Video & Movies

22 Alternatives to VidMasta

VidMasta is a search program to watch and download TV shows and movies. You download and watch any movie and television titles are being shared online. It detects videos box sets. It has email download links and trailer links. You view release dates and ratings of titles. You view trailers of titles. You hear and […]


13 Alternatives to Comodo Battery Saver

Comodo Battery Saver is a smart battery saving apps that enable you to increase battery lifetime up to 50%. It makes your phone battery last a whole lot longer. It’s intelligent optimization feature apply energy saving tweaks automatically as your battery moves towards exhaustion. The program allows you to switch between power saving modes quickly […]

Audio & Music

22 Alternatives to StreamCloud

StreamCloud player lets you view or download videos from many webs on your mobile device or tablet. You can player the right through its integrated video player, pause the download, share download and resume it whenever you want. It plays video online. You download and enjoy your videos offline at any time and can recover […]


31 Alternatives to Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder is a straightforward and flexible application that assists you to record a specific area of a computer screen or capture screenshots. So users can easily record their screen for personal, educational or demonstration purposes. The program allows users to choose a custom area of the desktop, then capture snapshots or record it. […]


31 Alternatives to Performance Monitor

Performance Monitor is a straightforward and useful program that facilitates you to keep track of your system’s CPU, disk, memory and network usage. The program includes four window that contains a graphical representation of each performance component. It is a highly customizable program that contains a few skins to select from and foreground and background […]


14 Alternatives to Microsoft Visio

 Microsoft Visio is a drawing application that can simplify complexity using a diverse set of professional diagramming tools. So you can create compelling visual presentations of your data by editing complex diagrams and using a collection of tools. The standard edition of Microsoft Visio is useful for creating simple diagrams, organizational charts, flowcharts, network diagrams, […]

News & Books

21 Alternatives to Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is a helper effort to digitize and archive cultural works to encourage the distribution and creation of books. It was created in 1971 by Michael S. Hart and is the oldest digital library. Many of its items in its assortment are the full sets of public domain books. It tries to make these […]


22 Alternatives to VivaDesigner

VivaDesigner is the high-end typesetting and layout application for both desktop and the web. The application helps you to improve your working processes and document management. The application offers the additional option of limiting the editing functions of documents, for professional organizations. The application offers more than 1,000 functions to its customers. For the layman, […]


31 Alternatives to Wink

Wink is an efficient screen capturing application that assists you to create step-by-step tutorial videos. So it is an ideal program for people who want to create demonstration or “how-to” videos and share them online. The simple graphic interface of Wink contains a new project wizard from where you can enable audio recording, screenshot capturing […]

Network & Admin

15 Alternatives to Meteor

Meteor is the first-speed test app for all earthling. It will check your Internet speed on mobile. It gives an easy to use the score in addition to numerical result. Its speed test methodology tells you the speed you can expect, not speeds that happen rarely. It free from ads. It is free to use. […]


13 Alternatives to OpenCritic

OpenCritic is a review aggregator for video games. This interesting website collect reviews from across the internet and paste them on a single game page. In this way, everyone can find reviews about his favorite game on the website. You can also create an account the website to make a part of it. In the […]


30 Alternatives to Image Analyzer

Image Analyzer is an application that facilitates you to view and edit image files. The program can analyze and enhance your images using this program that contains support for a range of image formats. The plain interface needs some improvements regarding its appearance. You can open images via the file browser. It allows you to […]

Security & Privacy

22 Alternatives to Spy Emergency

Spy Emergency is anti-spyware, anti-spam and anti-Trojan software that secure and fast removes spyware and other internet infection from your computer. It supports resident shields for real time protection and automatic infections database updates for better protection. It protects against thousands of different internet threats and potentially unwanted software, including adware, Trojans, spyware, viruses, worms, […]


18 Alternatives to TntDrive

TntDrive is a commercial application that helps you to mount Amazon S3 Bucket accounts as local drives, examine logs, allow data encryption and set the storage limit. The simple structure of TntDrive has space to add a new mapped drive to the list. You can map as many drives as you want. You can choose […]


10 Alternatives to SmugMug

SmugMug is an amazing image hosting application that allows you to save your images in the cloud permanently. It is a safe and beautiful home for journey and images. So protect your images and memories with SmugMug. You can start with a gallery layout that shows your images in the way you desire, then choose […]


30 Alternatives to GetSimple CMS

GetSimple CMS is XML-based, fully independent and lite Content Management System. The best-in-class GUI provides features that every website required. It is the simplest way to manage a small-business website. By utilizing XML, it can stay away from introducing an extra layer of complexity associated with connecting to a MySQL database. The total installation process […]

Online Services OS & Utilities

15 Alternatives to SourceForge

SourceForge is a Web-based source code stage. It is a platform for software developers to control and manage open source software development. This web has many features which include Tickets let you use Markdown for attaching files and formatting, Threaded discussion on tickets; you can organize tickets with milestones, labels and custom fields, Subscribe to […]

Online Services Web Browsers

23 Alternatives to Price2spy

Price2spy is price comparison and monitoring tool, meant to help e-commerce professionals keep an eye on their retailers, or competitors. It has one quick look, and you will know where you stand. When the price changes you will be the first to know. It analyzes historical data will help you prepare for the future. No […]


31 Alternatives to AIDA64 Engineer

AIDA64 Engineer is a special edition of AIDA64 designed for corporate Engineers. The program provides extensive system reports and comprehensive benchmarking and diagnostics. It provides technical info on your system’s hardware capabilities and enables you to create reports and run benchmarks. It is a portable program so you can run it without installation. The user-friendly […]

Social & Communications

15 Alternatives to Sesame Chat

Sesame Chat is a messaging app which gives you a self-aware digital assistant to protect messages on your behalf. It is secure, modern, trusted messaging with your own Cognitive Messenger. It establishes you legal right to own all of your data and messages. It means you can always take your property back. You delete your […]

Business & Commerce Development

22 Alternatives to Filemaker Pro

Filemaker Pro is an influential software used to create custom apps which work seamlessly across iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac, and the Web. It easily builds your own custom app to meet the unique and changing needs of your business. Or for inspiration, it explores the built-in Starter Solutions from managing contacts, content, inventory and more. […]


23 Alternatives to TablEdit

TablEdit is a comprehensive program for generating and listening to sheet or tablature music for guitar, mandolin, bass and other instruments. As a tablature editor, it creates and prints tabs and musical notation staves. It can play tabs through a MIDI device or the internal PC speaker. It can open and import MIDI, ASCII, ABC, […]


28 Alternatives to Easy Unit Converter

Easy Unit Converter is a reliable source of utility having the aim to perform unit conversion tasks. You can perform conversions between multiple units of measurements regarding area, length, weight and temperature. The simple GUI contains all measurement units in a single window. It is very simple to use so you can tweak the dedicated […]

News & Books

24 Alternatives to Miniflux

Miniflux is minimalist web based RSS reader. It is straightforward to use. Its page layout is optimized for readability. Additionally, it removes automatically adds and pixel trackers. You host it anywhere. It’s CSS optimized for readability. You keep a history of reading items. It removes feed burner ads and analytics trackers. It import/export OPML feeds. […]


31 Alternatives to Usability Studio

Usability Studio is a user-friendly program that assists you to perform usability test using desktop or webcam. The intuitive user interface comprises nice features ad tools. It helps you to find usability issues in the computer programs and websites. It can record the tester’s facial expression, speech and the action taken place on the screen. […]

Photos & Graphics

15 Alternatives to Photo Raster

Photo Raster is an online image editor with professional features for photo painting and editing. It is powered by WebGL technology that provides performance never seen before in online applications. It has powerful paint tools which support a huge range of color techniques including photo retouching. The paint tools are Drop, Advanced brush settings, saturation, […]


22 Alternatives to QuarkXPress

QuarkXPress is a complex graphic editor that provides advanced tools for desktop publishing. It assists users to combine writing, editing, and typography with images and colors to generate dynamic final output. The program has the aim to help professional designers. For creating a project, you have to furnish details like layout type, orientation, page size, […]


19 Alternatives to i-MSCP

i-MSCP is an advanced Internet Multi Server Control Panel that allows the user to manage shared hosting environments on Linux servers. The program has an easy to use the Web interface for end users. It can manage servers without any manual intervention on the filesystem. The program has the aim to help professional Hosting Providers, […]


31 Alternatives to Vectorworks

Vectorworks is a comprehensive CAD application that facilitates you to create architectural designs, theatrical productions, landscapes and more. It a dedicated platform for professional designers and architects which offer a large set of tools. It relays on rendering engine of CINEMA 4D and can produce accurate designs. The application is compatible with most widely-used file […]