15 Alternatives to PDFCreater

July 20, 2017

PDFCreater is an application for converting documents into PDF on Microsoft Windows operating system. Once installed it permits the user to select PDFCreator as their printer and allowing almost any application to print to PDF. Moreover, it can display output to a variety of other formats like SVG, PSD, PS, JPEG, PNG, etc. It is easy to use. It Converts every printable text to PDF and other formats. It merges…


22 Alternatives to iPrint

July 9, 2017

iPrint is a revolutionary new tool which can save up to 60% on printing expenses. It is informal to use and environmentally friendly. It saves your time by automatically detects and removing pages with no content. If you search additional unwanted pages, you can quickly select them for deletion with one simple click. It allows you to group together print job request from many applications into a single iPrint session….


22 Alternatives to CutePDF Writer

July 1, 2017

CutePDF Writer is a portable document format. With this, you secure and reliable distribution and exchange of electronic documents and forms around the world. It is the free version of useful PDF converter software. Its Writer installs itself as to advanced quality PDF documents with just a press of a button. You convert your PDF documents on the fly. It is a free software for commercial and non-commercial use. It…


15 Alternatives to Foxit PDF

June 5, 2017

Foxit PDF Creator is a virtual printer that allows any software with printing capability to generate high-quality PDF documents efficiently and conveniently. It has powerful search ability and high-performance PDF processing and displaying. It is small, fast and accurate for converting any popular file formats to professional quality PDF files. The program offers a view, edit, create, organize, scan, sign and OCR Export to Office, PDF/A/E/X, and more. It converts existing…


13 Alternatives to Foxit Reader

March 12, 2017

Foxit Reader is a rich-featured application that is used to create, view, or edit PDF files and offers support for full-screen mode, signature, drawing tools, and more. This program is useful for increase the quality and high compression to containing forms, images, and formatted texts. The utility tweaks during the installation procedure and there is a Trust Manager feature that does not enable the opening of websites and links directly…


13 Alternatives to Nitro Reader

March 6, 2017

Nitro Reader is an extensive and efficient application that allows you to work with multiple PDF documents at the same time and convert the images to text or extract them from PDFs. There is a plugin for your web browsers that assists you to view PDF documents directly without downloading them. This program contains an intuitive and simple interface and the user can open a PDF document with the help…


14 Alternatives to Bullzip PDF Printer

January 20, 2017

Bullzip PDF Printer is a simple and practical tool which lets you to write PDF documents from virtually any Microsoft Windows app and works as a Microsoft Windows printer. It is possible to control prompts and output programmatically and set document properties. There are several core features such as graphical user interface, user interface control, password protect PDF documents, support for Windows Terminal Server, and support for Citrix MetaFrame. You…


14 Alternatives to GreenPrint

January 10, 2017

GreenPrint is an intuitive and reliable application which lets you to eliminate unwanted pages, saving link, and reduce printing. There are awesome options to get help such as GreenPrint Analytics, Preview, and Advisor. You can remove unwanted content and pages from being printed, also manage, analyze, and measure print consumption in your organization. This tool offers a suite that significantly reduce the complexity and print devices have different cost profiles…


14 Alternatives to PDF reDirect

January 6, 2017

PDF reDirect is a straightforward and simple to use program which supports a printing function and creates PDF files from any app. There is an intuitive layout and interface to figure out how to work with this tool easily. The user can specify the destination and output filename to proceed with the conversion procedure. This tool lets you to change the zoom level and viewing style, configure printer output settings…


14 Alternatives to Universal Document Converter

January 1, 2017

Universal Document Converter is an intuitive and user-friendly program which helps users to print any document and convert to PDF with a few simple moves. There is a printing function to access the tool and you can specify the name and output location of the new file after pressing the OK button. It is possible to select the paper size, orientation, height, width, resolution, and unit type. The user can…


14 Alternatives to SodaPDF

December 30, 2016

SodaPDF is an efficient piece of software that offers you to edit and view PDFs and convert these documents to one of the supported formats. There is a quick installing procedure and modern design which encloses a tabbed ribbon, panel, and quick access toolbar to display the uploaded PDF. You can take snapshots of a particular area and copy it to the clipboard, zoom in and out of documents, rotate…


14 Alternatives to Foxit PDF Creator

December 28, 2016

Foxit PDF Creator is a fast and lightweight virtual printer that is specially designed for creating PDF documents, supports a printing function, and comprises advanced configuration settings. The user can access the tool by triggering the print button of any program after installation. This program enables you to set this tool to overwrite without confirmation, specify the default saving directory, select the PDF version, and use the default file name…


14 Alternatives to qvPDF

December 26, 2016

qvPDF is an advanced and intuitive PDF printer with support for plugins, encryption, page rotation, watermarks, merging, splitting, FTP uploads, email notifications, and more. There are configuration settings and a lot of options, along with plugin support for SMTP and FTP. This program comes with short installing procedure and needs to setup a printer driver to work properly. You can get help with general settings such as the setup language,…


14 Alternatives to doPDF

December 22, 2016

doPDF is a reliable piece of software that converts any printable document to PFG format while offering you to choose the page size, scale, resolution, orientation, and unit type. This program tweaks during the installation procedure and works with the utility as a virtual printer. The tool comes with simple interface with simple-to-use commands and can be accessed by hitting the print button in any program. You can select the…