15 Alternatives to Internet Speed Meter Lite

Internet Speed Meter Lite shows your internet speed in status bar and displays the amount of data used in notification pane. This helps you to monitor connection anytime while using your device. This app is completely free from the ad. It offers some lite features such as Real-time speed update in the status bar and notification, Battery efficient, Monitors your traffic data for the last 30 days, Separate stats for mobile network and Wi-Fi network, and Daily traffic usage in notification. It’s pro version also offers some exciting features i.e. Notification dialog, Smarter notification, Blue status bar icon, Upload and download speed, and theme support. It has the option to display upload and download speed in a separate notification. It has the option to choose white or blue status bar icon. You can manually select the color of the user interface. When you are linked to the internet, the notification will appear. You can also change the priority of notification.

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OpenSpeedtest.com is a cross-platform Internet speed test software. With this, you can test your internet speed in different web browsers within the various operating system without installing additional apps or plugin. It can be run on any device such as iPhone, iPad, Linux, Windows and Android devices, etc. It uses…

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Speed Check light

Speed Check light is a trivial internet testing device. It helps you to measure the uplink speed, downlink speed, and delays in the transmission of packets. The application is equipped with a simple user interface. One of the main advantages of this tool is an automatic adjustment of the testing…

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Internet speed check

Internet speed check is a powerful, professional tool that helps you to measure Internet connection speed on Android devices. It is equipped with a modern, intuitive interface. For more old users, there is also a huge number of configuration options. It appropriate warnings for testing mobile Internet. It has compatibility…

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Speed Check

Speed Check is a very high internet speed meter, with the most accurate report test Wi-Fi speed in seconds. It supports speed test of GPRS and Wi-Fi hotspots. With internet speed test and internet speed test, one tap speed test makes it possible to get test result within 20 seconds.…

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Speed Check Pro

Speed Check Pro manually checks the speed of the internet. It performs manual or scheduled speed tests. It has professional analysis tools of your connections speeds including statistics and graphics. It automates background speed tests of new Wifi connections. It has the option to get notifications of Speed checks of…

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Similar Speed Check

Similar Speed Check makes to check your internet speed. It is fast, easy and accurate and the test result is presented in a user-friendly way with icons clarifying what the internet speed is now. It compares your different 3G/4G LTE cell tests. It can study the reality of your broadband…

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Speed Test Logger

Speed Test Logger is the application that automates Internet speed tests. It assists in troubleshooting, flaky connection problems, and intermittent problems. The app is free for Windows that test your download speed on a set interval. It logs the result to a CSV text file and generates download speed over…

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Meteor is the first-speed test app for all earthling. It will check your Internet speed on mobile. It gives an easy to use the score in addition to numerical result. Its speed test methodology tells you the speed you can expect, not speeds that happen rarely. It free from ads.…

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Network speed test

Network speed test can offer you detailed information about the download and upload speeds of your internet connection. It also maintains a history of the internet connections you have tested for easy comparison. It measures your network latency, upload and download speeds. It understands your activities like streaming music; you…

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nPerf is tested your ADSL, cable, xDSL, optical fiber or satellite broadband connection bandwidth. This speed test relies on a unique algorithm that permits you to measure accurately download bitrate, upload bit rate and latency of your connection. It uses a worldwide dedicated server’s network, that is adjusted to deliver…

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Speedof.me is a broadband speed test service which uses simple web browser capabilities such as JavaScript and HTML5. It is designed to measure the Internet connection speed without Java or flash, that are currently use by many other speed test websites. It works on iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Windows…

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It is an Internet linking regular program, providing both download and upload connection speed test. It will automatically adjust your line speed and use the most optimal test size for your connection type. Its registered users get database benefits for their speed tests. It also includes several handy tools, search-able…

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Fast.com is a simple internet speed checker that will estimate your ISP speed. It is a real speed test website that only focuses on download speed. The goal of this site is to helps you to figure out who’s to blame when you face a difficulty with your Netflix connection.…

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Speedtest.net is a broadband speed checker tool which allows anyone to discover the real speed of their internet connection. You test your download speed, upload speed, and ping through hundreds of servers worldwide. You can compare yourself with others users worldwide, record your result overtime or participate in a speed…

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DSLReports is a North American oriented broadband information and review site based in your city. Its primary purpose is to focus on the internet, cable TV, phone, fiber optics, and wireless services in the Canada and United States, as well as other countries. It gives rates and reviews to cable,…

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