10 Alternatives to JFSplit

January 26, 2017

JFSplit is an application that helps you split files into multiple chunks by size, calculate CRC-32 checksum to determine integrity, target number, and join them back together. This program works on different operating systems other than Windows and specially designed to only work with Java Runtime Environment. It is possible to carry around on a thumb drive from other PCs to access and no need to install. There is an…


10 Alternatives to Batch File Split & Join

January 9, 2017

Batch File Split & Join is a comprehensive piece of software that allows you to perform specific operations based on preset conditions and split or merge multiple files in batch mode. It offers a wide array of functions, a rather complex interface, and challenging for inexperienced users. This program allows you to select a range of actions that should be performed and create a custom list of files that need…


10 Alternatives to Free File Splitter

December 8, 2016

Free File Splitter is a portable application that allows to easily merge and split files into multiple parts. You have a file to be stored or burnt to disc, and uploaded online and the tool is ideal the moment. There is no need of installation and you can simply plug it into any computer, place the program on an external device, and directly run its executable file. The interface of…


10 Alternatives to SplitFile

November 16, 2016

SplitFile is a lightweight program that splits and merge big files in smaller segments to store them in floppy CD or disks. This program comes in handy to place your large files on removable drives. The user can import a file by using the file browser for merging and the interface of the app is based on a standard window. There is no support for drag and drop method and…


10 Alternatives to Split Byte

October 29, 2016

Split Byte is an application that reconstructs the original file, split files by number or size, find out MD5 checksums, compress split files into ZIPs beforehand, and compare files by hash. The user can decline all offers to make a clean installation if he carefully reads the information next to the checkboxes and doesn’t rush via the wizard steps. There are three main parts for comparing, joining, and splitting files…


10 Alternatives to File Splitter Pro

October 17, 2016

File Splitter Pro is a software utility that is specially used to split a large file into smaller pieces or any selected size and you can merge back these pieces into the initial file. This program also comes with unique text-splitter function and 30-days free trial version available. There is a difference between the other similar products and file splitter. When the split position does matter, the user can select…