15 Alternatives to OmniGraffle

OmniGraffle can help you make eye-popping graphic documents quickly by providing powerful styling tools, keeping lines attached to shapes even when they are moved and magically organizing diagrams with just one click. It is use for creating beautiful graphics like electrical system, website wireframes, family trees and maps of program classes come to life in OmniGraffle 7. Everyone from professional artists and designers to casual data mappers and beginning diagrammers will find something new in this. It starts simple, layer on detail, and use it to create anything. It has touch bar controls that make everyday actions quicker by bringing the controls closer to you. It has the infinite canvas you will never worry about adding width or height and moving everything down and to the right again. At any direction, the can art can grow. In its pro version, it offers Artboards & Artboard layers which work faster than ever with artboards. These are great organizing and setting up advanced, exportable elements, and uniquely alter interactions with elements above them. It converts any text to Bezier handled objects.

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Inkscape is an expert vector graphics editor for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. Its artists are very busy, always working on some incredible artwork. It has a powerful, free design tool. Whether you are a web designer, illustrator designer, or someone who needs to create some vector imagery, this…

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RAWGraphs is an open source data visualization software built with the goal of making the visual presentation of complex data easy for everyone. It works with delimiter separated values as well as copied and pasted texts from other programs. It also works with CORS enabled endpoint. With this software, no…

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Gephi is an open source platform which provides the leading visualization and exploration programs for all kinds of networks and graphs. It runs on Mac OS X, Linux, or Windows. It uses a 3D render engine to display graphs in real time and speed up the exploration. You can use…

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Edraw Max

Edraw Max is an all in one diagram program for org chart, flowchart, and more. It is cross platform layout software. It creates flowchart, mind map, network diagrams, org charts, and floor plans with a gorgeous gallery of examples and templates. It is the trusted service provider of graphic diagramming…

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Krita is a professional and free painting program. It made by artists who want to see affordable art tool for everyone. It is a complete creative sketching and painting application with advanced, commercial quality features. It is a free and available across all major desktop platforms. It has many exciting…

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Adobe Illustrator CC

Adobe Illustrator CC is a platform for design rapidly and confidently drawing and graphics. It has Sophisticated tools for typography and drawing, along with advanced creative effects and color controls, provide a comprehensive vector graphics environment. It explores more efficient ways of working with a Blob Brush tool for intuitive…

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Graphviz is open source graph visualization software. It has several main graph layout application. It also has the web and interfaces like graphical interface, libraries, auxiliary tools, and language bindings. Graph visualization is a way of presenting structural information as diagrams of abstract graphs and networks. Its layout programs take…

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MindMeister is the market leader in online mind mapping. It is the traditional mind mapping tool. It permits for real-time brainstorming sessions between an unlimited number of users and requires on a standard web browser. You don’t need to download the application or update it manually. All your maps safely…

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XMind is a mind mapping and brainstorming application. It provides a rich set of various visualization styles and allows sharing of creating mind maps through their website. The program is available as an open source version and as a paid version. Its pro version offers extended full features like a…

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Lucidchart is an online flowchart and diagram software that supports Microsoft Office Visio import and can work on any operating system. It is the easiest way to draw wireframes, flowcharts, UML diagrams, mind maps, network diagrams, sitemaps, iPhone mockups and more. It also has a downloadable solution that runs on…

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Microsoft Office Visio

It is a platform for IT professionals to explore, visualize and communicate complex information. Go from complicated tables and text which are hard to understand to Visio diagrams which communicate information at a glance. Instead of static charts, create data-connected Visio pictures that display data, are easy to refresh, and…

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Pencil Project

Pencil Project is a free GUI prototyping tool which is available for all platforms. It makes for the purpose of providing a free GUI prototyping tool you can install it easily, and it is used to create mockups in your popular desktop platforms. Its latest version has complete rewrite features.…

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LibreOffice lets you produce anything from a quick sketch to a complex plan and gives you the means to communicate with diagrams and graphics. It has a maximum page size of 300cm by 300cm. It is an excellent package for producing technique drawing, posters, brochures, and many other documents. It…

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yEd Graph Editor

yEd Graph Editor is a platform for designing high-quality diagrams in an easy way. It is a powerful desktop application which can be used to quickly and efficiently generate high-quality diagrams. You can create pictures manually or import your external data for analysis. Its automatic layout program arranges even large…

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Gliffy is a platform for making diagrams for a team. It collaborates on flowcharts, org charts, UML, network diagrams and more. It makes  possible to work with anyone anywhere without worrying about software or browser compatibility. It achieves visual consistency with logos, custom templates and shape libraries your entire team…

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