14 Alternatives to Opera

Opera is a reliable and fast web browser that provides efficient, practical, and simple ways for exploring the web and hides under its strong hood tools for manage online privacy. It delivers navigation mode and an intuitive search that include add-ons, private data deletion options, download and bookmark managers, pop-up blocker, mouse gestures, and more. At a first glance, tabs may feel and look a bit robust, but they are quite practical, and when a new tab is opened, Speed Dials allow you to add an unlimited number of pages. There are added many features by installing extensions to web browser so you can block advertisements, translate web pages, save your password, and more. This program provides support for a built-in bookmark manager, and the drag and drop support can be used for arranging thumbnails. The Discover feature helps bloggers, subjects or language and namely country of interest, and news addicts and journalists stay up-to-date with the latest news. This program has search and navigation mode such as organize multiple pages with tabs, displays predictive search suggestions, make text more readable, and activate the full screen mode. The sync mode helps to save your Speed Dial, history, bookmarks, custom search engines, and other configuration settings. Opera has an intuitive interface, and the features make it ideal for all users.

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Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is an open-source Web browser that is designed for standards compliance, portability and performance. This program is used for web browsing, web-page development, mail, and chat. The software is heavily inspired by Netscape Communicator and referred to as the Mozilla Suite or Mozilla Application Suite. The Navigator became…

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Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a web browser that is used to deliver a simple and fast Internet navigation mode. This program has bundle of many powerful features like such as privacy mode, synchronization, bookmarks, extensions, automatic web page translation, themes, and more. It offers easy-to-trigger customization options and a seamless navigation…

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Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi Browser is an intuitive and fast web browser to help you get the most out of surfing the internet and offers a complex set of features and tools. The main purpose of this application is offering a new way of browsing the internet. When visiting your favorite pages, it…

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Pale Moon

Pale Moon is an open source web browser that offers fast browsing speed adopted by earlier versions of Firefox. The tool helps you import options, passwords, history, bookmarks, and other details from Chrome or Internet Explorer When running for the first time. The users are given the freedom to reveal…

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Midori is a lightweight, fast web browser that works quick page rendering, session management capabilities, and offering users with a tab-based interface. The user can open a large number of pages and swap between them at the same time. This program can also open private windows, and private browsing mode…

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Waterfox is a browser that is compiled with the Intel C++ Compiler, modeled from the Firefox source code, and conducting a better browsing experience with a high speed. It is specially designed for the 64-bit architecture. The browser offers security features and powerful customization options while preserving system resources. You…

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SRWare Iron

SRWare Iron is an easy-to-use web browser that combines the ease of use of Chrome’s interface and offers with the same features as Chrome. This program eliminates some privacy and security problems, and different from Chrome is solving some privacy issues. The failure details or submission of entries are not…

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QupZilla is a cross-platform web browser that offers fast navigation speed, an RSS reader, an ad blocker, bookmark and download managers, and tab-based interface. This program utilizes Webkit to support contemporary web standards. The browser includes web feeds, the integration of history, and bookmarks in the single location. It can…

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Yandex.Browser is a user-friendly web browser that enables users to speed up the loading of web pages, customize its layout, block or allow cookies, as well as translate pages into different languages. It is based on the Chromium open source project and uses the same engine as Safari and Google…

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K-Meleon is a fast web browser, the Mozilla rendering engine, which features privacy tools, bookmarks, and navigation history that can guarantee user security. It supports tabbed browsing as well as several languages, and the interface is very simplistic. When it comes to its menu, accelerators, macros, toolbar buttons, and others,…

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UC Browser

UC Browser is a reliable internet browsing program that is designed to enjoy speed, security, while browsing the internet, and compatibility with a multitude of websites. This application enables you to choose between the Internet Explorer and Chromium kernels, depending on preferences. The users may easily switch between the speeds…

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Sleipnir is a highly customizable and reliable web browser for advanced users whose main advantages are advanced tab functions and a high level of customization. All the options are intuitive, and any aspect of the browser can be changed such as the page search bar, to the bookmarks panel, from…

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Cyberfox is a Mozilla-based Internet browser that allows you to navigate the Internet in a secure manner and quickly load all your favorite websites. This program intends to provide you with a reliable navigator and one of the improved versions, and you can also download the portable version. The user…

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Otter Browser

Otter Browser is an intuitive and interesting software solution, being based on the classic version of opera, and designed as a slick internet browser. The user can visit and bookmark favorite pages, and surf the web. This application is not so impressive appearance-wise, offers straightforward functions, and its simplicity may…

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