13 Alternatives to FarStone VirtualDrive Pro

FarStone VirtualDrive Pro is best and original virtual CD/DVD software and compatible with Windows 10. In this program, you can insert a CD/DVD into your physical drive; VirtualDrive will convert into a Virtual CD image file. This file can be mounted onto one of 23 virtual CD/DVD drives and played well. It is offering an instant responsive CD/DVD playback, with no noises, no wears & tears, and no CD/DVD drive startup delay on your CD/DVD. You can create virtual CD/DVD images from photos, videos, files, music, and also play games from the hard drive at 200X speed. The software has core features such as share CD/DVDs on a network, support CD/DVD/Blu-ray, hot-key for hard-core CD/DVD gamers and users, portability, and convenience. It is useful for Netbook, UltraBook, and PC without physical CD drive. This program doesn’t support CSS encrypted movie disc and any copy-protected. It is reliable, one-click virtual CD creation, good performance, and stable.

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MagicISO is a CD/DVD burner, CD/DVD image file editor, and CD/DVD backup tool. It is an application that can extract, edit, create, and burn ISO files. The user can handle DVD images up to 10GB with MagicISO. This software can convert approximately all DVD and CD image formats to BIN/CUE…

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Virtual CloneDrive

It is an application that behaves and works just like a physical DVD, CD, or Blu-ray drive, it only exists virtually. There is no matter if the image file contains video, audio, or just simple data. This program supports at the same time up to 15 virtual drives. Virtual CloneDrive…

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WinCDEmu is a tool that offers you to mount optical disc mages by few clicks on them in Windows Explorer. The user can use an ISO image without burning it to a blank disc; this program is simple to do it and open-source CD/DVD/BD emulator. It is an emulator for…

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PowerISO is an application which allows to edit, encrypt, open, compress, split, burn, create, extract, and convert ISO files, and mount these files with internal virtual drive. It is a powerful processing tool that can process CD/DVD/BD image files including ISO and BIN files. The user can do everything with…

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AcetoneISO is an innovative and open source program that allows managing CD/DVD images under GNU/Linux operating system. This full-featured software offers a clean interface, which is used to dismount and mount any image format. The program has an interface based translated into multiple languages and easy to use tabs. It…

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Alcohol Soft

It is a Windows DVD and CD burning software that makes to create backups of CDs and DVDs, and search for disc images on the computer. Alcohol Soft is an application that is designed as a virtual drive software that can emulate physical drives. The user has to reboot his…

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Microsoft Virtual CDRom Control Panel

It is a simple and portable tool that can integrate as CD/DVD drives in the system without installation ISO images so that you can access it with double clicks. When the user unzips the ZIP virtual CD-ROM control panel, the user will see three files VCD control tool, Executes, and…

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ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver

ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver is an application that offers to reserve a segment of RAM to create virtual disks or directly by using image files. It is a very helpful disk driver of your system and helps you instantly build various disks from thin air. A RAM disk creates a…

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DVDFab Virtual Drive

It is an application that enables to load a DVD or a CD for instant access, without having to use physical disc drive. DVDFab Virtual Drive can create virtual drives on your PC and emulate maximum 18 drives. It is a multilingual emulation application supports the most popular formats like…

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WinArchiver Virtual Drive

WinArchiver Virtual Drive is an intuitive and powerful application which can create, open, and manage archive files. It is designed to help you virtual disc images and mount archives with minimum effort. This program supports all archive formats including rar, iso, 7z, zip, and other popular formats. It supports up…

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Gizmo Drive

It is a virtual device emulator and useful tool that is designed for a virtual CD-ROM drive and encrypted the virtual hard drive. This program offers you for mounting images to virtual drives, encrypting HD images or mounting VHD files, and creating ISO archives from folders. Gizmo Drive gives support…

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Free ISO Mount

Free ISO Mount Is a versatile, handy, and straightforward application worth having when the user needs to mount various ISO images on his server and allow other users to access through shared folders. ISO files are like images that can be easily created from optical discs. The user can distribute…

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It is an application that allows you to unmount and mount virtual disks without any hassle. OSFMount is an easy and clear interface that will be familiar of all levels. The user can mount a new image file, empty RAM drive, or image file in RAM, specify the partition, drive…

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