extensive and reliable application that is specially designed to customize the behavior of your HID devices like keypads, keyboards, joysticks, trackballs, mice, throttles, and gamepads, among others. You can trigger ControllerMate building blocks by MIDI messages or controls on devices and it includes more than 70 types. This program allows you to change the default behavior of a mouse or keyboard with driver configurations and create the…


12 Alternatives to Draw Something

December 11, 2016

Draw Something is an intuitive and interesting application that you can paint with your brush and lets you to sketch a perfect work of art and take part in contests. There is no need of artistic skills to have fun with this game with family and your friends exchanging doodle art. You can show and sketch your creativity with colors and enjoy the addictive turn-based drawing game in Guess &…


37 Alternatives to MotorStorm: Apocalypse

December 10, 2016

MotorStorm: Apocalypse is a 3D action-based adventurous car racing video game developed Evolution Studios and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The game was released on March 16, 2011. It is the fourth addition to the Motorstorm series. The game is the best seller of the series and possess millions of lovers and players all around the globe. The realistic 3D high-definition graphics surely casts magical spells on the players and…


10 Alternatives to AntiMicro

December 1, 2016

AntiMicro is a useful program that is specially used to map mouse controls and keyboard keys to a gamepad. This program is designed for playing PC games and the user can use this utility to control any desktop application with a gamepad. The application is supported on Windows, FreeBSD, and under different Linux distributions. There is no official support of this program on Windows XP and also no support for…


12 Alternatives to Word Chums

November 30, 2016

Word Chums is a unique and great game for lovers of words or scrabble with friends to another level with sounds and fun graphics, 3-4 player mode, team mode, a built-in dictionary, and more. The words are guaranteed to make you chuckle and have fun earning gear to expressing your style and outfit your chum. There are several options as well as incredibly streamlined gameplay, earn top chum status, familiar…


37 Alternatives to Test Drive Unlimited 2

November 29, 2016

Test Drive Unlimited 2 is a pure full of fun power pack epic thrilling and fantasy adventurous action based addictive car racing video game developed and published by Strike Now Games Inc. It is one of the most underrated car racing video game of all times. It is way much exciting and a lot better than various several popular car racing games available in the market right now for playing….


10 Alternatives to DS4Windows

November 20, 2016

DS4Windows is an intuitive and reliable piece of software that offers you to get the best experience while using this tool and emulate Xbox 360 controller through Bluetooth or USB with additional features. This program comes with a clean and simple UI, and can quickly swap via different settings easily with profiles for your controller. The user can set the light bar to favorite color or set up controls for…


12 Alternatives to Logo Quiz

November 18, 2016

Logo Quiz is an open-source and reliable game that lets you to guess the names of thousands of logos from popular companies. You can see different company logos everywhere and every day in magazines, walking along the street, and on TV. This app allows you to guess the brand logos and comprises over 60,000,000 downloads around the world. There are new extra levels and more than 2500 logos for you…


37 Alternatives to TrackMania 2: Canyon

November 18, 2016

TrackMania 2: Canyon is an epic thrilling adventurous action based car racing video game that is developed and published by Nadeo. Although the game is not that much popular in the market and among people as much the other similar racing games from famous vendors, but it is a pure classical and full of fun car racing video game and will surly blow you apart from just playing it once….


10 Alternatives to FreePIE

November 12, 2016

FreePIE is a comprehensive programmable input emulator that is used for emulating and bridging input devices. This application can also be used for remote control, VR interaction, and other applications, and it has also apps primarily in video gaming. The tool comes with an intuitive interface, well-structured GUI, and modern design. You can control the mouse in a computer game using a Wiimote and the script language is based on…


10 Alternatives to Pinnacle Game Profiler

November 10, 2016

Pinnacle Game Profiler is a handy program that allows you to play games on your PC by using game controllers and translate the actions of gamepad into keyboard commands. The user can create own profiles and customize his settings to match his gamepad habits and playing style. This program offers many options and enables you to create a command for every button from the gamepad. You can select the game…