12 Alternatives to Windows Live Family Safety

Windows Live Family Safety is a reliable and useful program that allows you to restrict access to specific games, websites, or programs and monitor children activity on the PC. You can set up security settings for any users with this program, and you have administrative rights. The user can create a blacklist or whitelist and control the websites by setting up the filtering level. It is possible to extend the allowance list to websites of social networking, general interest, webmail, and web chat categories. The child can view all websites when adult content is suspected; he receives a warning. This program lets you restrict video game access based on ratings, set a time allowance or curfew, block file downloads, and also allow or block various applications and installed games. The user can set up Family Safety settings online by Microsoft account. It is possible to view most popular websites, PC time used, latest blocked pages, played games, used applications, and file downloads. Windows Live Family Safety is a security application that is designed to restrict children access to websites and backed up by handy configuration settings.

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InternetOff is a free tool that is used to disable or enable the internet connection with just a few clicks from the system tray. This program has a few configuration settings, runs quietly in the system tray, and proves to be extremely easy to work with this tool. You can…

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Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey is a reliable application that is designed for helping you block different online websites such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Myspace, and Wikipedia and games and custom programs for any time periods. This program can be used as a parental control measure when children spend their time in…

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Freedom is a useful and intuitive program that offers you to block your own internet access to increase work productivity during office hours. This program shows an intuitive and a very neat interface, consisting two complementary windows to defining its functioning parameters. A dedicated dialog gives you the information of…

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FocusMe is a most powerful application blocker for Mac & Windows that are designed for block websites and programs to get your work done at any time. There is a distraction blocker that helps you to focus on what is important from getting distracted. This program can remind you to…

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SprintWork is a user-friendly and simple application that that can track the time your employees spend on playing games or websites. This program allows you to block access to entertaining programs or certain social networks to use their work hours more productively. You need to input a password and can…

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BrowseControl is an intuitive application that can restrict access to certain websites, completely block the internet, and schedule access during specific times of the week or a day to filter the internet from a centralized console. The application is a pioneer in the industry and used to improve employee productivity.…

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DoNotDisturb is reliable, and the program blocking can be used for as you like, no time restrictions, and you can control the many distractions on your PC with this effective and simple software.  When you need to get an important task done, your computer is now an entertainment center with…

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SelfControl is an intuitive application that is designed to help you stay away from web pages and emails that keep distracting you, to be more productive in an attempt. The user interface of this program is extremely simple, and you can adjust the timeout period by a slider bar, going…

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Productivity Owl

Productivity Owl is a comprehensive software utility that forces you to be productive and get back to work by timing your website visits. This program lets you surf a site for a few minutes or seconds before kicking you off. You can easily schedule your free time hours so that…

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Stop Procrastinating

Stop Procrastinating is an intuitive and useful application that is used to block websites for working, writing, and studying. This best productivity app gives you the freedom to study without distraction and writers can set writing goals. The user can block the internet but reboot to get back online and…

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Iris is an easy to use and useful application that is used to reduce eye pain, block distracting websites or applications, sleep better, and be more healthy and productive with this program. You can process the Iris pattern and encode into a record. It is possible to detect your blink…

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Leechblock is an extensive and intuitive application that is designed for the Firefox web browser to block time-wasting websites that can suck the life out of working day. The use can certify up to six sets of sites to block on various days and times for each set. This program…

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