22 Alternatives to MultiAd Creator

MultiAd Creator is a Windows and Mac OS application that allows you to create digital layouts with ease. The sophisticated layout of MultiAd Creator is ideal for design and productions, and it contains powerful tools to boost your creativity and efficiency. The application provides results in professional file formats like EPS and PDF. The program can provide help to independent designers, retailers, educational users and home office users. You can customize the program with templates, private label and other content for distribution to your clients. MultiAd Creator is a small and efficient application that uses a low to moderate amount of system resources and works fast.

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Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign gives fully featured working environment and a professional publishing tool for page layout. It is designed to create all types of documents from presentations, labels, newsletters, brochures, certificates, as well as simple flyers to complete ebooks and more. There are some awesome features as; Collaborative online tools, enhanced…

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It is an application designed for typesetting, layout and creates all kinds of documents from brochures to business cards, efficiently and quickly. This program gives few real publishing power including support for ICC color management, CMYK color, versatile PDF creation, and separations. The system has many core features like Open…

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Canvas is a powerful image and text editing application that is designed for creating documents and different objects to obtain a result for projects, presentations, and entertainment. This program comes packed with various tools and offers support for a wide range of file formats. It can import and export commonly…

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Microsoft Office Publisher

Microsoft Office Publisher is an innovative publishing software, editor and a layout tool for producing newsletters, greeting cards, postcards, leaflets, e-mail, newsletters, etc. The program allows easy entrance to a lot of editing tools and is designed for novice users. The software has features like Drag and drop, polished publishing,…

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QuarkXPress is a complex graphic editor that provides advanced tools for desktop publishing. It assists users to combine writing, editing, and typography with images and colors to generate dynamic final output. The program has the aim to help professional designers. For creating a project, you have to furnish details like…

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Lucidpress enables anyone to create stunning content, a web based drag and drops publishing an app for digital and print. It is designed to remove the learning curve of traditional layout and can create stunning content in no time. The software has fantastic features such as; High-quality templates, full-text control,…

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iCalamus is an efficient desktop publishing program that enables users to create posters for books, magazines, or scientific papers. It is a multiple language program that provides a long list of features and tools. You can work with precise measurement units, adjust frame shapes, use different masking options, import photos…

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Serif PagePlus

It is an application that is a more compressed file on the web or via email for sharing electronically and easy to use. The user need for Web design, painting, drawing, desktop publishing. Serif PagePlus is an awesome free tool for designing wonderful print and developer is Serif Europe. It…

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IStudio Publisher

It is a designing, page layout, and desktop publishing application which is used to run text inside, draw shapes and place images at the same time. IStudio is an easy to use and a powerful publisher. The user can design publications such as menus, posters, cards, and magazines. Even, the…

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SpringPublisher permits to print and design Flyer, Letterhead, Postcard, and Business Card within a few minutes. It is an easy to use and professional desktop publishing software. This application integrates detailed help files, a distinctive selection of templates, multi-layer editor, and much more. It gives different image effect, rotation, shadows,…

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Adobe FrameMaker

Adobe FrameMaker is an advanced and reliable program solution that allows you to create and publish technical documentation. This flexible authoring and publishing program offers support for DITA and XML. The impressive set of features makes it the ideal for editing XML syntax and generating professional technical documentation. It’s standards-compliant…

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VivaDesigner is the high-end typesetting and layout application for both desktop and the web. The application helps you to improve your working processes and document management. The application offers the additional option of limiting the editing functions of documents, for professional organizations. The application offers more than 1,000 functions to…

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Desygner is free and easy to use online program that allows you to create your own stunning designs. First of all, you have to create an account on the website, or log in using your Facebook account. Work with Desygner, you can create posters, banners, Facebook covers, business cards, and…

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Swift Publisher

It is an application of desktop publishing and a page layout for printing fliers, designing, calendars, booklets, letterheads, newsletters, brochures, and much more. Apply radial and linear gradients, apply strokes, draw freehand shapes and much more with one click of the mouse. The user can import photos directly from Aperture…

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PageStream can create presentations, colorful schoolwork, business cards, letters, and any other type of document. It is a publishing layout program and runs on many platforms Windows, Linux, Macintosh OS X, and Amiga. The software has limited support options, and the user will find a few how-to notes and tutorials…

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RagTime is a straightforward application that allows you to create documents. You can generate price lists, reports, sales and analyses materials as well as charts and spreadsheets. The program is a combination of all the elements that transform a table into an analysis and a text into a report. You…

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DesignBold is a simple to use program that provides a simple way of design. It is a great design platform, hosted in the cloud that helps you can create your designs effectively. With the help of drag & drop options and keyboard shortcuts, you can complete complicated tasks in less…

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Project ROME

Project ROME is a is an all-in-one content creation and publishing program that enables anyone at home, school, or work to inject the power of images, graphics, audio, video, text, and animation into everyday projects. The program offers support for editing presentations and printed materials, web sites and digital documents.…

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FotoFusion is an intuitive desktop publishing program that facilitates the user to create impressive collages, scrapbooks, and images albums from digital images and photos. The user can edit the images before creating the final album or share them with friends over the Internet. The program will scan the folder and…

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Layup is one of the famous digital publishing programs that can generate interesting layouts. Unlimited shortcuts and tools are part of it, and you can use them using your existing knowledge. You can publish your data to a custom domain for upgrading it at any time. Moreover, you can analyze…

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Grapholite is a comprehensive application that can help you to create complex diagrams and charts for all purposes. You can create business cards, diagrams, technical drawings, Venn charts and flow charts using Grapholite. The primary windows of the program facilitate you to start generating network layout, a blank flowchart, mind…

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Mockuuups Studio

Mockuuups Studio is a straightforward program that enables you to create stunning and professional looking materials for layouts and presentations. You can generate eye-catching mockups for different types of devices using few mouse clicks. The sleek interface comprises many displays on different devices. After the first launch, you can load…

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