11 Alternatives to GPU-Z

GPU-Z is a small-sized software utility that is used to monitor live sensor readings in the system tray area, discover your graphic card’s capabilities, supervise temperature, and log sensor activity to file. It comes in handy to all users, features support for creating log files, and purchase a high-demanding video game. This program can easily compare the graphics card configuration with different systems. It is possible to run this app on any computer and save the tool to a USB flash disk or different removable storage unit. This program does not create additional files or modify Windows registry on the disk. The application investigates graphics card information and offers support for Direct Computer, PhysX, OpenCL, and CUDA. It shows the GPU temperature, fan speed in percentage and RPM, memory and shader clocks, core, used memory, and video engine loads and memory controller when comes to the sensors. You can set the tool to display the lowest, actual, average or highest reading for each sensor. GPU-Z is a lightweight application that analyzes information in detail, you can keep track of your GPU temperature, and has a great response time.

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CPU-Z is a free and feather-light utility that is used to view detailed hardware information on the computer, including overclocking detection and cache with options to create reports. The program oversteps several other products dedicated to PC diagnostics and it has not received an important update. This application has a…

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Speccy is a powerful system information tool that can retrieve data regarding your PC’s installed software and hardware configuration. When to launch this app, it displays the information and automatically scans the computer in a well-organized interface, and takes less than a minute. You can collect information by hardware scanning…

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Nmap is a cross-platform software solution that uses raw IP packets to determine in novel ways what hosts are available on the network. It is specially designed for experts that can only be operated using the commands and correct syntax. The application is a command line tool and it has…

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Total Network Inventory

Total Network Inventory is an application that is designed to gather information about all PCs in a network such as CPU, system, network, storage details, video info, and peripheral devices. It is used to build a detailed report, and the user interface is clean. You can scan the PC Total…

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Spiceworks is an intuitive and reliable program that allows you to manage your IT-related assignments and tasks, create a help desk, ranging from running network inventories, and troubleshooting potential problems and generate reports. The installation procedure is quite smoothly, and the app runs via a web browser. You need to…

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Softperfect Network Scanner

Softperfect Network Scanner is a handy application that can detect hidden shares on a LAN, look for shared resources, a security tool for all network administrators, and much more. This program consists of only an executable file, no need for installation, and takes only a few seconds to go. The…

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SIW is a resourceful software that is designed to display information about your software configuration and PC’s hardware, featuring support for notifications, reports, and customization options. A general info displays this app in a comprehensive manner and inspects your system configuration. The interface is user-friendly and quite intuitive and very…

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PC Wizard

PC Wizard is a powerful system information utility that is used to monitor and display the software and hardware configuration of your PC. This program offers many reports, handy benchmarks, and other useful features mainly for advanced users. It installs all components, does not take a long time, and you…

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Wireless Network Watcher

Wireless Network Watcher is a lightweight Windows application that offers you to view all the connected devices and scan your network for detailed information. This program has an intuitive interface and makes everything pretty easy to use. The main window shows the IP address, Network Adapter Company, MAC address, device…

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Belarc Advisor

Belarc Advisor is a handy application that builds a detailed profile of your installed hardware and software by running an automatic scan and loads it in a web page. You can create an extensive report to upgrade the machine and the app also discover the PC’s capabilities. The installation process…

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WinAudit is an inventory utility for Windows computers that displays comprehensive information about your error logs, peripherals, operating system, and BIOS. The application comes in handy and gives useful information about the computer system. There is no need for installation, and you can store and run this app from an…

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