13 Alternatives to Laverna

Laverna is a handy application that is designed to take notes, set tasks, assign them tags, save them in notebooks, and synchronize them between various devices. You can organize and store notes in a seamless manner and this tool helps you by offering you with several components. There is no need to install it and the software can be deployed to your PC with minimum efforts. You can create a note easily by clicking the dedicated button in the main window, typing the required content and assigning it a title in the designated field. The users can choose between three view modes such as full screen, normal and preview. The note editor lets you add images, bullet or numbered lists, hyperlinks, headers, and codes. The user can perform a search by clicking the magnifying-glass-icon and access by clicking the settings button. You can adjust options regarding synchronization, key shortcuts, encryption, profiles, and export or import. The users can set custom hotkeys for navigating through your notes and create new profiles or manage existing ones. Laverna is a straightforward application that lets you organize notes in an efficient manner without efforts and does not require advanced PC skills.

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Evernote is a note management utility that provides an intuitive workspace for managing events, ideas, notes, and lists into on place, with syncing and exporting options. This program has a portable counterpart around on a USB drive for carrying all your notes and especially used for personal and business purposes…

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Google Keep

Google Keep is an intuitive and Chrome Extension application that offers notes are stored in your Google account without considerable efforts and in a quick manner. This program has a user-friendly interface, making it possible to benefit from its capabilities for many users without difficulty and packs non-complicated functions. There…

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Zim is a compact windows text editor that is used to link to other wiki pages, access and store wiki-pages to customize each page with simple formatting, images and attachments. It is specially designed to organize and manage wiki-pages from a single interface. This program is useful when you need…

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Simplenote is a straightforward and simple software solution that you can synchronize, edit, manage and create notes all across your devices. It enables you to create notes, write down ideas or to-do lists, memos, future plans, and thoughts, publish them directly or share with friends on the web. This program…

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RedNotebook is a straightforward application that schedules your daily activities, simply write down your ideas, and create memos with pictures or links. It is designed to write down important ideas and notes in a clean working environment. This program offers to add text messages for each day of the week…

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WikidPad is a useful program for saving ideas that are designed to keep your everyday thoughts, contacts, tasks, and ideas in the same place. This program has few text editing tools, a clean interface, and a tree view for all the entries. The user can assign colors or icons to…

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Notezilla is an approachable program that offers you to create, manage, and customize sticky notes by interactive tools and resorting to fun, in order to keep track of essential events. This program has configuration settings and a lot of handy options like custom tags for grouping multiple notes. The installation…

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NixNote is an open-source application that is used to create notes and organize events, works on Windows and Linux, and integrates the important features of the app. The user can directly run the app as well as to launch it with Java installed on any machine. This program has some…

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CherryTree is a powerful application that is delivered and designed as a hierarchical note taking a solution that enables you to organize, store, and create any number of notes to navigate structure easily. There are few computer programs to taking notes like basic text editors with a save function, tailored…

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Stickies is an easy to use Windows application that allows you to organize your notes with color-coded post-its and set reminders for certain events. It offers a great amount of features and take notes straight from desktop. The user can set a time, write down a note, and date for…

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ResophNotes is a Windows utility that seamlessly synchronize notes and write them with the help of their Simplenote accounts across multiple devices. The installation process of this app is very short and creates a nice working environment for note taking. It is possible to classify notes by creating tags, use…

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Quip is a handy application that is designed to manage workgroup, spreadsheets where you can create text documents, and also talk to project members. There is no need of additional or complicated configuration to run this app on your PC and it has user friendly interface. The user can turn…

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WizNote is a handy application that is used to create sticky notes, write memos, synchronize data, and manage your contacts between multiple computers. It is designed to keep track of daily tasks and allows you to communicate with other users and share notes. The user can keep a daily journal,…

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