13 Alternatives to Vienna-RSS

Vienna-RSS is an open source news aggregator and reader for almost all operating systems with a pack of features that allow the readers to get the sensible news and information that are being distributed by the renowned news and journals across the globe. The best about Vienna is that it work as a proper RSS feed system in which there is also permission for subscribing for the Atom new feeds and podcasts. The customizable toolbar and then the built-in tabbed browser of the Vienna provide the reader with the basic features of the global search of all retrieved articles, the automatic detection of newsfeeds on web pages, smart folder systems like having categorizing articles and many other. Vienna is for those serious and passionate readers who have to do a lot of search over the internet for their favorite article. Vienna is the end of their search as once they subscribed for the articles or news on any website, they will get the same in their Vienna on the daily basis. In a user-friendly dashboard of Vienna, the reader will get the information about a subject, its author, date of entry and likewise other options and features for a better searching and reading experience.

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RSSOwl collects information from RSS compliant websites are called RSS readers. It allows you gather, update, organize and store information from any compliant source in a useful, easy to use interface, save selected data in different formats for offline sharing and viewing, and much more. It is easy to configure,…

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Feeder is the simplest way to follow feeds. With his pro version you can access to feeder online and sync between all your friends. It is a simple, sleek and lovely way of keeping track of your latest feeds. You instantaneously see when new post is added to one your…

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Newsbeuter is a text-based news aggregator for almost all devices and operating systems. The sleek and smart design of the Newsbeuter provide the users with a lot of features including the easy search system and controlling through the keyboard. Newsbeuter lets the users to easily get their favorite articles on…

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GetPocket is for finding the best stories and articles across the internet and saving it in the dashboard of the GetPocket and reading it later. GetPocket allows the passionate readers to save, discover and recommend the best stories across the websites. Here the users can read and save for articles,…

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Feedly is a better way to establish, share and read the content of your favorite sites. It piles the content from the RSS feeds of your favorite sites into a fun magazine like experience and gives smooth integration with social networks. With this, you organize your news sites, blogs, and…

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NewsBlur is a special news reader which brings people together to talk about the world. It displays you the original site and let you read stories directly from the site while keeping track of what you read. It also highlights and filters stories you like and dislike. It has an…

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Inoreader monitors news about specific keywords, save pages from the web for viewing later or subscribe to social feeds. It is the content reader site for power users who want to save time. It is not just another RSS reader it is a vibrant community of content curators. You next…

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The Old Reader

The Old Reader is a platform for organizing all of your subscriptions and RSS feeds at a centralized platform from where you can access all of your favorite articles and news from your own favorite subscribed platforms. The Old Reader is basically inspired from the original Google Reader. The user-friendly…

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FeedReader is the most reliable, highly functional personal aggregation solution on the market today. It dynamically collects, read, and organizes syndicated web content, and seamlessly gives it directly to user desktops. With this, you have instant, convenient access to the up to the minute you need, without information overload. It…

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QuiteRSS is an open source cross platform RSS news feeds reader. It is quite fast and comfortable to the user. It minimizes on system tray like on start, on close, and on minimize. It shows new or unread news counter on the tray icon. It shows popup notification on new…

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GreatNews is an open source RSS reader that supports the almost all RSS feed formats and provide the users with best RSS newsfeed reading experience. It displays the full pages of the news articles so that the users should get the full information about a topic or news. The fast…

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Feedbin is a simple, fast RSS feed reader who delivers a great reading experience. You subscribe easily by domain or by feed URL. It will give you a choice of feeds if a website offers more than one. Your reading and subscriptions are our own. Your data is never shared.…

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CommaFeed is a free and open source RSS feed reader where everything is already set by the CommaFeed. However, CommaFeed is a customizable platform as well where the users can subscribe for the new websites as well or simply import the data as well. When for the first time you…

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