14 Alternatives to My Commander

My Commander is a folder explorer and file manager application that is used to transfer the files into a simple drag and drop operation and delivers a dual-pane interface. This program comes with many useful functions such as customizable keyboard shortcuts, easily compress, rename or delete folders and files. You can compress the files in popular formats like 7Z, GZ, ZIP, or TAR and add many files as you need. The utility allows you to upload or download files between the computer and server. The user can browse folder tree with the same mobility and connect to another machine with the remote connection. You need to know the username and password and the name of the target PC to log into the operating system. My Commander is an intuitive and reliable program that comes with network mapping and FTP support.

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WinSCP is a freeware SCP and SFTP client that allows you to manage all your files and quickly perform data transfers for Windows using SSH. This program comes with a freeware license and behaves like a fast file transfer tool. You need the guidance of an expert to correctly setup…

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FileZilla is a fast SFTP and FTP tool that is specially designed to secure transferring, easy navigation by using advanced protocols and offers a dual-pane interface and multiple connections support. This program can be used for remote file editing, achieves awesome transfer speeds, and also gives support for various protocols…

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Cyberduck is a freeware FTP client that offers you to create the bookmarks, limit the bandwidth, upload and download files, and supports Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3, FTP, WebDAV, SFTP, and other connections. It is possible to perform browser-like actions to search in the directories and has a clean and…

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muCommander is a simple to use program that is used to handle folders and files easily on your PC and features a double-sided interface. This application can be figure out effortlessly by advanced or inexperienced users and runs on Java-based system. The utility offers many options such as Classic or…

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CarotDAV is a sturdy piece of software that can help you remotely manage the files and connect to multiple servers. You can achieve quick file transfers and need a.Net Framework installed on your PC to work properly. The utility offers you to manage all the files and connect to your…

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trolCommander is an intuitive and useful application that you can explore, delete, move, open, copy, paste, and manage the folders and files on your system. You can access folders on your network drives and transfer them through FTP with a minimal effort. This program comes with an intuitive and organized…

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Bitvise SSH Client

Bitvise SSH Client is a comprehensive program that offers support for directory listing, restarted transfers, TCP/IP tunneling, and featuring an integrated FTP-to-SFTP bridge, and more. This program comes wrapped in a rather simple GUI with a well-organized categories and layout and cannot be compared to PuTTY. You can find powerful…

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FlashFXP is an efficient and powerful FXP and FTP client that allows high transfer speeds without losing from sight data security and comes with an extensive set of features. There is an intuitive and well-organized interface and a lot of goodies hidden under the hood. This program supports multiple transfer…

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SmartFTP is a powerful program that is used to transfer large or small number of files from one to another place using the File Transfer Protocol. Some developers need to download and upload images, movies, and entire websites or documents, so this tool is especially useful for them. There are…

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FTP Rush

FTP Rush is a Windows FTP client that offers you the freedom to schedule tasks and queue files, work with multiple connections simultaneously, and write scripts and commands. This program handles file transfers using SSH, FTPS, FTP, and TFTP connections, built-in folder synchronization and script designer options. The user can…

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Swish is a small software solution that is designed for help you set up SFTP connections, work with remote files from your PC, and use Pageant. You can simply transfer items to various locations and perform straightforward actions for access all your files and folders with this software. There is…

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CuteFTP is a powerful FTP client that is used to transfer files between your FTP server and PC with just a few clicks. This program keeps a comprehensive help file with tons of information and a multi-panel interface that helps you browse local files. You can transfer files of any…

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Xftp is a powerful and reliable FTP, SFTP file transfer application that allows you in the procedure of moving your particular folders and files to a secure server. This program displays clearly all options, sports a clean layout, and has an intuitive interface. You need enter a name for the…

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AnyClient is a user-friendly and reliable program that can manage your data in a double-sided interface and receive and send files from the web through transfer protocols including WebDAV/S, FTP and SFTP. This program comes with an intuitive and straight-forward appearance and you can view the ongoing transfers on the…

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