23 Alternatives to SoftMaker FreeOffice

SoftMaker FreeOffice is free to use at home and for business. It is complete office suite with a presentation program, a spreadsheet application and a word processor. You only download it for free and use it for as long as you want. Many of people are using it every day and enjoy this great free office suite. It sends documents in a freely selectable format e.g. PDF or DOC by e-mail. You print 2, 4, 8 or 16 pages on one sheet of paper. You also export to the e-book format EPUB. It tagged PDFs and bookmarks in PDF files. You create PDF files and PDF forms directly in Free Office Text Maker. Its assistant import and export text files in many characters sets. You preview your document straight from the file dialog. It open and save DOC files of Microsoft Word 6.0 to 2016 faithfully, including password-protected files. You insert images in a range of file formats. You change brightness, contrast, and gamma of images directly in FreeOffice TextMaker. It has more than 350 calculation functions. Its worksheet has 1 million rows and 16,384 columns. You check spellings using high-quality commercial dictionaries in 20 languages. It reads the modern Microsoft formats DOCX, PPTX, and XLSX seamlessly. In this suite, your documents are displayed in tabs, just like in a web browser.

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Microsoft Office suite

Microsoft Office suite is an office set of programs, servers, and services developed by Microsoft. It has a bundled set of applications in one tool like Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Microsoft Office Access, Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Office Publisher, Microsoft Project, Microsoft…

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Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice is an open source office productivity program. It is available in many languages and works on all desktop computers. It offers many applications in it like databases, graphics, presentations, spreadsheets, and more. It stores all your data in an international open standard format and can also write and…

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ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors is an open source office suite which combines text, presentation, editors, and spreadsheets, distributed under AGPL license v3. You can use and download them for home, educational, government and commercial purposes without restrictions. It received very positive feedback from the internet community. Its functionality was considerably expanded…

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Office Online

Office Online is an online suite which allows users to create and edit files. It includes MS Office apps like OneNote, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. You can open and edit documents, presentations, and spreadsheets in Office Open XML formats on the web. It is easily accessible anywhere. It creates and…

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Calligra Suite

Calligra Suite is a graphic art and office suite. It is available for tablet PCs, desktop PCs, and smartphones. It is a set of applications written to help you to accomplish your work. It contains application for digital printing, vector graphics, databases, presentation, spreadsheets, and word processing. It uses the…

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Apple iWork

Apple iWork is an office suite developed by Apple. It includes spreadsheet application, presentation package, Keynote, desktop publishing application and a word processing program. It has numbers, pages, and keynote are the best ways to create amazing work. It’s real-time collaboration allows your team to edit a presentation, spreadsheet or…

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Open365 is an open source, self-hosted file sync and cloud apps stage containing a full LibreOffice Online. You can also access your calendar, email, and contacts using KDE contact. Everything is accessible from a simple web page using any HTML5 browser. It provides a complete platform ready to be used,…

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Document to Go

Document to Go is BlackBerry’s cross-platform office suite for iOS, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry OS, Maemo, Window Mobile, and Palm OS. Its desktop tool provides document synchronization between one’s handheld device and one’s computer and is available for both Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. There are four versions of this…

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NeoOffice is an office suite for the macOS operating system. It is a profitable fork of the free OpenOffice.org which implements most of the features of OpenOffice.org including a graphics program, presentation program, spreadsheet and word processor. It adds some features not present in the macOS versions of Apache OpenOffice…

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Polaris Office

Polaris Office is a free office app for Adobe PDF files, presentations, spreadsheets, and documents. It is fast, light, and convenient in use. It is the combination of office suite and solutions. It provides the perfect work in every environment. It gives document work, organization management, collaboration, and security. It…

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Ashampoo Office

Ashampoo Office comes with a spreadsheet, word processor, and presentation applications. It is entirely compatible with all versions of Microsoft Office Suite and converts with intuitive handling had a vast feature set. You edit and position images comfortably in object mode. It is hassle free data exchange with MS Office…

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MobiSystems OfficeSuite

MobiSystems OfficeSuite is the premier mobile office app and the trusted leader for reliably editing any type of office attachment and document. It delivers the most exclusive features of any other office app. It installed on 200 million devices in 195 countries and growing. It has over 50 million downloads…

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Corel WordPerfect Office

Corel WordPerfect Office creates high-quality documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and more. Creating documents is easy. You built your documents in PDF forms. It provides flexible eBook publishing. It has broad compatibility, including MS Office. You create, share and edit PDF right from your desktop. You choose the fillable PDF form option…

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EuroOffice application suite delivers a lot of office suite programs in one hand. It analyzes your data and turns them into valuable information. It develops and validates data analysis algorithms for your specific needs. It produces custom information system with features you need. It also creates custom information retrieval, knowledge…

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LibreOffice from Collabora

LibreOffice from Collabora is the world’s widely most used open office suite. It has 8 million lines of code. You drive force behind LibreOffice Online. Its flagship products Collabora office and Collabora Online are 100% Open source. It provides installation and administration utilities together with long term maintenance and contracted…

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IBM Docs

IBM Docs is a socially empowered online office productivity suite. It makes it easier for business teams to create and allow for collaborative editing of Spreadsheet, Word processing and presentation documents in real time. Its online document editor provides key collaborative services such as crediting, file management and contextual commenting.…

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Live Documents

Live Documents is a web-enabled Office productivity suite. It can be used on your desktop or as services within your browser whether you are offline or online. It gives you the choice and flexibility of sharing, creating, and editing documents anywhere anytime. Your papers look and behave the same way…

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SSuite Office

SSuite Office provided and trusted the free program and office suite for regular use. It is a comprehensive and professional office suite. It is the foremost provider of free quality office software on the Internet today. It provides anyone that needs professional and excellent free software which actually works without…

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Novus Office

Novus Office is a program suite that’s compatible with other Microsoft Office applications. Its premium edition contains a pdf editing software. It is an easy to use word processing software with everything you would expect from a professional word processing application. You will create beautiful tools with custom templates, sample,…

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Picsel Smart Office

Picsel Smart Office puts the power to work at your fingertips. It is a full-featured mobile office document productivity suite designed to meet the needs of today’s mobile world. You can easily view, print, create, edit, present and share MS Office quality documents and PDFs on your mobile device. It…

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Wdesk is compatible with Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013. Use it to share collections with each other. It has Microsoft Office Ribbon Style interface. It switches interfaces between traditional toolbar mode and MS office 2010 or Ribbon style. It much improved OOXML import/export- native support for docs, lxe,…

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TheRightMargin is a smart writing tool to help you set and achieve your writing goals. It has important goal setup process which builds milestone and tasks which break down your writing project into smaller achievable steps. Its smart writing tool keeps your next goal at the forefront of your writing…

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Docollab is a collaborative workspace for projects, diagrams, spreadsheets, documents, and tasks. It composes your document with rich text capabilities, manipulates your spreadsheets data with formulas and charts, and diagrams with a huge range of shapes. It organizes your project files in your own folder structure. It assigns tasks to…

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