18 Alternatives to SplashID

SplashID is known to provide powerful password management tools but it doesn’t contain automatic long-form filling tools. It provides various mobile tools including SplashID realizes that people connect to the internet from a number of devices and desire mobile tools. However, if you require automatic long-form filling, this security password manager is not able to deliver the results. SplashID provides several mobile tools, including apps for the iPad, iPhone and Android OS cellphones that can connect with the desktop computer versions. You can sign up for free, simply enter your current email address and set a security password. Your password will be used to secure all your SplashID records, so make sure it’s a good one. It’s the only password you have to keep in mind.

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LastPass is provided for free security password manager will continue to keep your passwords secure. It can set up simpler yet safest passwords. Except you, nobody can use the information you have. In addition to generating unique and uncheckable security passwords, it can store limitless security passwords and also import…

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This is another free security password manager that will help you to store your specific security passwords in a highly secured database. You are able to protect all your security passwords in a single key that will allow you to unlock all of the passwords within same single key. Its…

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Password Safe

Password Safe is freeware password manager is meant to manage all your passwords and help you create new password and save them all in one single combination. Password Safe enables you to safely and simply build a secured and protected user name/password list. Along with Password Safe all you need…

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RoboForm is the one-stop option for password management, form-filling, and manageable browsing. RoboForm enables you to easily and safely access your RoboForm Anywhere logins and form fields. Using this software makes it simple to consider your passwords with you anywhere you go, removing the need to keep in mind and…

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Sticky Password

Sticky Password Pro is free of charge password manager is recognized to provide excellent protection features to manage your information and security passwords. It is able to work with various web browsers, transfer data from other security password management tools and includes a portable edition. This is easy-to-use, secured and…

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DataVault Security password Manager saves private data related to bank cards, financial accounts and logins using the most powerful encryption technology available. Data Vault is one of the best password management tools. It can work with several web browsers and is available in mobile versions too. Its power encryption techniques…

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Handy Password

Handy Password is a multiple user password manager along with a form filler for Windows. The password manager stores your passwords in a single database and automatically records you to sites or windows accounts filling sign in and password fields. You need to use Handy Password like a single signin…

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1Password manager creates strong, different passwords for all of your current sites and logs you in with an individual tap (or click). Just one click opens your web browser, starts a site, fills in your username and security password, and logs you in. Our Strong Security password generator is your…

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Passpack helps to protect your security passwords anywhere you go. PassPack helps you to save all your pins and logins in a single place, and also access them from home, your place of work or anywhere else. There is nothing to install or take with you. Passpack is a secure…

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Secure Login

Secure Login is a sign in extension for Mozilla Firefox included password manager. Its main feature is just like small Opera – Wand icon Opera – Wand login. Secure Login is provides easy installation through Mozilla Firefox add-ons system and works out of the box without any kind of settings…

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Enpass helps to make your lifestyle simple by safely managing your security passwords and important information. Enpass manages all your important credentials & username and password in secure and best way. All your information is secured offline on your device. Enpass keep any of your data on Enpass server. Enpass…

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LockCrypt is a free password controlling software for windows that allows you to manage your passwords, telephone numbers, Pin number codes and also other private numbers. Its powerful security and safety password generating function and capability to convert the security passwords into different languages. LockCrypt provides a secure, central database…

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Kaspersky Password Manager

Kaspersky Password Manager is outstanding password supervisor is extremely simple to use and is recognized to provide extensive features for securing security passwords along with other private data on PC or laptop from a USB drive. It can successfully help you protect all your offline and online accounts from hackers…

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It is a free password manager that allow the user to protect your password and other personal information. You can use the PasswordBox to secure your password anytime anywhere for any device. It provides an optional pin code lock for more additional security. PasswordBox allows to you easily log in…

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It is free and user-friendly desktop password manager application. It is difficult to remember many passwords. You need a password for your email account, your many social media account, your bank account password, etc. KeyWallet allows the user to store username password and files including the link attachment which is…

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Keefox is an open source and easy to use password management application which keeps you password and privet data more secure. It an ad free application. Keefox allows the user to store username password and files including the link attachment which is locked in one special key. So you just…

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Keeper Password Manager

Keeper Password Manager is a world famous and most downloaded password manager to secure your password and personal data more secure, manage and protect. It also called a vault to lock your private files, photos, and videos in your vault. Take a private photo to save them to the vault…

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LogMeOnce is free password management application. You have too many IDs with too many passwords to remember and it is difficult to remember. You can just single sign in your LogMeOnce and access all multiple devices, multiple application, with multiple password IDs. Every user has a unique master key no…

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