Social & Communications

26 Alternatives to Hangouts

Hangouts is an instant chatting and messaging app developed and published by Google Inc. It was released on May 15, 2013. The user can send instant messages, SMS, can call and video chat through this particular app. Although it is not that much popular app as much, it should be referring to its exciting features […]

Office & Productivity Online Services

12 Alternatives to Google Slides

Google Slides is the product of Google that is for creating the presentation and slideshows. In office productivity tools, there are basically three parts that are word processor, spreadsheet, and a presentation program. Among these Google Slides is a tool of Google that is for making presentations. Google Slides is an application for creating inspiring, […]

Security & Privacy

18 Alternatives to 1Password

1Password manager creates strong, different passwords for all of your current sites and logs you in with an individual tap (or click). Just one click opens your web browser, starts a site, fills in your username and security password, and logs you in. Our Strong Security password generator is your answer to password freedom. A […]

Security & Privacy

18 Alternatives to SplashID

SplashID is known to provide powerful password management tools but it doesn’t contain automatic long-form filling tools. It provides various mobile tools including SplashID realizes that people connect to the internet from a number of devices and desire mobile tools. However, if you require automatic long-form filling, this security password manager is not able to […]

Security & Privacy Web Browsers

18 Alternatives to LastPass

LastPass is provided for free security password manager will continue to keep your passwords secure. It can set up simpler yet safest passwords. Except you, nobody can use the information you have. In addition to generating unique and uncheckable security passwords, it can store limitless security passwords and also import the account details from other […]

File Management

10 Alternatives to Vysor

Vysor is an all-in-one operator with the Windows OS to remotely manage the Android cell phone. A software that enable the end users to manage Android operating system with the desktop computer. Vysor is completely working with almost all operating-system as well as with Chrome. You launch in Chrome, switch on USB debugging in your […]

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9 Alternatives to

Bitly  Link shortening tool was released on 2008 being a URL shortener of Twitter. It may allow you to see the real-time site visitors on your URL and evaluate the information. Discussing performance, generating good traffic are key options that come with this tool. It may be obtained from web site, internet browser plug-ins, mobile […]