13 Alternatives to SmartsysSoft Business Card Maker

SmartsysSoft Business Card Maker is a compact Windows application that is used to design detailed business cards by taking advantage of the shapes, text types, multiple templates, and backgrounds. This software boasts an intuitive and clean layout that offers to create a new card from a wide range of themes by selecting and comes packed with many dedicated parameters. The user can specify the size of the card, insert text messages, and perform basic editing operations which can be customized regarding size, color, and font, add objects, select a background theme, as well as embed cliparts. This program offers core features such as apply special effects, create a backside card layout, set up the color parameters, insert rectangles, polygons, ovals, arcs, lines, and zoom in or out. The generated business cards can be exported or printed to PCX, TGA, TIFF, BMP, GIF, PDF, PNG, and JPG format. In this process, the tool provides no error and excellent image quality. This software makes an ideal tool for professionals and beginners and comes bundled with a handy set of parameters.

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Canva Business Card

Canva Business Card is an application that is used to create a professional business card without spending a cent choose from a range of professionally designed layouts. Business card maker makes it easy without any graphic design experience. The user can create a professional business card in few minutes and…

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DesignMantic Business Card Maker

DesignMantic Business Card Maker is an application that lets you create a business card in minutes. This program offers high-quality digital business card designs to choose from with tons of business card templates. It is easy to use and fast and also offers business card design studio to customize your…

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CardWorks Business Card Software

CardWorks Business Card Software is a straightforward application with a pretty self-explanatory name that helps users design business cards. It comes packed with editing capabilities and different preset templates, while offering support for PDF exporting options and printing. This program supports an intuitive and clean interface that offers users to…

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BusinessCards MX

BusinessCards MX is a complex piece of software packed with a myriad of templates that is designed to print without issues and aid people in designing business cards. This program has a broad gallery of editable templates and editing tools to develop customizable business cards. The program has image formatting…

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JuicyBC is a smart tool that is designed to create your business cards that can be adjusted and edited from a series of different premade templates, with a logo and image insertion option. The program has several fields and arranges all the data that are mandatory and others are optional.…

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OfficePrinter Business Card

OfficePrinter Business Card is an authoring utility that helps to create professional business cards from scratch, with many editing tools, the possibility to export the results to BMP format and preset templates. You can print them or copy them to the clipboard with this intuitive application. The software has a…

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Business Card Maker

Business Card Maker is an intuitive and easy to handle application that print and create multiple business cards on a single page with just a simple and few clicks. This application can guide you through the process of generating your business card and basically, it is important to enter detailed…

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DRPU Business Card Maker

DRPU Business Card Maker is a complex tool that allows you to design business cards easily, bundles with a long list of templates and save them to the hard drive. The installation of this software is surprise-free, take a few seconds, and the user comes face to face with a…

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Business Card and Label Maker Pro

Business Card and Label Maker Pro is a piece of software that helps you design and print professional labels and business cards in few minutes. The application is easy to start, straightforward interface, courtesy of its simple, complemented by a variety of built-in card formats and Avery labels. This software…

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Business Card Studio Deluxe

Business Card Studio Deluxe is an application that helps to create and design your business cards, without having to hire the services of an expensive designer. The user can create business cards from ready-made templates or scratch. It is a question of text modules and adding an image, and customizing…

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COBRA Business Card Designer

COBRA Business Card Designer is an application that is designed to help you create a professional-looking business card in a matter of minutes using graphic elements or templates you designed yourself. This program consists of an unpolished main window, and the window could use some optimization. When the user resizes…

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MAGIX Page & Layout Designer

MAGIX Page & Layout Designer is the ideal program for creating successful advertising materials and marketing campaigns. It is a perfect solution for design and creates a logo, flyers, letter paper, business cards and posters for your business in simple steps. This program offers core features such as create invitations,…

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Easy-to-Use Business Card Maker

Easy-to-Use Business Card Maker is a most versatile identity card that is designed to personalized ID cards, postcards, badges, business cards, and labels. The software comes with a friendly interface, and all the functions can be accessed either from the drop-down menus or main toolbar. There are pre-designed cards, no…

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