Security & Privacy

12 Alternatives to EncryptStick Lite

EncryptStick Lite is a lightweight and comprehensive software that helps you place all your important documents and files in a secure vault. In this app, resulting vaults can be synchronized with flash drives, including several mobile devices. If you want to increase protection for sensitive data on your computer, the application is very useful. GUI […]

Security & Privacy

12 Alternatives to Challenger Encryption

Challenger Encryption is a desktop application that works well when installed on a CD, DVD, notebook, desktop, micro SD card or USB flash drive. The software stays on the portable storage in case of the portable installation. This program is specially designed for communication in closed networks and local data protection. All files can stay […]

Web Browsers

14 Alternatives to Ghostery

Ghostery is a simple and useful tool that is specially used to detect trackers, pixels, web bugs, and beacons easily placed on web pages by Google Analytics, Facebook and other data providers and networks. You can view data about trackers and also information with targeted advertisements based on the pages. There is a notification in […]

Network & Admin Security & Privacy

12 Alternatives to Sandboxie

Sandboxie is an advanced program that is specially used to browse the web securely and keeps all functionality of your browser for active content. Running and downloading the applications, and browsing the web may pose some security issues that’s why this program gives a powerful protection to prevent malware from spreading onto a PC. This […]

Web Browsers

14 Alternatives to Stands

Stands is a fast ad block for unwanted ads, trackers, malware, and popups, and choose how many fair ads to unblock for a fair web. This program blocks the most annoying ads including expanding ads, Youtube ads, overlay ads, interstitial page ads, and auto-play video ads. No matter where the user clicks on the page, […]

Security & Privacy

12 Alternatives to Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is software to secure your online browsing activities and protect your privacy. It will hide IP and start Wi-Fi security with your VPN is connected very fast to your VPN services with instant VPN setup and just one click the and install your Private Internet Access VPN. It’s also maintaining it […]

File Sharing

16 Alternatives to SHAREit

SHAREit is freeware data transferring application developed and published by well-known and well-reputed vendor Lenovo. It was initially released in June 2012. Initially this app was only available in China and was known as anyshare. It is one of the most convenient and best smart data sharing app among all the similar apps currently available […]

File Sharing

16 Alternatives to Filedrop

Filedrop is a file sharing and data transferring application software developed and published by Filedrop Ltd. It claims to be the tiniest and in short the only most attractive and cute file sharing app currently available on all the famous platforms. The alluring colorful graphics and catchy user interface of the app appeals the user […]