11 Alternatives to LDCad

LDCad is an extensive and reliable piece of software that is designed to edit LDraw model documents in real-time. The interface of this program is quite different from other modern CAD programs and you can get benefit from adorable options. There are Windows and Linux support, part ghosting, part grouping, MPD support, relative grids, nested editing, instruction stepping support, and undo or redo options. You can edit multiple file, open as many files, copy or paste from the other LDraw software, color bins, and highly customize part. This utility comes packed with prominent features such as basic part snapping on growing collection of official parts, fast detailed real-time 3D rendering, multi-threaded loading of parts, and flexible part support like bands, hoses, and spring. LDCad is a multiplatform LDraw editor that you can add selection to favorite colors and add a new building step to the current model.

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LEGO Digital Designer

LEGO Digital Designer is a lightweight program that enables you to design LEGO models in a 3D working environment, arrange and color them in the preferred order, and allows you to choose between different LEGO pieces. You can build different models such as house, airplanes, robots, cars, and any other…

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LDraw is an open standard and comprehensive for LEGO CAD programs that is specially used to create virtual LEGO scenes and models. The installation procedure is a simple, the users need to double-click the archive to extract its contents, copy the folder of this program to /Library/LDraw, or copy the…

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MLCAD is a comprehensive application that helps you to create entire towns and impressive models of buildings by using standard LEGO parts or elements. This program comes with a customizable and comprehensive interface and when you install the application, it asks you to set the base path which is important…

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LeoCAD is a simple and efficient CAD application that offers a huge library of pieces similar to the Lego ones and lets you create your own design. This program comes with an intuitive interface that helps you to create your 3D models. There is a usual menu bar to enhance…

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SR 3D Builder

SR 3D Builder is an impressive software program that lets you to build 3D models you can imagine, by using Lego bricks and other types of parts. There is a friendly user interface and has six main sections so, the first one is the menu bar, contains configuration, file system,…

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BlockCAD is a lightweight application that is used to hold your imagination in creating amazing 3D structures with Lego blocks. There is a fitted interface with a generous workspace to place and view blocks that occur in a side panel. This program is a little difficult to use and you…

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LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 is a handy Lego robot programming tool that can program and build Lego robots and comes with a wide range of relevant functions. There is a user-friendly and well-design interface that packs handy and organized features. The users need to begin linking or placing different modules and…

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LPub3D is an advanced and easy to use utility that offers a wide variety of relevant features and generates virtual Lego constructions. This program needs LDraw libraries and LDraw engine on your PC to function properly. There is an extremely functional 3D model viewer and you can view your creation…

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BrickUtils Portable

BrickUtils Portable is a reliable application that offers better track of your Lego creations in a catalog by listing bricks with different management options and gives the possibility to check the built model. This easy to use and lightweight tool lets you especially to build virtual models. There is a…

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Bricscad is a complete DWG CAD alternative program that offers 3D direct modeling and adds time-saving tools specially designed for professional designers. This program reveals minor differences in functionality and bundled with advanced set of features. There are three different flavors in this tool, the Pro version includes the classic…

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OpenSCAD is a simple-to-use application that is used to compile and create solid 3D CAD objects and look their graphical representation. The installation process of this tool is very short, represents the interface, and you can view a regular window after installation split into multiple panels. You can view log…

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