11 Alternatives to WebsitePainter

WebsitePainter is a website editor that offers you to create web pages with buttons, continuous text, hover effects, gradients, and other graphical elements. The GUI looks intuitive, and the user can define web pages without having to possess HTML programming skills. There are many templates for defining a new project, like Nature Slideshow, Company Business, and Architecture. You can edit projects or save them as templates in the future and export projects to the disk. This program has many graphical elements such as image, text, Web2.0 shape button, transparent shape, gradient shape, flash, table, layout container, picture gallery, image slideshow, named anchor, and Java Applet. It is possible to insert web form, check box, text editing field, Youtube clip, QuickTime video, combo box, and HTML5 audio field. You can drag and drop objects in the working environment to the desired position, resize them, insert hyperlinks, delete, paste, copy, or cut the elements, generate HTML code automatically, and copy the code to the clipboard. The user can save the generated web pages to the computer and also preview them through a web browser. WebsitePainter is a lightweight web editor that you can create websites effortlessly and shape pages with the aid of different predefined elements.

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Quick ‘n Easy Web Builder

Quick ‘n Easy Web Builder is a highly intuitive and powerful application that requires no programming knowledge and prior coding, offers intuitive tools and options. The user can insert and specific options with side panels holding objects. This program has a cleverly designed interface and an upper toolbar with general…

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Redaxscript is a lightweight and simple application that is used for private websites and small business, and complete with support for mobile devices. It is designed with working from a light code frame, speed in mind, and as many features. This program has a simple installation wizard and an intuitive…

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Adobe Muse

Adobe Muse is a full-featured website design application that enhances your web page with interactive links, galleries, forms, buttons, animations, and scroll effects without worrying about coding. This program bundled with the extended feature set and offers the compelling and user-friendly environment. The application allows the creation of cross-browser websites…

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Website X5

Website X5 is a complete and most versatile software that offers you to create, publish, and configure websites and online shops or blogs in just a few simple steps. It displays perfectly on smartphones, desktops, and tablets, and the interface is simple and clean. The user can configure general settings,…

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EZGenerator is easy to use web site building application that enables you to build great websites without the need of HTML experience. It offers an intuitive, wide range of practical, and powerful functions. This program provides a very large number of templates, and you get a decent number of variations.…

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Website Realizer

Website Realizer is a window web design software that is designed to create neat looking web pages without having to know CSS, HTML, or other web scripting languages. This powerful application allows you to drag and drop images, add text blocks and transition effects, and resize menus. You can reposition…

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Cabanova is an intuitive application that is used to create a website easily and quickly with drag and drop interface. This program offers you to build your best business and fully customizable website templates. You can get your custom domain with 50 email accounts and choose from over 300 templates…

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Goldfish is a useful and reliable application that enables you to create unique professional websites in just a little time with the latest HTML5 technologies. The user can simply place items using drag and drop on his page and no need of code. This program offers you to generate an…

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Sandvox is a lightweight application that is used to create websites, podcasts, blogs, photo albums, and more in an intuitive and elegant manner. The user can immediately make the important adjustments, easily drag and drop the content, and then publish. This program has many templates and you can easily add…

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Flux is a reliable and user-friendly OS X web design application that allows you to create your websites, as easy and as fast as possible. It is a XHTML/HTML and CSS designing tool for beginners and advanced users. The user can visually design his website by using a blank page…

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Rapidweaver is a powerful web design application that creates good-looking and professional websites in minutes with multiple page types and formats, which include contacts forms, photo albums, and sitemaps and blogs. You need to add your content and select a theme and the page type to the project. This program…

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