13 Alternatives to WebFeud Crosswords

WebFeud Crosswords is a word game for two players, friends or random players. The aim of the game is to score more points than your opponent. You use the bonus cells to raise your score. It can be played in more than 25 languages. You play different crossword boards against your friends. You play against the computer for a quick game or a practice session. It plays up to 50 boards simultaneously. It is truly multi-platform and can be played in your web browser as well as on your smartphone. It invites your friends or family which don’t have access to a smartphone to play on Webfeud.com. It has the option to remove ads.

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Word Worm HD

Word Worm HD is a puzzle game. The goal of this game is simple form words by touching connecting letters. In this game, you can move the letters up and down, left and right. When you make the word, then press submit to score your mind and watch the letters…

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Lexica is a tablet based game and action RPG style experience for young teens. It introduces them to an imaginative, book themed world where literacy letters emerge from their stories to accompany them on a new and exciting adventure. Its players explore the world as Curioso, a magical creature which…

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Tanglet is a single player word searching game based on Boggle. The goal of the game is to list as many words as you can before the time runs out. It has several timer modes which determine how much time you start with, and if you get extra time when…

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Rewordz is the free and best puzzle game for word enthusiasts. You play an endless number of puzzles in different difficulty levels in this enjoyable addictive and free word search puzzle game. It has great graphics and animations. It has two game modes classic and challenges. It has hundreds of…

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Alphabearis an original word puzzle game by Spry Fox, the maker of the award-winning game Triple Town. In this game, you spell words by selecting letters on a grid. You use the bigger bears and the more points you earn. You will win a bear for your permanent collection when…

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Word With Friends

Word With Friends is the world most popular mobile word game in English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Brazilian Portuguese and British English. It is the fun free social word game where your word building skills are tested. It challenges your Facebook friends to a game or makes new friends with…

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CrossCraze is a classic crossword board game. You play this game against the computer or with a friend. You choose different languages to play this game like International English, French, Dutch, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, German or Danish. It is frustrated by the cheating and time wasting found in online word…

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Words of Gold

Words of Gold is an open source Scrabble puzzle game. It is the mix of the classical scrabble game you see in Scrabble and Words with friends with brain puzzles. You like the ones you get in Alphabet and Candy Crush. It is for the people who love word games…

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Smartichoke is a way to find words which are the least four letters in length in the petals available. You get to benefit from selecting a sequence of letters which are adjacent, but letters can be selected from any petal of the Smartichoke. It has a penalty and bonus petals…

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Rexverbi is the word puzzle game where you can create your own rules. It lets you play against your friends on a single iPad without the need of an internet connection. You can be performed on the airplane or at a remote place. It makes it possible for you to…

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Boogle is puzzle word game distributed by Parker Brothers. It is played using a plastic grid of lettered dice. You download boogle with friends for a nostalgic, social word search experience you can not put down. It is available Anywhere, Anytime you want. You play this game everywhere, even offline.…

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Falling Word Search

Falling Word Search is a game to famous word search game such as Scrabble and Bookworms. The aim of this game is to form and search words as quickly as possible before the letters spill out of the walls. By making a word, you will score points depending on letters…

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BookWorm (by PopCap)

BookWorm is a word-forming PC puzzle game by PopCap Games. It offers a grid of letters; players connect grid of letters to form words. As words are formed, they are removed from the grid, and the remaining letters collapse to fill the available space. Your player earns more points by…

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