31 Alternatives to TurboCAD

TurboCAD is a comprehensive 2D and 3D CAD program which provides professional design tools for creating technical drawings and home plans. It contains an impressive set of tools to provide a versatile computer aided design. Photorealistic and artistic rendering engine make it a great choice for making professional quality drawings, mechanical designs, and technical sketches. […]


18 Alternatives to DU Meter

DU Meter is an efficient program that facilitates the user to monitor network’s bandwidth usage, upload and download speeds. The user can also calculate data transfer costs. The application includes a powerful logging tool that enables it to create hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly reports, including incoming and outgoing traffic. Moreover, DU Meter provides professional-looking […]

Social & Communications

15 Alternatives to Conversations

Conversations is a Jabber/XMPP client for smartphones which raised to give a unique mobile experience. It is a communication app for Android. It lets you share (send or receive) files, contacts, documents, and embedded images straightly into your chat. If you want to share some secretive information, then you just have to go on end […]


18 Alternatives to Simple Net Speed

Simple Net Speed is a straightforward networking monitoring program that allows you to know more about your broadband connection efficiency. The program can help you to improve the broadband speed as much as possible. The application includes few sliders that you can adjust to boost the Internet speed. However, remember that the increase in speed […]


20 Alternatives to BootLine

BootLine is an efficient program that allows you to generate bootable flash drives with Windows 7 to 10, Ubuntu or Rescue Disk in few steps. So you can create bootable images of different operating systems on USBs. You have the option to download the portable version of the program or use it directly from the […]

Social & Communications

15 Alternatives to Wire

The wire is a private and secure messenger app for phones, desktop, and tablets. It has crystal clear video and voice calls, file sharing, private group chats, audio and video messages. It works on Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, Linux and any modern web browser. In this, you can build your own Wire client. It synced […]


5 Alternatives to VictorOps

VictorOps is an efficient cloud-based program that makes being on-call suck less. It is the hub for centralizing the flow of data throughout the incident lifecycle. The program offers a unified platform for real-time collaboration, alerting, and documentation. The program offers support for the seamless sharing of info across functional teams to ensure issues are […]


31 Alternatives to Lubbo’s Fan Control

Lubbo’s Fan Control is a system application that allows you to gain full control over the functioning parameters. The program offers a comfortable means of keeping an eye on the fans that the system includes. In this way, you can succeed in preventing the temperature of GPU and CPU from rising. The program facilitates you […]

News & Books

21 Alternatives to Bookmate

Bookmate is a social eBook reader service, available primarily on mobile, with catalogs in many languages including Turkish, Russian, Spanish, English and Swedish. It supports mobile app on iOS, Windows Phone, Android and feature phones and the service is also available in a web version. It has 3 million readers and a catalog of over […]


22 Alternatives to Mockuuups Studio

Mockuuups Studio is a straightforward program that enables you to create stunning and professional looking materials for layouts and presentations. You can generate eye-catching mockups for different types of devices using few mouse clicks. The sleek interface comprises many displays on different devices. After the first launch, you can load the image of your desire […]

Video & Movies

19 Alternatives to WebcamStudio

WebcamStudio is a multi featured virtual webcam program which can be used with Skype or a flash website like UStream, to make a modern looking broadcast, including banners, animations, transit animation, and icons, etc. It is not a video editor, but it is a live video mixer that gives you the possibilities to change the […]


8 Alternatives to AisleRiot

AisleRiot is an open source piece of the application that offers a large collection of more than 80 Solitaire games for the GNOME desktop environment. The following card games are present in the program: Athena, Lang Syne, Auld, Bakers Dozen, Backbone, Aunt Mary, Baker Game, Cantfield, Clock, Chessboard, Doublets, Cruel, Cover, and Eagle Wing. You […]

Security & Privacy

22 Alternatives to AdwCleaner

AdwCleaner is a software that searches for and deletes Adware, Potentially, Toolbars, Unwanted Programs and browsers Hijackers from your computer. By exhausting this program, you will be capable of removing numerous types of unwanted programs. It will give you a more streamlined PC and a better user experience while browsing the web. It can remove […]

Office & Productivity Security & Privacy

22 Alternatives to Who’s On My Wi-Fi

Who’s On My Wi-Fi is the key to better business decisions lies in your Wi-Fi data. Analytics and reports of its product with help you measure customer traffic, dwell time and repeat visits over time. You use this information to deliver better customer service and promote goods or services. Its detailed access reports allow you […]

Online Services Web Browsers

23 Alternatives to Wishlist Manager

Wishlist Manager is a free software to track Amazon products. Using program is easy. It is currently in beta version and continuous development. It only supports Amazon products. You just search your favorite item this software will track it on Amazon and shows you on the screen. It is a comprehensive searching software. Millions of […]

Audio & Music Video & Movies

23 Alternatives to TubeMaster++

TubeMaster++ is a software tool whose primary resolution is to aid people in taking multimedia files. You are presently streaming in your web browser and converting the resulted items to other formats. It is also probable to change things from your PC, play files and take advantage of the many built-in profiles. Its fixing process […]

Video & Movies

19 Alternatives to SparkoCam

SparkoCam is easy to use all in one video effects and webcam software for broadcasting and applying live webcam effects to your video recording and chats. It permits you to stream for different sources. You can use a regular web camera or Canon Power Shot or DSLR camera. It imports videos or images from your […]

Video & Movies

19 Alternatives to AlterCam

AlterCam is a virtual web camera program with many effects, underlay and overlays. With this, you apply live effects to your split webcam and webcam video to different programs. It records the desktop and capture snapshots. It is an application that lets you add a bit of fun to your video. You apply various effects […]

Sport & Health

15 Alternatives to White Noise Baby

White Noise Baby helps your child by blocking distractions while reducing stress and relaxing. It generates sounds over a massive range of frequencies, masking those noise interruptions. It has battery saver mode for longer battery life. It optimized for all Android smartphones and tablets. Its safety tips from the US consumer product safety commission. It […]


23 Alternatives to Mixtikl

Mixtikl is an advanced music creator program that provides support for 12 track cell-sequencer and mixer, FX effects, recording capabilities as well as generative rules. This audio loop mixer assists you to manipulate up to 12 tracks, each having four content cells. You have the possibility to mute or solo the tracks, apply FX effects, […]


8 Alternatives to PuTTYTabManager

PuTTYTabManager is an efficient program that allows the user to manage many concurrent connection sessions in PuTTY. You can start an unlimited number of PuTTY session within a tab-based interface. The famous SSH and Telnet client can run more than one session, in different windows. The program enables you to customize your working environment and […]


30 Alternatives to ImpressPages

ImpressPages is a PHP framework for content management. It is a new MVC engine based on PHP components that allow you to customize ImpressPages in no time. You can write your own themes and plugins according to your customer’s requirements. Administration interface and website layouts are user-friendly and gorgeous. Hundreds of websites are running on […]

Photos & Graphics

23 Alternatives to FireAlpaca

FireAlpaca is the free paint editing tool which is available in 10 languages and compatible with both Windows and Mac. It has simple tools will be added one after other. In his default setting Pen, Pencil, Airbrush, and Watercolor are ready to use. You can customize your own pen too! Crisp stroke with pen and […]

Social & Communications

15 Alternatives to appear.in

appear.in provides one click video conferences right in your browser without requiring PIN codes or additional software. It collaborates from anywhere with simple video conversation like talk up to 8 people. It creates your own video room with a custom link. It personalizes the room with your own background image. You share your screen to […]


22 Alternatives to Project ROME

Project ROME is a is an all-in-one content creation and publishing program that enables anyone at home, school, or work to inject the power of images, graphics, audio, video, text, and animation into everyday projects. The program offers support for editing presentations and printed materials, web sites and digital documents. The program provides a creative […]


31 Alternatives to Unison

Unison is a straightforward file-synchronization application for Mac OS X that helps you to create two replicas for the same files and save them on different hosts.  You can synchronize the contents of two folders by furnishing extensive control over the synchronization direction for each file. So you can work on a set of files, […]


20 Alternatives to FlashBoot

FlashBoot is a powerful program that has the aim to create bootable USB disks, USB Flash Memory keys or install the mini operating system on bootable USB devices. The well-organized GUI contains few steps to follow. The primary menu assists you to select from a total of five different actions.  For example, convert or copy […]

Social & Communications

15 Alternatives to Empathy

Empathy is a messaging app which supports audio, text, video and file transfer over various protocols. It is the default chat client in the present and previous versions of GNOME, making it calmer for other GNOME’s applications to mix the cooperation functionality using Telepathy. It offers great functionality and features which include Multi-Protocol support (Facebook, […]


31 Alternatives to Gameshow

Gameshow is a user-friendly video recording application that helps you to set a game stream instantly and broadcast content to Twitch or YouTube. Gameshow has a highly intuitive interface from where you can select one of the available templates or start from scratch. The program provides ideal layouts for different famous games. In addition, you […]


32 Alternatives to Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a professional vector graphic program that allows users to create printed materials and resolution graphics. They can create digital graphics, video, web, and mobile content. The program includes a Mercury Performance System to enhance the workflow by furnishing greater speed on large files. This complex vector drawing application facilitates you to create […]