23 Alternatives to MediBang Paint

July 17, 2017

MediBang Paint is a free comic creation and lightweight digital painting program which comes loaded with brushes, fonts, pre-made backgrounds and other resources. It transfers your work between devices with ease. You do not need to worry about using up your hard drive space or carrying storage devices. It has over 800 tons back/grounds, over 50 brushes and 20 fonts are available for free. When making comics, it usually takes…


15 Alternatives to PicsArt

July 4, 2017

PicsArt merges the best features of many photos applications. It is one of the best and most popular photo editor available for free in the market for Android phones. It has tons of photo filters, frames, collage, stickers, text effects, crop, rotate, clipart graphics, adjust color and add artistic effects. It has some amazing artistic photo effects like stenciled, sketcher, cartomizer, Orton, Lomo, Cross process, vintage, HDR, Fatal, Pencil, watercolor,…


19 Alternatives to TVPaint Animation

June 29, 2017

TVPaint Animation is the great paperless animation and drawing tool. It is able to imitate traditional techniques such as Pencil, Watercolour, Gouache, Pen Brush, Airbrush and felt tip and animate them over frames. Through this, you can animate and create a movie from start to finish, including storyboarding and all the steps through final composting. It is a complete solution for all production kinds of feature films, video games, short…


15 Alternatives to Adobe Photoshop Express

June 27, 2017

Adobe Photoshop Express is an Android app, and it is available on Google play store, Apple Store, Windows Phone Store and widow’s store. In this, you Touch your way to better-looking pictures with automatic filters and fixes. This app fix photos fast crop, rotate, straighten, flip, remove redeye and pet eye and adjust color. It adjusts hue, white balance, brightness, and more with easy slider controls. It enhances your pics…


19 Alternatives to Easygenerator

June 19, 2017

Easygenerator is all in one eLearning program. It offers everything any author needs to create engaging courses in the cloud. It creates excellent E-learning courses. It is the fast, easy, beautiful and affordable course. Its design is excellent, and it engages learners experience by applying your own instructional and graphical design to the course. You use its powerful and publishing tools to deliver your learning experience to any device or…


19 Alternatives to Synfig Studio

June 18, 2017

Synfig Studio is an open source 2D direction graphics and computer animation software. It supports a multitude of layers of different types of transformation, distortions, filters, gradients, geometric, fractal and a few others. It has full featured bone system which allows creating cutout animation using bitmap images or control artwork. Its skeleton Distortion layer allows applying complex deformations to bitmap artwork. It has basic feature for syncing your animation with…


15 Alternatives to PhoXo

June 15, 2017

PhoXo is a free and powerful photo editing software. It is fast, tiny, easy to use, can be worked as a mini Photoshop. Its feature includes layers, over 50 special effects, undo, batch processing, and a huge variety of powerful and useful tools for selecting, painting, crop, retouching, navigation, and measuring. Especially you can easily add text effects to an image, such as gradient color text, ripple text, shadow text,…


15 Alternatives to PixelStyle

June 9, 2017

PixelStyle is a free photo editor for Mac. It quickly selects any part of an image and applies special effects. It has 1 min cut out an object from photos and change photo background. It immediately deletes unwanted elements and retouches the images. It adjusts exposure, hue, white balance, shadows and more. It supports for many gradient modes including symmetrical clockwise, rotates, and counter. It fills in the object with…


19 Alternatives to Tupi

June 5, 2017

Tupi is a design authoring program for digital artists interested in 2D Animation. It transforms education into 2D Digital Art. You can take advantage of our own animated suite. It optimizes the educative process in elementary and high schools. Its 2D Magic is a 2D animation desktop tool which focused on usability for amateur artists and children. It is available to download for Linux, Mac and Windows operating system. Tupi…


19 Alternatives to Toon Boom Harmony

June 4, 2017

Toon Boom Harmony is the industrial animation program studios for worldwide. It is the most creative yet, efficient software that is created for animation. It includes three more harmony editions bring the power of harmony to every artist. You animate with confidence knowing that the tools use in harmony are the same once used to create a dozen of award-winning productions. You use it to create your own style signature….


19 Alternatives to Adobe Edge Animate

June 2, 2017

Adobe Edge Animate is a web development tool which uses HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript functionality. It creates interactive and animated web content. It creates interactive HTML animations for the Internet, digital publishing, rich media advertising and more. It reaches both desktop and mobile browsers with ease. It offers on stage text editing, rather than using a pop-up window. It supports 64-bit Chromium Embedded Framework. It reduced supporting runtime size by…


19 Alternatives to KoolMoves

June 2, 2017

KoolMoves is a web animation authoring tool which creates Flash animations with media players; multimedia slide shows. In this, you create text effects, attach wave audio, import vector clipart, fill shapes with color gradients or bitmaps, and more. It has advanced animation effects and features. It has great HTML5 and Flash capabilities. You create high impact websites & animation. You play video and music with smart media players. You take…


15 Alternatives to PicMonkey

May 24, 2017

PicMonkey is an online image editor that works right in your browser with no downloads. It offers some tools like Teeth Whiten, Weight Loss, and Blemish Fix. It provides some effects like Orton, color boost, cross process, with drag and drops ease. It is a photo editor, idea realizer, and design maker tool. If you access the best features of this, then get its premium membership. It takes your photo…


15 Alternatives to PixBuilder

May 19, 2017

PixBuilder is a free photo editing program for image processing, digital photo editing, and resizing. In digital photo editing, you can use its many advanced quality functions. It allows you to use the following the color management features like color balance, brightness control, and levels manipulation. For the impressive result, you can use the curves function. It supports layer concept, gradient and masks support, multistep undo, and text layer support….


15 Alternatives to Snapseed

May 17, 2017

Snapseed is a picture enhancement and sharing the app. It has a powerful suite of photo filters and tools for anyone, anywhere to convert simple pic into an extraordinary photo. With this app, you make your photographs efficient at every day. It offers 29 tools and filters like Healing, Structure, Brush, HDR, etc. It opens DNG and JPG files. In this, you use the stack to readjusts edits later. It…


15 Alternatives to PaintStar

May 15, 2017

PaintStar is a versatile digital photo processing program. It is suitable for such tasks as retouching of photographs, authoring and composing images, screen capture, image morphing, and displaying photo thumbnail in Windows Explorer context menu. It supports layer, alpha, path, and the most common editing techniques. It has many of the filters and tools. It displays a thumbnail of selected image in windows explorer context menu just like ACD System…


15 Alternatives to PhotoFilter

May 14, 2017

PhotoFilter is a full pic correcting program. It permits you to make simple or advanced adjustments to an image and apply a huge range of filters on it. It is straightforward and natural to use and has an easy learning curve. It is a freeware tool created by Antonio Da Cruz. It has a hundred of filters to improve and transform into digital photos. It also allows adding functions to…


15 Alternatives to Befunky

May 13, 2017

Befunky is the first photo editors available on the web in 2007. It helps people to get creative with their pictures ever since. It is available on multiple platforms including Android and Apple devices. It is one of the most famous photo editors. It is now only the app that allows you to stack and an unlimited number of edits and effects, and undo them. It already gives you effects…


22 Alternatives to Sweet Home 3D

March 28, 2017

Sweet Home 3D is an open source deign Java application designed to guide you towards creating the house as you like, comes with improved 3D view and modern furniture models. The user can make some changes around the house and create a sketch of your home easily. There is a plain and easy to work interface and also Explorer-based layout. It is possible to locate and import objects easily, according…


22 Alternatives to nanoCAD

March 25, 2017

nanoCAD is a powerful CAD program that offers you a wide range of drawing tools and a viable solution for engineers. This program displays a classic interface and there are organized toolbars which you can rearrange the tools to create the working environment. The application provides a large number of precision tools that can eliminate inaccuracies and speed up implementation. You can edit and create complex elements and vector graphics,…


22 Alternatives to pCon.planner

March 23, 2017

pCon.planner is an extensive and a practical tool that can create interior designs and three-dimensional room in DWG format and present them in high visual quality for customers. This program can export the geometry to DXF, DWG, and even 3D formats and is specially designed to generate high-quality images. There is easy to use interface, easy access to all the design tools, and you need to place the object on…


22 Alternatives to Autodesk Revit

March 19, 2017

Autodesk Revit is an intuitive and extensive application that is used to completely design a 3D model and 2D structural of a building taking into circuit boards, consideration ventilation, or plumbings. This program comes with an impressive array of tools and features and a well-thought interface. There is an architecture dedicated area that offers essential commands for modifying and creating basic elements like roofs, windows, doors, walls, floors, and ceilings….


11 Alternatives to SR 3D Builder

March 16, 2017

SR 3D Builder is an impressive software program that lets you to build 3D models you can imagine, by using Lego bricks and other types of parts. There is a friendly user interface and has six main sections so, the first one is the menu bar, contains configuration, file system, and specific options. The second section has a button toolbox where you can locate the useful shortcuts and build your…


11 Alternatives to OpenSCAD

March 12, 2017

OpenSCAD is a simple-to-use application that is used to compile and create solid 3D CAD objects and look their graphical representation. The installation process of this tool is very short, represents the interface, and you can view a regular window after installation split into multiple panels. You can view log details, write code, and it displays 3D graphical representations. The user can compile and reload the project, display the CSG,…


11 Alternatives to Umbraco

March 7, 2017

Umbraco is a fully-featured and friendly email program that comes with an automated upgrades, smooth deployments, and unlimited hosting. You can build websites with a more productive and smarter way and get benefit with its reliable functions and flexibility. This online platform comprises prominent features such as painless integration, a remarkably simple user interface, master your online media, fast and big, no limits, and Web DNA. The user can manage…


11 Alternatives to BrickUtils Portable

March 7, 2017

BrickUtils Portable is a reliable application that offers better track of your Lego creations in a catalog by listing bricks with different management options and gives the possibility to check the built model. This easy to use and lightweight tool lets you especially to build virtual models. There is a main window in tabs that displays a list of bricks with details like description, quantity, color, and ID numbers. You…


12 Alternatives to Vectr

March 6, 2017

Vectr is an intuitive program that is designed to craft impressive graphics and can fit several types of projects. The user can develop graphic elements that can use for the business card, website, T-shirt, or applications. This program serves a good purpose and you can synchronize your projects on all devices. The tool is wrapped in a modern and appealing interface that includes a basic set of drawing tools. You…


11 Alternatives to LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3

March 1, 2017

LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 is a handy Lego robot programming tool that can program and build Lego robots and comes with a wide range of relevant functions. There is a user-friendly and well-design interface that packs handy and organized features. The users need to begin linking or placing different modules and create a project by dragging and dropping them. It is possible to create sophisticated robots from scratch, populate loops with…


12 Alternatives to Aphalina Designer

February 28, 2017

Aphalina Designer is easy to use application that is used to generate vector graphics and supports non-destructive smart pages and Boolean operations. This program comes packed with a wide range of intuitive functions and smooth user interface. There is no configuration menu but pane or window is available. The utility offers you to generate vector drawings with minimum efforts on your PC. The user can create a blank document by…


11 Alternatives to Grav

February 23, 2017

Grav is a free modern source flat-file CMS that requires no database, builds faster websites, and comes with a sophisticated package manager and powerful API. This email service offers bundled core features such as flat-file architecture, CLI tools, instant install, smart caching, awesome technology, extensive documentation, powerful configuration overrides, package manager, and routing and redirection. You can get help the development process with a powerful visual debug panel by providing…