31 Alternatives to FlashBack

FlashBack is a simple but powerful screen-recording application that helps you to manage engaging tutorials. The application can record any part of your screen and convert it into a video file. You have the possibility to draw on the screen, add images and notes and edit recording video to provide it a professional look. After completing your work, export your video in any famous video format or upload it directly to YouTube. It comprises powerful editing features for creating polished presentations just like remove or add pauses, erase mistakes, and undo multiple changes when you need. Add buttons to control movie playback, share videos online and save interactive videos to Flash. In addition, auto-track the mouse pointer to keep the action in view, zoom into any part of the recording and insert start and end titles to your captured videos in seconds. So FlashBack can assist you in recording your gaming sessions, capturing web chats with friends, recording Skype sessions and for creating training videos.

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It is a program that lets you record gaming and capture on your desktop in HQ video. Gamers can share the videos directly in 720p or 1080p on YouTube, and record their gaming skills up to 2560×1600 in high resolution with BandiCam. The software is using OpenGL and DirectX for…

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Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio is used for edit, share, and capture any video for Windows PCs. It offers a smooth workflow, flexible, and friendly working environment that reduces editing time to the minimum and learning curve. The user has three stage creation process producing, recording, and editing. It has core features edit…

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CamStudio is a simple to use a software program that can easily record your screen activity. So you can easily make conclusive presentations and video tutorials using this intuitive program. The simple interface of CamStudio has a toolbar, from where you can initiate or stop recording, toggle the view, the…

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FRAPS is used for taking screenshots, check the framerate of games, and videos from your PC. There is no video watermark in the latest version, and screenshots also come in TGA, PNG, and JPG format. When the game starts, the user will see a frame rate counter that is great…

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MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner is a thorough and practical application that helps you unleash the true power of your graphics card and monitor your GPU for an enhanced gaming experience. This utility offers overclocking tools for both NVIDIA and AMD, and supports a wide variety of MSI graphic cards. The user can…

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Jing is a simple-to-use program that assists you to record the activity, take screenshots, and share them with other users on the internet by using a cloud service. There is an elegant and intuitive interface, you need to create an account upon initializing, and you can perform your work after…

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oCam is an intuitive piece of software designed for recording the desktop screen or capturing screenshots, and supporting different sound recording and video codecs. There are two different modes for recording videos and taking screenshots, namely selected area or full screen. You can save images and video files automatically to…

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Wink is an efficient screen capturing application that assists you to create step-by-step tutorial videos. So it is an ideal program for people who want to create demonstration or “how-to” videos and share them online. The simple graphic interface of Wink contains a new project wizard from where you can…

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Action! is a reliable and straightforward software solution that can capture screenshots, record your gameplay or desktop, share them on Youtube or Facebook or export recordings to devices and popular formats. This program starts from audio songs and ending up with game frame rates and screenshots. There is an intuitive…

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Debut Video Capture Software

Debut Video Capture Software is an easy-to-use piece of software that can save clips to various file formats and lets you to record and capture the activity on your webcam or desktop. The user can save the recordings from a local camera or a network one. This program comes with…

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LoiLo Game Recorder

LoiLo Game Recorder is a great starting point to becoming a YouTube superstar and offers a free solution to gameplay capture. The user can record live commentary to skip another side the footage. It is a lightweight program allows grabbing footage from any game on your computer. The range of…

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FFsplit is a reliable application that allows you to record or capture your desktop in the different high-quality image or video format. You can easily record and capture any program running on your PC. Watch the recorded video live or save it to an output directory for uploading and sharing…

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iSpring Free Cam

iSpring Free Cam is an intuitive application that is designed to perform audio adjustments, record desktop videos, and save the clips locally or share them through Youtube. This program comes with a modern-looking interface that packs options for editing the content and creating screencasts. There is a ribbon-based toolbar which…

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TinyTake is a free screen capture software that lets you to automatically upload content to cloud and allows record videos and capture screenshots of your desktop. The user can share multimedia files with just a few clicks because of quick access to a Cloud service. There are three easy ways…

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Free Screen Recorder

Free Screen Recorder is a reliable and accessible instrument that can create applications demonstrations and make videos for tutoring and training. So you can easily record PC screen activity and save it to a video file. It saves the video as an AVI file. The application facilitates you to record…

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Dxtory is an intuitive and comprehensive application that is used to capture video frames from OpenGL and DirectX programs and also save them to AVI file formats. This program comes with a straightforward and clean interface that enable you to choose the default saving directories for the screenshots and recorded…

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Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder is a straightforward and flexible application that assists you to record a specific area of a computer screen or capture screenshots. So users can easily record their screen for personal, educational or demonstration purposes. The program allows users to choose a custom area of the desktop, then…

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Taksi is a screen capture or video recording program for 3D graphic programs just like games. It contains advanced features for recording videos and taking screenshots while running 3D programs or playing games, without affecting CPU performance. It provides support for DirectX, GDI, OpenGL, allowing you to record videos and…

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StepsToReproduce is a lightweight program that can capture the whole PC screen, chosen regions or just the active window. The application offers two modes of operation, ‘single shot’ and screenshots recording. It supports hotkeys so you can easily adjust screen captures before saving them to disk. You can make many…

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D3DGear is a video game recorder, game screen capture, and game recording software for PC. It works very fast and allows to record video game screen without slowing down. This program is compatible with major game live stream websites and easy to use. It is designed to record video game…

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Gameshow is a user-friendly video recording application that helps you to set a game stream instantly and broadcast content to Twitch or YouTube. Gameshow has a highly intuitive interface from where you can select one of the available templates or start from scratch. The program provides ideal layouts for different…

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Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro

Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro is a lightweight recording program that facilitates the user to record his computer screen to WMV format as well as capture screenshots. The clean and intuitive interface enable users to set up the specific parameters with minimum effort. It provides you the ability to record in…

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SCREEN2EXE is a comprehensive movie capture tool that is useful for creating instant screen demos on your PC and designed for recording whole desktop or a specific region. This application comes with different screen capture speeds and allows you to use the Quick 4FPS, Normal 2FPS, Slow 1FPS, and as…

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SmartPixel is an editing tool and Windows screen video recording tool that helps to create YouTube videos. It is designed to help people edit and record professional videos in 1080P HD high quality. This software is widely used for creating webcam videos, tutorial videos, personalized music video, desktop screen videos,…

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PresentationTube is a straightforward application that helps you to record your PC screen with audio and live webcam streaming. You can make an impression on your audience by creating video presentations using live webcam footage. The program assists you to combine elements just like PowerPoint slides, sketches, drawings, texts, and…

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PlayClaw is designed to capture videos and snapshots of your favorite games that use DirectX or OpenGL. You can take a snapshot during the game with PlayClaw press print screen. Scroll Lock is the default key to record videos. The program also supports Ventrilo and TeamSpeak, displaying who speaks at…

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321Soft Screen Video Recorder

321Soft Screen Video Recorder is a reliable software program that enables you to record your system’s whole screen or a specific part of it. So record your computer’s screen for different time periods and save it as a video file. It has a lightweight package and provides fast setup capabilities.…

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oRipa Screen Recorder

oRipa Screen Recorder is a straightforward recording application that can record your screen activities and save the files to local disks. Access the user-friendly interface with just basic technical knowledge. The program can record only whole screen activity, and you can choose the size of the output video file, video…

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Zebra Screen Recorder

Zebra Screen Recorder is a recording application that enables you to capture your computer screen activity and convert it into a standard MPEG or AVI video file. This screen capture program can record and capture photos of your whole screen or the chosen areas of the screen. It is a…

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BSR Screen Recorder

BSR Screen Recorder is a comprehensive program that allows you to record your computer screen or capture videos, comes with a bundle of features, and perform various actions. The user can fire up three independent and different apps like Movie Lab, Screen Recorder, and Movie Studio with a modular architecture.…

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Usability Studio

Usability Studio is a user-friendly program that assists you to perform usability test using desktop or webcam. The intuitive user interface comprises nice features ad tools. It helps you to find usability issues in the computer programs and websites. It can record the tester’s facial expression, speech and the action…

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