15 Alternatives to Quicken

Quicken is an extensive and simple program which lets you to manage your financials easily, keep track of purchases, connect to banks, and the like. There is an easy to use interface and no need to sign in to multiple websites to keep track of investments. The users have credit card information, fast access to their savings, loans information, and retirement accounts or investments all from a single place. This utility helps users to create realistic budgets which help them to reduce their debts. You can create own plan for reducing debt, receive text alerts, and emails when alter things, also export user info for importing. Moreover, it is possible to stay up to date with financial situation at all times, and support for syncing user’s info between the smartphone, tablet, and PC. Quicken is a straightforward application that is specially designed to help you better manage your financial accounts from a single place.

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GnuCash is a powerful finance application that is used to manage your personal finances and accounts, schedule tasks, carry out transactions, and generate graphs and reports. This program helps you keep track of your income, stock portfolios, bank accounts, expenses, and other business details. You can transactions from/to CSV file…

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You Need A Budget

You Need A Budget is a powerful and intuitive budget planner which enables you to manage your financial incomes and transactions and offers a modern-looking interface. This application can generate reports with all your savings and expenditures and keeps a close eye on your budget. There is a user-friendly interface…

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HomeBank is a useful software application that lets you to track your expenses, payees and accounts, manage your budget carefully, and analyze your financial activity. You can manage the financial data for multiple accounts with the menu and view the important data in three smaller windows. These windows show detailed…

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Moneydance is a reliable finances management program which is specially used to keep up to date with your budget statements, general financial trends, and transaction records. There are several graph generating tools and an intuitive interface to organize many accounts at the same time, record transactions, and create your investments…

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KMyMoney is a powerful piece of software that can manage your revenues and expenses, keep track of all your financial accounts and transactions, generate reports, and view your budget. There are several initial steps to set up your account, business details, and personal data. This application takes you through five…

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Grisbi is an extensive and detailed finance tool which helps you organize transactions, expenditure, and budgetary lines, and generate reports. You are asked to set up multiple parameters to run the utility for the first time and the tool comprises a wizard-like approach to follow the built-in steps to complete…

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MoneyWiz is a reliable piece of program that offers a breathtaking amount of tools, advice, and calculators on how to better invest or spend your money with hardly decisions. This utility gives the possibility to try out various combinations of purposes and budget in a safe, and provides helpful tips…

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QuickBooks is the bookkeeping software solution for accountants or the business owners to manage their transactions on a daily basis and create a local database with details about suppliers, customers, and other transactions. The user is guided to the required steps and prompted to create a new database for company…

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Gnuaccounting is a reliable and powerful application that is specially used to manage accounting related tasks and invoices like delivery notes, credit memos, and bills. This program comes packed with several core features such as integrating, PostgreSQL or MySQL, Apache Derby, Winston, and Chipcard banking FinTS or HBCI support. You…

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TurboCASH is an intuitive and reliable piece of software which offers support for converting QuickBooks, connecting to remote databases, exporting and importing data, and more. This application provides to set all its components like the Firebird database server, a local single user Firebird database, and the FlameRobbin version. There is…

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jGnash is a handy Java-built application that lets you to manage your finances, create budgets based on your history, add multiple reminders, and generate reports. A screen or start menu and the Windows registry are not going to be affected in any way and the installing procedure is not a…

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iCompta is a simple to use financial application that offers an organized environment for managing and tracking your personal accounts, finances, budgets, transactions, and much more. The users can make statistics of their incomes and manage multiple accounts in multiple currencies with its straightforward interface. There is ability to schedule…

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AceMoney is a simple to use program and accounting software for business or personal use to organize your finances in a user-friendly environment. The user can configure currency settings upon program initialization when it comes to the default currency, thousands separator, decimal point, and number of decimal digits. There is…

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BudgetView is an extensive utility that can manage your budget by tracking bank accounts, view a forecast of your balance, and planning miscellaneous expenditures or setting the monthly expenses and income. This application comes with appealing and inspiring style, and well-polished and a modern touch with distinguishable tabs to identify…

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Moneyspire is an easy to use and comprehensive program which allows users to enjoy less stressful finance management with simple user interface and helps you record outgoing and incoming money. You can select a few basic procedures from guide like set your budget to a desired category and picking the…

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