24 Alternatives to SlimComputer

SlimComputer is a software solution that is used to remove adware, trialware, and other unwanted data from a computer and can be handled of any experience level. The users can run a scan on unneeded software, system boot time and Internet browser speed, browsers and startup items which slow the system, and on the shortcuts. It is possible to optimize the system through services and disabling apps which automatically run at system startup. You can use a search function, check out a location and publisher, and restore items to their previous state. The application is packed with a feature that offers to uninstall programs including Windows Updates. This program supports Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera, and allows you to change the search provider and homepage. The software offers easy access to some important functions such as PC management, system information, Windows updates, device manager, registry editor, and disk defrags, user account, control panel, and system restore. You can view the memory usage and current CPU of your PC. It is possible to adjust the scanner threshold and schedule recurring cleaning/scanning tasks. SlimComputer is an intuitive application that takes a reasonable time to complete a scan and the interface is a clean layout.

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IObit Uninstaller

IObit Uninstaller is free-to-use and a pro-grade tool that is used to remove installed applications , Windows Updates and Windows 10 apps, browser toolbars, and plugins, along with leftover files. This program offers support for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera, and supports a separate function removing and…

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Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller is a reliable and fast uninstaller that helps you work with different uninstallation methods, delete registry entries, clean your browser history, and enable or disable startup items. The standard uninstallation process leaves behind traces that clutter the registry and erases the program resulting in PC slowdowns and errors.…

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GeekUninstaller is an intuitive application that can clear all the extra items, integrates with the Windows Registry Editor, and features a built-in search function. This program doesn’t leave any traces in the Windows Registry and you may take it with you to uninstall software on the fly and copy it…

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PC Decrapifier

PC Decrapifier is easy to use application that is used to view the popular programs removed by other users and uninstall applications from your PC after creating system restore points. It is specially designed to remove unnecessary or unwanted software programs automatically. This program has uninstallation options and a long…

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SlimCleaner is an intuitive application that optimizes PC performance level by getting rid of junk data. You can explore with a lot of options and the interface of the application is pretty and simple. This application can clear your system (like Recycle Bin, memory dump files, and log files), Windows…

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Total Uninstall

Total Uninstall is an advanced software that helps you clean junk items, uninstall programs including other leftover files and registry entries, and monitor newly installed applications. This program offers information about the program name, size, and installation date detects all programs installed on PC and displays them in a simple…

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MyUninstaller is a freeware Windows application that is used for completely removing installed applications included in the operating system. It offers information on the installed apps and very different from the old-fashioned Windows utility. The main Window is being used to show product name, company, version, entry name, installation date,…

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Bulk Crap Uninstaller

Bulk Crap Uninstaller is a reliable and very useful software that is designed to uninstall multiple programs from your PC as fast as possible in just a couple of clicks. The application offers more advanced functions and looks straightforward and quite simple appearance-wise. The user can select the programs to…

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Comodo Programs Manager

Comodo Programs Manager is an application that completely removes programs from the system, disable or activate Windows features, manage and monitor installed apps, services, and drivers on your PC. The installation procedure requires you to restart the PC before launch Comodo Programs Manager. The main window allows you to check…

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Absolute Uninstaller

Absolute Uninstaller is a piece of software that allows you to easily remove any software that you have installed on your PC and manages to get rid of any leftovers. This program displays the name of currently installed programs with their installation date and developer name. You can uninstall a…

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AppZapper is an intuitive and reliable application that is designed for people to erase applications or uninstall them easily and all their related support files. There is a drag and drop functionality in this tool and you can confidently uninstall any app as it was installed. This program enables you…

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AppCleaner is a reliable piece of software designed to occupy storage space, clean the registry, keeps you free of temporary or unnecessary files, and get rid of obsolete data on your PC. There is an intuitive and simplistic interface to improve its performance level and you can analyze the tool…

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CleanMyMac is a comprehensive and useful program that is used to delete no longer needed items, scan, delete, and remove junk files from the PC, and more. You can reduce simple drag and drop actions with the uninstallation and installation procedure of apps on Mac PCs. This tool helps you…

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AppTrap is a handy and straightforward utility that lets you to rapidly uninstall the associated junk files and applications via simple drag and drop action. You can reduce the Mac OS X uninstallation process to dropping and dragging the apps to the trash. There is a new panel that you…

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Uninstall Tool

Uninstall Tool is a comprehensive application that enables you to manage startup items, trace new installed software, and remove leftover files and programs. This program comes with a short installation process and allows you to choose the components to deploy on the system. There are an install and trace feature…

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Your Uninstaller!

Your Uninstaller! is a reliable and efficient uninstaller that is designed to uninstall programs, create system restore points, delete registry entries, and manage startup utilities. This program comes with an intuitive and elegant interface that shows all the installed programs in a list and you can remove and select the…

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Advanced Uninstaller PRO

Advanced Uninstaller PRO is a reliable piece of software that lets you uninstall programs, delete any left-over files, clean the registry of PC, and remove toolbars. You can repair the windows registry keys and optimize your PC by uninstalling programs. The user can uninstall programs in the general tools tab,…

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MacClean is an impressive and versatile utility that assists you securely delete data and manage extensions, uninstall apps, get rid of duplicates, and remove and find unnecessary files from your Mac. This program comes equipped with a wide selection of tools and modern and minimalistic design allows you to remove…

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AppDelete is an extensive and useful program that lets you remove and find all the items and files associated with the installation of a certain app. This program detects all files associated with an app and there are different files added to other locations and your library directory on your…

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Ashampoo UnInstaller

Ashampoo UnInstaller is an advanced programs uninstaller for PC that is wrapped with a few clever tools for securely removing installed applications and system modification from your hard drive. This application offers intelligent monitoring of installed apps and has a clean elements interface. The user can view a list of…

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CleanApp is a useful and comprehensive program that is specially used to remove applications, duplicated, and orphaned files from hard disk. This tool offers the tools and features to improve your Mac’s performance and save some storage space. You can correctly uninstall the files you no longer need, analyze all…

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WinUtilities is an intuitive application that offers you to detect invalid registry errors and entries, optimize the performance of your PC, and run disk cleaning. This smoothly running system optimizes the computer and clean your PC for the best performance. There is a nice looking interface which opens a new…

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Mirekusoft Install Monitor

Mirekusoft Install Monitor is a handy and reliable program that is designed to uninstall programs, remove apps and displays all existing content they create as well as registry entries, folders, and files. This application depends on third-party components and takes a long time tom finish the setup process. There are…

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Soft Organizer

Soft Organizer is a handy and reliable tool designed to keep an eye on the changes made to the computer while installing new files and remove unwanted applications from your PC. There is an intuitive and clean interface to perform most operations with a simple clicking. You can sort installed…

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