15 Alternatives to Empathy

Empathy is a messaging app which supports audio, text, video and file transfer over various protocols. It is the default chat client in the present and previous versions of GNOME, making it calmer for other GNOME’s applications to mix the cooperation functionality using Telepathy. It offers great functionality and features which include Multi-Protocol support (Facebook, Yahoo, QQ, MSN Google Talk, AIM, Salut, Gadu Gadu, GroupWise, and ICQ) it almost supports all protocols sustained by Pidgin. It proposals file transfer for XMPP, and local networks. It delivers voice and video calling using XMPP, SIP, and Google Talk, conversation theming, sharing and location information. It deals both private (one to one), and group chat. It gives automatic away and large away presence. It offers automatic connection using a network manager and also provides support for cooperative applications. It is available on altered platforms including Mac, BlackBerry, Android, iOS, Windows Phones and many others. It has a tremendous amount of people used this app for better, fast, secure, and reliable conversation. Its code is presently a mess regarding coding. You can only run this social media app from the resource Emphathy_Srcdir to your Empathy app source directory.

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Speek is another online messaging app. It makes super simple, visual and free conference calls. You choose an easy to remember username for your calls, instead of fumbling for a PIN and traditional phone number. You talk instantly with one click calls. You know who joined the call and who’s…

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Sesame Chat

Sesame Chat is a messaging app which gives you a self-aware digital assistant to protect messages on your behalf. It is secure, modern, trusted messaging with your own Cognitive Messenger. It establishes you legal right to own all of your data and messages. It means you can always take your…

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Dasher Messenger

Dasher Messenger lets you do more than a just text message. You connect with friends worldwide for free. You start a group chat. You find a place to meet up. It shares your location in real time as you head to out to meet up with friends. You express yourself…

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Kakaotalk PC is a messaging app which saves you connected in more places. It offers a convenient sync between your PC and mobile device. It is even easier to stay in touch wherever you are. It sends documents, images, videos, audio or compressed files from your PC and mobile. It…

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Disa is your new messaging app. It’s conversations from different services that can seamlessly be joined, or disbanded within seconds. It is completely free to become a beta tester. It ships with SMS/MMS support. Its plugins can then be added along the way to provide additional services. You can visit…

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Zulip is an open source group chat. Every conversation in this has a topic, so it is to keep the conversation straight. It makes it simple to review the conversations you lost, so you can measure concentration on that significant project without having to catch up on how Jim’s guitar…

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Google Allo

Google Allo is a clever messaging app which helps you say more and do more. It expresses you better with doodles, sticker, and large text & emoji. It also brings you the Google Assistant. Its intelligent reply allows you keep the conversation moving with a single tap by suggesting emoji…

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Bit Chat

Bit Chat is a safe, peer to peer and secure instant messenger application that is used to transfer various sort of media files. It is the one messenger for Local Area Network and Internet chat with an end to end encryption. It is a free instant messenger planned to give…

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 iMessage is an instant messaging facility developed by Apple. It lets the users send or receive the texts, document files, photos, contact information, videos, and also delivers group chat over mobile phone Wi-Fi and internet access or some other means of internet access to the MacOS and the iOS users.…

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Conversations is a Jabber/XMPP client for smartphones which raised to give a unique mobile experience. It is a communication app for Android. It lets you share (send or receive) files, contacts, documents, and embedded images straightly into your chat. If you want to share some secretive information, then you just…

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GroupMe is an open source communication stage which provides the efficient way to chat with everyone you know. It makes it suitable to stay in touch with the valuable people in your life. It is a mobile group messaging app that launched in May 2010 by the Private GroupMe Company.…

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appear.in provides one click video conferences right in your browser without requiring PIN codes or additional software. It collaborates from anywhere with simple video conversation like talk up to 8 people. It creates your own video room with a custom link. It personalizes the room with your own background image.…

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The wire is a private and secure messenger app for phones, desktop, and tablets. It has crystal clear video and voice calls, file sharing, private group chats, audio and video messages. It works on Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, Linux and any modern web browser. In this, you can build your…

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RedPhone and TextSecure have been merged to create a signal. Using this, you can communicate instantly while avoiding SMS fees and create groups. In this, you can chat in real time with all your friends at once, and share attachment or media all with complete privacy. Its server never has…

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textPlus is a free SMS and MMS messaging app to anyone in Canada or US. It has a free phone number and free unlimited text to US or Canada. It is a free call and text app with a local phone number of your choice. It turns your tablet into…

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