15 Alternatives to Corsair Link

March 24, 2017

Corsair Link is a handy and lightweight application which lets you to monitor the fans, case lighting, temperature, and other motherboard sensors from your PC. The user can use a custom image as drag and drop devices listed and the background image to make things as simple as possible. There is an auto-detect feature to display the hardware devices and scan your system installed on your PC. It is possible…


12 Alternatives to SprintWork

February 20, 2017

SprintWork is a user-friendly and simple application that that can track the time your employees spend on playing games or websites. This program allows you to block access to entertaining programs or certain social networks to use their work hours more productively. You need to input a password and can adjust its functioning preferences during the installation procedure. The application has fairly simple to understand interface that makes it quite…


24 Alternatives to Mirekusoft Install Monitor

February 11, 2017

Mirekusoft Install Monitor is a handy and reliable program that is designed to uninstall programs, remove apps and displays all existing content they create as well as registry entries, folders, and files. This application depends on third-party components and takes a long time tom finish the setup process. There are program details including publisher, installed time and date, version, size, assigned user, usage frequency, and date and time of last…


11 Alternatives to Wireless Network Watcher

January 28, 2017

Wireless Network Watcher is a lightweight Windows application that offers you to view all the connected devices and scan your network for detailed information. This program has an intuitive interface and makes everything pretty easy to use. The main window shows the IP address, Network Adapter Company, MAC address, device name, user text, device information, detection count, and first detected on time. It is possible to configure the format of…


15 Alternatives to smcFanControl

January 17, 2017

smcFanControl is a user-friendly and practical Mac OS X utility that is specially designed to help users to control Mac’s built-in fans to cool down the PC. You can reduce the system temperature, manually adjust the fan speed of your Mac, and cannot set a minimum speed below Apple’s default values. This program can be accessed through its status bar menu and runs in the background. The menu bar icon…


13 Alternatives to iSpy

January 12, 2017

iSpy is an open-source video recording utility that provides support for email notifications and sound, built-in motion detectors, and microphones and multiple webcams. This program has a clean interface that enables to set up the monitoring process, and multiple webcams can be synchronized to record. You can configure a new camera regarding the name, video source, a mask image, and timestamp. The user can pair a microphone, specify the maximum…


11 Alternatives to Spiceworks

January 8, 2017

Spiceworks is an intuitive and reliable program that allows you to manage your IT-related assignments and tasks, create a help desk, ranging from running network inventories, and troubleshooting potential problems and generate reports. The installation procedure is quite smoothly, and the app runs via a web browser. You need to have Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Firefox installed on your system and create an account to login. The user can…


10 Alternatives to BatteryMon

January 7, 2017

BatteryMon is an intuitive application that reveals detailed monitoring and status information on notebook’s battery and can be handled by all users. The users can get a standard window with a simple layout after a brief installation process. It is possible to check out battery details regarding the status, power source, remaining time and energy, time on battery and total time, along with the capacity, and change rate and capacity…


19 Alternatives to Active@ Hard Disk Monitor

December 28, 2016

Active@ Hard Disk Monitor is an efficient piece of software which can be used to view information about your hard drive, including generate an HDD temperature graph, scan the disk for bad sectors, and S.M.A.R.T attributes. This program doesn’t allow to download any third party products. The users are brought to a clean and well-organized interface which encompasses a folder list of all connected drives, several buttons, menu bar, and…


12 Alternatives to GlassWire

December 28, 2016

GlassWire is a firewall utility that blocks applications from connecting to the internet, view bandwidth usage statistics, and allows you to monitor the network activity. It offers you with around-the-clock security by monitoring the outgoing and incoming network traffic. This program can display and detect information about every process or service that is the IP addresses of each third party connections. The application shows this information in graph form to…


19 Alternatives to Acronis Drive Monitor

December 25, 2016

Acronis Drive Monitor is an intuitive application that helps you detect the hard disk failures while allowing support for critical alerts, S.M.A.R.T parameters, and email notifications. This program gives you the general information about the hard disk namely disk temperature, health percentage, Self- Monitoring- Analysis- and Reporting Technology attributes readings. There are S.M.A.R.T parameters that show information about the spin-up time, attribute name, temperature, command timeout, power cycle count, red…


19 Alternatives to HD Tune

October 28, 2016

HD Tune is a hard disk/SSD utility that put your hard disk drive to get in-depth info on the scope regarding damaged blocks, access time, transfer rate, burst speed, and more. It has many functions, user-friendly interface, and its clever design lets you quickly accommodate. You can see the current temperature from HD Tune for the selected HDD. This program can be used to scan for errors, measure the drive’s…


13 Alternatives to WebCam Monitor

October 19, 2016

WebCam Monitor is an intuitive application that takes snapshots, records video, sends footage via email, triggers audio alerts, and uploads it via FTP. It supports email notifications and multiple devices. This program has handy configuration settings, an intuitive interface, and allows monitoring at a regular time interval or on motion detection. You can ask this program to highlight camera preview window or motion movements and adjust the motion sensitivity level….


10 Alternatives to Battery Health Monitor

October 14, 2016

Battery Health Monitor is a small widget that comprises dozens of customization parameters, shows numerous useful details on the battery, and with support for sound notifications. You can move a small frame to any spot on the screen with the mouse cursor. The user can adjust its opacity level, make it stay on top of other windows, and quickly get a glimpse of battery details. The main frame shows percent…


19 Alternatives to Hard Disk Sentinel

October 5, 2016

Hard Disk Sentinel is a performance monitoring and Hard disk health application that is designed to track the disk temperature and monitor HDD activity, and help to prevent loss and damage data. This program shows valuable information and a lot of features. On the left side, there are partitions and drives listed, along with health, free space, and temperature, so it is easy to find more information. There are rest…


12 Alternatives to Comodo Firewall

October 4, 2016

Comodo Firewall is an intuitive and powerful application that keeps secure your computer and personal files and browse the web with complete confidence. This program comes bundled with many features and a through setup process. The user can set the application to adapt to activities, and your actions determine all behavior. The application has a modern interface from a rich online help manual and helps you quickly accommodate. This program…


14 Alternatives to Radmin

August 3, 2016

Radmin is a fastest and most popular PC remote control software that allows you to access on another computer via the internet. This program allows you to manipulate many workstations from your PC in your network. A viewer needs to be deployed locally, and a server should be installed on the remote station so this process can display the remote screen in full screen or a resizable window on your…


14 Alternatives to Multiplicity

July 25, 2016

Multiplicity is a remote utility whose purpose is to control multiple computers with a mouse and single keyboard, move files and directories, share your clipboard, and use hotkeys for switching to other computers. The purpose is to set up the current computer; the users are asked as primary or secondary one. The secondary computer is managed via remote actions, and the primary PC controls other PCs using the mouse and…