22 Alternatives to dbFront

dbFront is humble to administer and use web application which permits you to rapidly build a client interface for your existing database which is immediately useful. You can create powerful and dynamic web applications using all the power of your existing Oracle database, MySQL, or SQL Server. Its installer allows setup within 5 minutes. It has simple one server setup OR Complex Distributed Server configuration. It updates itself as database structure changes. It import/export data conversation. It automatically shows related tables. It automatically turns related fields into Lookup Fields. It has quick search or Custom search. It has regular expression validation. It gives a link to an external report server or custom report pages. It has active directory or NTLM. It provides database security. It offers a 30-day free trail so which you can download, install and test it out on your PC.

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Microsoft Office Access

Microsoft Office Access is a DBMS (database management system) from Microsoft which connects the relational MS Jet Database Machine with a graphical user interface and software development tools. It creates your own database apps quickly in formats which serve your business best. It creates custom apps fast without being a…

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LibreOffice – Base

LibreOffice – Base is full functioned desktop database front end. It is planned to meet the needs of a massive array of users. It caters to power users and enterprise requirements, providing native support drivers for some of the most broadly employed multi-user database engines like PostgreSQL, MS Access, Adabas…

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Filemaker Pro

Filemaker Pro is an influential software used to create custom apps which work seamlessly across iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac, and the Web. It easily builds your own custom app to meet the unique and changing needs of your business. Or for inspiration, it explores the built-in Starter Solutions from managing…

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My Visual Database

My Visual Database is a primary professional environment database, without the assistance of programming abilities and authorities, you will make a Windows application databases. It is a simple phone registry and bookkeeping framework in your business. Do you need a record application, in which there is no excess? Currently, you…

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Axisbase is a database structure which you can use to track whatever sort of data your business manages. It could track deals made on a website, keep up stock records, perform arrange satisfaction from your office, or keep up some organized data. It is practically identical to other individual/office database…

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Brilliant Database

Brilliant Database is an out of the case procedure containing all you have to make a database. At the point when functioning with the program, you won’t need special parts – it has all you may need. Neither you nor your customers will encounter any issues with the interface it…

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MySQL has huge numbers of the world’s quickest and biggest developing associations. It includes Facebook, Adobe, Google, Alcatel Lucent and Zappos to spare time and cash driving their volume business frameworks, Web locales and bundled programming. It is not your common programming application, so its establishment and setup require a…

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VFront is a dynamic front-end for PostgreSQL or MySQL databases written in JavaScript and PHP. With this, you can create forms for manage your data in AJAX style, different privileges and rules for groups, a report in PDF, HTML, XML, statistics and much more. It is useful for companies, organizations,…

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MyTaskHelper is the best online database and web form builder. It is simple, fast and powerful. It has online web forms which make data collection, reporting, and analysis much easier than any other method. It is a super easy way to create such web-forms online. It is a relational online…

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Kexi is a visual database programs maker. It can be used for scheming database applications, performing queries, inserting and editing data, and processing data. It can be created to provide a custom interface to your data. All database objects like forms, queries, objects, tables are stored in the database, making…

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Apache OpenOffice Base

Apache OpenOffice Base is a part of the Apache Open Office Suite. It offers help to you make new database design to create Queries, Tables, and Reports, along with a set of predefined desk descriptions for Customers, tracking Assets, sales orders, Invoices and much more. It offers the full HSQL…

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RestDB.io is a play and plug database service, suited perfectly to power business apps and dynamic web content. In this, databases are built in an easy to use web interface. It is probably the easiest solution to get a database going for the internet and serverless application. It models your…

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Symphytum is a personal database software for anyone who desires to organize and manage information in an intuitive and easy way, without having to study complex database languages and software user interfaces. It comes to help as a general purpose solution. It offers design input forms. It moves and resizes…

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Runabase is a simple, flexible and powerful tool for creating accounting programs and databases. In this, you can create a program for the treatment of goods, client database or a personal guide for a few hours or day, and make change for a few minutes. It has a straightforward and…

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XtraBuild Designer

XtraBuild Designer creates stunning programs without coding and distributes for a fee. It is a rich and powerful database application development tools which allows the developer to quickly build a flexible business solution for fast development on Windows. It is 50 times quicker than any other existing database solution. It…

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nuBuilder is a web-based database program platform. It is an open source application builder and database front end for PHP developers. It is a tool for creating fast web-based business applications, using technologies such as JSON, jQuery, AJAX, SQL, Javascript, MySQL, and PHP. All customization done to a nuBuilder Application…

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Oracle Application

Oracle Application Express is a quick web application development tool for the Oracle database. You can develop and deploy professional applications which are both secure and rapid. It is a completely supported, no cost option of the Oracle database. It enables you to design, deploy, and develop beautiful, responsive, database…

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Sonadier Forms

Sonadier Forms is an online database application builder. It creates custom applications for your business using drag and drops forms you can change at any time. You build forms with its drag and drop editor, and it will generate an application automatically. It changes your forms at any time to…

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GS-Base is a portable database application for managing any type of data in a table structure. It is a database which allows you organize your photo albums, CDs, mp3’s, icon collections and your personal or business contacts. You can also easily and quickly analyze enormous data sets using fast pivot…

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Alpha Five

Alpha Five is a relational database administration system and fast Rapid application development system. It creates your mobile strategy and selecting a platform. It builds custom web and Mobile apps fast. The platform shows you how easy it can be to create enterprise-grade mission critical apps. It is a low…

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SpeedBase Professional

SpeedBase Professional is complete, flexible, customizable, easy to use desktop database software to rapidly store, manage, share and search all types of business or personal information in one place. It creates custom database application for yourself or your company in just minutes. It saves, manages and searches any type of…

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LIMBAS framework is the basis for the manufacture of separate business software explanation for medium to large enterprises. Tailor made an application that can be developed reliably and quickly to meet your company’s separate requirements precisely. One solution can be linked to others at any time, even an own ERP…

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