15 Alternatives to Deep Sleep Sounds

Deep Sleep Sounds are relaxing, and calming sounds which will help you and your baby fall asleep more quickly and for a long time. It provides deep rumbly, whoosh noises that babies are used to hearing in the womb. It engages your baby’s calming reflex allowing baby to sleep longer. It’s familiarity will help baby feel safe even in surroundings. It masks outside noises that may wake your baby. It prevents outside distraction while forming a cocoon of concentration. It offers different features like no ads, universal purchase, spotlight search, 3D touch, airplay, play last sound on launch, plays in the background, crossfade between tracks and seamlessly looped. It has different sounds which you play in the background like more to come, white noise, pink noise, brown noise, womb, winter wind, ocean waves, medium rain, light rain. It has additional sounds include in it like rain on tent, heartbeat, distant thunder, crickets, birds and chimes, vacuum cleaner, hairdryer, fog horns, fan, driving in the rain and air filter. Its free version includes its most popular sleep sounds. Its pro version includes all of its sleep sounds plus unlimited play time.

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Sunny is the online beach recorded music platform which helps you to listen beach sound at home, office or anywhere. With this app, you imagine you cloud sleep, work, relax and meditate on the beach. With this, you recorded in stereoscopic 3D for headphone / fantastic 3D parallax illustrations. It…

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White Noise HQ

White Noise HQ is a program which provides natural sounds for blocking noise and helping sleep. You relax, block noise, and increase with over 75 reliable live recorded white noise sound from around the world. It provides a beautiful library of high-resolution stereo recordings, individually selected for their noise blocking…

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Sleep Bug

Sleep Bug is an ambient sound mixer which produces a quality of music and scenes with random sound effects. It has built in the sound generator which creates a realistic listening experience to help calm a busy mind and is perfect for babies, children, and adults who are having trouble…

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Kuulo: productivity sounds

Kuulo gives more than 20 unbelievable ambiance sounds for you to produce and to immerse atmosphere for productivity and seamless environment of studying. It helps you recreate nature for relaxing or sleep. You feel free to play around with sound asset to develop an exceptional composition which suits your creative…

White Noise Baby

White Noise Baby helps your child by blocking distractions while reducing stress and relaxing. It generates sounds over a massive range of frequencies, masking those noise interruptions. It has battery saver mode for longer battery life. It optimized for all Android smartphones and tablets. Its safety tips from the US…


Ambiance is an environment enhancer that designed to help you create the perfect ambient atmosphere to focus, relax or reminisce. It has become a must have an app on all devices. It has now had over 8,000,000 sound downloads. It has been featured in every Apple store on every iPhone.…

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Nature Sounds

Nature Sounds is an open source nature sound player. In this, you create your own composition of nature sounds and listen to them to free. You use this program to play nature sounds on headphones while meditating or reading or just for fun. You will need Adobe Flash Player with…

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Noizio is an app that allows you to listen to original music in the background. You will drown out the noise of the street and lets you focus on the work at hand, increasing your productivity. It can also set the temperament for a romantic evening or lull you to…

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SimplyNoise is the best free color noise generator on the internet. It has a simple, clean, and intuitive user interface. It has seamless multitasking + background audio. It has 16 bit/44.1kHz CD quality samples of white, pink and brown noise. It has an oscillation toggle for a dynamic listening experience.…

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Calm Radio

Calm Radio is an internet music station. It helps you to listen to classical music, country music, relaxation music, jazz music, pop up and rock music on the background. It includes general enhancements and minor cosmetic improvements. It offers different features like sleep and wakes timers, atmosphere channels mixing, large…

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Natural Sound Therapy

Natural Sound Therapy is the original mobile device app from Blissive. It is the official, professional sound therapy training module selected by and used in world class yoga and spas studios around the world. It has long been widely used for its powerful relaxing benefits in the fast paced, high-stress…

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White Noise

White Noise supports you sleep by blocking distractions. It pacifies fussy and crying babies. It relaxes and reduces stress. It increases focus while enhancing privacy. It soothes headaches and migraines. It has 40+ perfectly looped sounds with free downloads from its market app. It provides full support for Android 7.0.…

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Rainy Mood

Rainy Mood is a thirty-minute high-quality loop. It is the internet most popular rain experience. Joins millions of people who use this to help them sleep, relax and study. It has four fully customizable rain scenes like Countryside, Classic Ocean, and café. With his stunning algorithmic randomizer and HD/48kHz 3D…

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Relax Melodies

Relax Melodies is the leader in sleep assistance and personalized relaxation. It is the ultimate relaxation experience, and it is straightforward to use. It offers sound background support, and you will relax while using another app. You mix your favorite sounds together with various volume to create your own personal…

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A Soft Murmur

A Soft Murmur is a program which helps to find the perfect mix of background noise. It is the ideal productivity app to help you wash away distraction. It plays seamless and uninterrupted audio, so it never interrupts your focus. With this, you will play sounds until you tell it…

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