30 Alternatives to i.Disk

i.Disk is a user-friendly program that enables you to view used disk space for each folder and file as a graph and numerical values. All features are present in a classic window design of i.Disk. The program scans your system and all connected storage devices to create a neat list with info related to size. The scanning task starts on launch automatically. You can hit the Stop button manually if it is taking longer time. However, you can browse through the tree view of folders during the scanning. One panel present in the primary window can display all connected storage devices, and you can choose one to view its content in the next panel. You can manage both folders and files displayed as a list. It shows memory usage in numerical values as well as a simple line graph. The application facilitates you to see individual folders and files, open location and remove large items. Overall, it is a small program having some basic tools for scanning.

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SpaceMonger is an extensive and useful utility that lets you to find out which folders and files are taking up the most space on hard drive and scans disk space. There is neatly and attractive organized interface, and handy options including statistics, pie charts, and favorites. This program compiles statistics…

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WinDirStat is an excellent and cleanup tool which is specially used to analyze the space occupied by folders and files on your hard drive. The user can select a folder or hard drive to get started after initializing the program with the simple and plain interface. This program scans the…

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SpaceSniffer is a reliable piece of software that enables you to visualize the exact allocation of resources on your drives and delivers a comprehensive overview of your HDD space. There is a certain level of simplicity and intuitive interface to target the level of simplicity. This program manages to accommodate…

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TreeSize is an intuitive and useful program that shows you which files take up the most storage space on hard drive, retrieves detailed information about occupied disk space, and analyzes a folder’s structure. You can directly run the executable file on any PC and install this tool as a portable…

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Baobab is a simple to use graphical application that can analyze directory trees in the GNOME desktop environment. The program can scan numerous device drivers as well as, local, external and remote user-requested devices and folders. The program allows the user to see how he is using the storage space…

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JDiskReport is a simple and easy to use tool which displays a list of specific details of a specific folder and its content by scanning it. This application can analyze your folders or drives to get a full list of the existent files, and organized by size, date, or type.…

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Ncdu is a free and small application that allows you to analyze your directories. This command line ncurses-based disk usage analyzer contains a ncurses interface having aim to run on a remote server where you don’t have a complete graphical setup, but only contains a simple SSH connection. It is…

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DaisyDisk is a very useful tool that offers a complete graph displaying the space occupied by each file and lets you to scan the content of any folder or drive. This program scans your system, provides a list of locations, and begin a scam easily for an entire volume. There…

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GrandPerspective is a reliable piece of software that is specially designed to generate colorful treemap representations for any folder to identify several space wasters and large files quickly. You can easily navigate the graphical representation and remove the files directly or access the files in the Finder. It is possible…

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WizTree is a comprehensive program which allows users to assess their HDD and manage space, scan drives better, and show the largest folders and files. There is a comfortable interface, very short setup operation, and a standard window with a well-defined structure. The user can view the size of large…

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SequoiaView is a comprehensive program that uses a visualization technique to offers you with a single image of the whole contents of your hard drive. The program can display the content of complete hard drive or a complex folder using the tree-maps method. So you have a global view and…

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MindGems Folder Size

MindGems Folder Size is a powerful program that can scan your drives and show the sizes of all folders and files stored on the hard drive. The program reveals the exact size of folders and files on your system. The user-friendly interface enables you to choose a local or removable…

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Xinorbis is a comprehensive and great tool helps you to see which files take up most storage space on PC and check out the structure of your folders. This application provides visual representations and detailed information to analyze the content of a hard drive partition or a folder. There is…

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RidNacs is a useful and efficient piece of software that enables users to scan folders, removable disks, drives, or network locations to get a disk-space report. This program comprises quick scan procedure, user-friendly interface, and is easy to figure out by inexperienced users. You can identify the large files to…

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Filelight is a small Linux program that enables you to understand exactly the space usage of your hard disk. The application graphically represents your filesystem as a set concentric segmented-rings. It generates a data-rich and complex graphical representation of the folders and files on your computer. Remember that the full…

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DiskWave is a small program that facilitates the user to visualize his HDD’s content easily. DiskWave, also known as WhichSize is a free program for helping you to find the consumption of your hard drive space. The application enables you can scan your hard drive to compute the size of…

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HDGraph is a straightforward and lightweight application which is designed to scan your fixed or portable drives and display an overview of the space taken up by different folders. There is an intuitive and clean interface to select a whole drive to browse or scan for a desired location. This…

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Overdisk is a disk usage browser application that helps you to view the occupied space. The simple GUI has an intuitive layout. The application can scan your hard drive and furnish a multi-level pie chart to display the storage distribution of multiple directory levels. It shows files and directories differently.…

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FolderSizes is a reliable piece of software which lets users to analyze their computer disks and view reports on file type, attributes, or size using several graphs. There are several tools, clean layout, a simple interface, and the app responds quickly to all commands. This program can easily isolate a…

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DiskBoss is an effective data management solution to analyze disk space utilization, migrate data, organize and classify files according to your whims, search for hash signatures, and wipe specific files. You can search for specific files, find duplicates, analyze the entire disk space, remove them and set a new disk…

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DiskSavvy is a fast disk analysis tool that is used to perform a detailed analysis on network and local attached storage drives and comes with intuitive functions. The user can get accurate information regarding the amount of space and the number of files after an analysis. This application can run…

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FilePro is a lightweight application that can put your hard drive under the scope for better visualize used or free space. The program can compare snapshots or folders. The primary window of FilePro contains all available feature. It scans your computer automatically to create a treemap. You can visualize total…

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SpaceObServer is a straightforward program that enables the user to scan his system and create reports on size, structure or properties of files. This hard disk space manager can scan for system trees and provide data reports. It stores collection of information in a customizable SQL database. You must keep…

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Disk Space Fan

Disk Space Fan is a simple to use application that allows you to analyze the disk space distribution or chosen drives, set custom file filters, view charts, and remove or exclude duplicates. The attractive workspace facilitates you to figure out quickly ow to use it. The main window displays a…

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Disk Xray

Disk Xray is a comprehensive application that assists you to scan your Mac’s hard drive for duplicate files and scan for unwanted and useless files.  From the primary window of Disk Xray, you can access the most useful features like Duplicates, Folder Scanner, and Disk Cleaner. Moreover, the application can…

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Precious Disk

Precious Disk is a tabbed file manager for hardcore users, featuring a console interface and basic file operations. Command line console allows you to perform different tasks using keyboard shortcuts. The program creates an icon in the system tray area. It indexes fixed NTFS volumes and removable media devices automatically,…

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UtilStudio Disk Space Finder

UtilStudio Disk Space Finder is a comprehensive scanning program that analyzes your disk and assists you to search and manage unwanted files. The program can show files present in folders and subfolders or display size of files grouped by file extensions and sorted by size. Preview of files facilitates you…

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ShowMan is a compact and straightforward program that facilitates you to see how much space folders and files occupy on your computer. So analyze disk space usage and obtain details about the size of each document and folder, stored in your system. It is portable application so you can run…

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GetFolderSize is a small program that allows the user to check the size of folders and subfolders on his hard disk and find items that are occupying large storage space by applying filters. The layout is overwhelming at first glance. However, it furnishes several buttons for helping you from the…

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TDP x-Ray

TDP x-Ray is a reliable visual application intended for disk space administration. It can simplify the work with high-capacity data storage having millions of files. It shows a clear graph representing the disk image from where you can recognize files and folders occupying the most space. In the graph, you…

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