12 Alternatives to Cameyo

March 14, 2017

Cameyo is a virtualization product application that is used to virtualize the running of different applications on your system and to eliminate the need to install them to benefit from the functions. This program describes the technology to improve manageability, portability, and compatibility by virtualization. The utility comes with an intuitive layout and a simple interface, and the Library area of the interface includes a comprehensive list of pre-packaged programs….


12 Alternatives to Armor2net personal firewall

March 10, 2017

Armor2net personal firewall is an intuitive application that is designed to protect your computer from Internet-borne threats and stops hacker’s attempts and data thieves. This program can meet all requirements for internet privacy and internet security. You can grant and deny access to the internet hence preventing spyware, Trojan horse, and worm programs from hurting your PC. The user can block the dangerous internet sites and shut off any unsafe…


12 Alternatives to Comodo Internet Security

March 8, 2017

Comodo Internet Security is a brilliant security application that is used to secure your system, folders, and files against online threats including antivirus module. This program allows to Cloud-Based Behavior Analysis of unrecognized programs and changes servers to Comodo SecureDNS servers. The utility offers three windows after launching the program. The first one gives the information that how the firewall had detected, in the second, Comodo searches for updates, and…


12 Alternatives to Freedom

March 5, 2017

Freedom is a useful and intuitive program that offers you to block your own internet access to increase work productivity during office hours. This program shows an intuitive and a very neat interface, consisting two complementary windows to defining its functioning parameters. A dedicated dialog gives you the information of remaining time until the restriction expires after blocking your web access. There is an online distraction, such as games or…


12 Alternatives to TinyWall

March 5, 2017

TinyWall is a feature-rich and lightweight application that offers process monitoring capabilities and some extra security, especially for home users. This program has the main purpose that is to prevent insecure connections and block malicious processes. You can easily configure the software by a simple interface. If the user observes a certain program that requires checking the firewall and network or Internet access. The user can find in the setting…


12 Alternatives to Gilisoft USB Stick Encryption

March 4, 2017

Gilisoft USB Stick Encryption is an application that is designed to help your password-protect your USB drive or another similar device. It is easy-to-use, and installation process is a simple. You can find all types of categories easily without experiencing difficulties. The user can select the size of a secure area, clicking the install button, setting a password and username and press the OK to finish the operation. This software…


12 Alternatives to Kakasoft USB Security

February 27, 2017

It is a powerful application that protects all your important files and folders on USB drives and external drives in seconds. Kakasoft USB Security prevents all unauthorized accesses to USB devices and block data leaking anywhere. This program is easy to use, no need to install, and never worry about lost or stolen. The main purpose of this software is password protection that protects all portable devices including pen drive,…


12 Alternatives to Clean Slate

February 25, 2017

Clean Slate is a powerful piece of software that is used to restore original computer configuration to increase its security and maintain its stability. You can download and move files around and perform all the changes you want. This program gives you the possibility to undo any change to your PC, whether it’s a replaced icon or an installed driver on the desktop. There are a comprehensive interface and two…


22 Alternatives to MailDrop

February 22, 2017

MailDrop is an online open-source email address that is used to give out a quick email address to any app or site, then after you can trust with that site and give them real email address. This online application helps you to stop inbox from getting flooded with spam because your site can be hacked. The user can get his receipt for his e-commerce purchase, without signing up to be…


12 Alternatives to SprintWork

February 20, 2017

SprintWork is a user-friendly and simple application that that can track the time your employees spend on playing games or websites. This program allows you to block access to entertaining programs or certain social networks to use their work hours more productively. You need to input a password and can adjust its functioning preferences during the installation procedure. The application has fairly simple to understand interface that makes it quite…


18 Alternatives to Keefox

February 18, 2017

Keefox is an open source and easy to use password management application which keeps you password and privet data more secure. It an ad free application. Keefox allows the user to store username password and files including the link attachment which is locked in one special key. So you just remember only one master key for your all account. Keefox allows the user to store username password and files including…


12 Alternatives to GesWall

February 13, 2017

GesWall is a useful and straightforward application that lets you open e-mail attachments, browse the internet, exchange files, chat, and so on. This program comes with an intuitive interface, no matter of the security threats posed, and the inexperienced user can easily work with this program. There is a folder that displays the structure on the left side of the main window and details are shown on the right side….


22 Alternatives to Yahoo! Mail

February 11, 2017

Yahoo! Mail is an online email service that is used to easily share photos and animated GIFs, connect all of your accounts, get 1000 GBs of storage, and stay organized throughout the day. This open-source utility offers grouped conversations, Dropbox integration for attachments, Yahoo! Messenger, powerful search options, themes, and disposable apps and addresses for the major platforms. You can sign in securely while ditching your password, send high-res photos…


22 Alternatives to Auslogics BoostSpeed

February 10, 2017

Auslogics BoostSpeed is an advanced software solution that lets you to optimize internet connection and speed-up your system without compromising on the stability. There is a well-organized interface and you can improve the performance of your computer and solve errors. This program offers four various tabs in the main window to increase PC speed such as System Advisor, System Scan, Advanced Tools, and Resource Usage. You can check the system…


12 Alternatives to FocusMe

February 7, 2017

FocusMe is a most powerful application blocker for Mac & Windows that are designed for block websites and programs to get your work done at any time. There is a distraction blocker that helps you to focus on what is important from getting distracted. This program can remind you to take regular breaks away from the screen and also good for your health. The users can only offer use of…


12 Alternatives to Privatefirewall

February 6, 2017

Privatefirewall is an intuitive and handy application that is designed to keep safe your personal data from unauthorized access over the Internet with fully customizable restriction settings. It offers you to prevent intrusions on the PC, save it from information theft, and add extra security measures to your system. This application has many different protection methods such as a process monitor, an application manager, a desktop firewall, traffic filtering, and…


12 Alternatives to EncryptStick Lite

February 5, 2017

EncryptStick Lite is a lightweight and comprehensive software that helps you place all your important documents and files in a secure vault. In this app, resulting vaults can be synchronized with flash drives, including several mobile devices. If you want to increase protection for sensitive data on your computer, the application is very useful. GUI comprises several frames, but each frame integrates harmoniously with the others and deals with specific…


12 Alternatives to Hitman Pro

February 3, 2017

Hitman Pro is a powerful and fast program which removes most viruses from your PC, can be run or installed from a portable device, and featuring several handy settings and scheduled scans. This application can remove rogue, dangerous keyloggers, misleading or fake software, and other threats. When scanning, the tool uses a cloud engine to help you obliterate and find any trace of malicious code. There is ability to use…


22 Alternatives to MailForSpam

January 30, 2017

MailForSpam is a disposable email service that you can use the created mailbox for any purposes and use this email address as well as spam and newsletters. This program offers certain advantages such as easy usage, unlimited possibilities, no registration procedure, etc. You can read messages and enter your name and no need of authorizations and passwords. When you are afraid of receiving spam, there is no need to give…


12 Alternatives to Productivity Owl

January 29, 2017

Productivity Owl is a comprehensive software utility that forces you to be productive and get back to work by timing your website visits. This program lets you surf a site for a few minutes or seconds before kicking you off. You can easily schedule your free time hours so that you take your work and breaks during break-time. The user can allow work-related websites or specifically block known time-wasting websites….


12 Alternatives to InternetOff

January 28, 2017

InternetOff is a free tool that is used to disable or enable the internet connection with just a few clicks from the system tray. This program has a few configuration settings, runs quietly in the system tray, and proves to be extremely easy to work with this tool. You can automatically check the program for new versions and make the program run at windows startup. It is possible to set…


12 Alternatives to ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

January 27, 2017

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall is a basic outbound and inbound firewall application that keeps your computer safe from various threats and blocking unauthorized access. There are many offers to skip, such as a different home page or web browser toolbars. You can gain full control over its settings or choose the app’s behavior from your actions. This program has a modern and clean interface, and there is an online help manual…


12 Alternatives to VeraCrypt

January 24, 2017

VeraCrypt is an innovative and comprehensive tool that allows you to create encrypted partitions quickly and easily mount and dismount them on your system. This program is reliable when it comes to the storing information and security of your data in an encrypted location. The software offers to create new encrypted file containers such as a non-system partition or entire system drive. It supports Twofish, AES, Serpent, and several combinations…


12 Alternatives to Shadow Defender

January 22, 2017

Shadow Defender is a reliable and comprehensive program that offers to secure your computer from viruses, malware, and a wide range of other threats. These malware can change your contents and settings of your system thus, the program is fairly simple to understand which uses the Shadow Mode. This program offers you with two methods of going into Shadow Mode such as Enter Shadow Mode on Boot, and Exit Shadow…


22 Alternatives to AVG PC TuneUp

January 17, 2017

AVG PC TuneUp is an intuitive piece of software that is used to speed up the system, fix issues, tune and clean up all your devices, and keep it at high performance. This program takes less than a minute in computer scanning process and repair the problems as fast as possible. The tool can fix registry errors such as file extensions, file associations, history lists, help files, shortcuts and installed…


12 Alternatives to DefenseWall

January 13, 2017

DefenseWall is easy to use application that protects yourself when surfing the internet and helps you prevent unauthorized infiltrations and any attacks on your PC such as spyware, adware, Trojans, rootkits, and keyloggers. The user can access the main application Window, and this program places itself in the system tray. This application can protect your system by dividing apps into two groups against malicious agents. The tool grants permission to…


12 Alternatives to Idoo USB Encryption

January 11, 2017

Idoo USB Encryption is a powerful program that helps you lock USB flash drive, pen drives, memory sticks, jump drives, thumb drives, and flash drives encryption. USB flash drives are designed to move data from one PC to another. These files are small in size, affordable, convenient, but can carry gigabytes of data. It is supported in Windows XP, Vista, 7, and developed by Idoo Encryption. This software is very…


12 Alternatives to Challenger Encryption

January 10, 2017

Challenger Encryption is a desktop application that works well when installed on a CD, DVD, notebook, desktop, micro SD card or USB flash drive. The software stays on the portable storage in case of the portable installation. This program is specially designed for communication in closed networks and local data protection. All files can stay locked down; the user didn’t face any problem in case either the desktop or USB…


12 Alternatives to Windows Live Family Safety

January 6, 2017

Windows Live Family Safety is a reliable and useful program that allows you to restrict access to specific games, websites, or programs and monitor children activity on the PC. You can set up security settings for any users with this program, and you have administrative rights. The user can create a blacklist or whitelist and control the websites by setting up the filtering level. It is possible to extend the…


12 Alternatives to Deep Freeze

January 6, 2017

Deep Freeze is a perfect and intuitive tool that helps you reset the PC to its original state after a reboot session and wipe out all changes made to your system. This program can simply activate and allows you to restore all initial settings at the next startup of your PC. The user needs to set up a master password because it is very important that can activate or deactivate…