24 Alternatives to Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is a lightweight and handy application that delivers on-demand remote support to your customers instantly and allows you to access your remote computers in Unattended mode. You can invite your clients to a remote session via email, custom link or website. You have the option to install the Unattended client on your remote customer’s computer and use it whenever you require to. It provides you ease of work when you want without disturbing your client. It enables the user to transfer files to his remote customer’s computer instantly, and it is also helpful in installing updates or patches. Moreover, he can also receive files at the same time, and it works without file type or extension. Zoho Assist enables you to get your customer widget code and put it on your website or blog. Zoho Assist features a simple HTML snippet which helps your clients to paste the session ID and connect to the remote support session. You can use it to reboot the remote computer with a single click and reconnect to the session with full control as well as you can restart the computer in Safe mode for troubleshooting. You have the possibility to navigate between two or number of monitors having a connection with the remote computer, and this software detects the active monitor automatically and transfers remote control.

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TeamViewer is an intuitive utility that offers users to connect remotely to a PC, take over someone’s desktop to make demonstrations, host meets, transfer files, presentations with other users, and more. This software needs to be installed on both of the PC include in the connection and each gets a…

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Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is a remote-computing and easy to use a setup that allows any iPad or iPhone users to work PC, or control their home from the device. Users can download a desktop counterpart to establish their connection from the Chrome Web Store. This program is simple virtually, no…

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LogMeIn Free

LogMeIn Free is a reliable and powerful application that assist you to control your computer instantly and use all of your files from any browser anywhere over the web. This solution provides instant controlling of your computer and accessing all your important files. The application works without any firewall, router…

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Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Desktop Manager is one of the popular all-in-one management application for IT teams used by thousands of companies worldwide. It is quite hard to manage all your remote connections and hundreds of different passwords. Now Remote Desktop Manager allows you to centralize all your remote connections, passwords, and credentials…

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TightVNC is a fast, lightweight, and reliable remote control application for system administrators that helps you easily and quickly access the desktop of another PC to solve problems and fix issues. It can be the perfect channel for tutorials and interactive lessons and no need to repair. The users would…

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Join.me is an IRC server management software that is designed to offers a simple communication method for small and local networks. This program enables connected users to initiate public and private conversations and can be used to create IRC servers. The application displays detailed information about the server, active channels,…

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TigerVNC is a comprehensive piece of software that enables you to interact and launch with graphical applications that are installed on a remote PC. It is possible to establish connections between any number of computers with both client and server components. The user can use to disconnect or connect to…

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NoMachine is a reliable and handy application that facilitates you to connect to other computers remotely and control the target workstations. This useful software solution lets you enjoy your favorite audio and video files from your remote PC, watch DVDs and view your animated models from wherever you are. NoMachine…

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AnyDesk is a comprehensive and efficient application that behaves remote control one or more computers, no matter your location, with a minimal amount of effort. The application enables you to access easily the documents that you need, connect to the home PC from work or the opposite, and it does…

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Remote Utilities

Remote Utilities is a program that is designed for fast and secure access to remote computers, enabling full control over the target PC as part of local or wide area networks. This program consists of two components RUT-Viewer and RUT-Server. RUT-Viewer is the part installed on the administrator’s computer, and…

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Mikogo is a reliable and user-friendly application that enables you to share your desktop with other users, send files and chat with other session participants, control PCs remotely and start VoIP conferences. This handy software comes packed with desktop sharing capabilities for helping users share their PC with many participants.…

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Radmin is a fastest and most popular PC remote control software that allows you to access on another computer via the internet. This program allows you to manipulate many workstations from your PC in your network. A viewer needs to be deployed locally, and a server should be installed on…

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GoToAssist is straightforward and easy to use application that offers outstanding IT support tools that are perfect for small businesses. It has three fundamental tools like remote support, monitoring, and service desk. Mostly, the program works through the internet, but to get information from devices connected to your network, you…

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Royal TS

Royal TS is an interesting program that enables the user to organize and manage many desktop connections, quickly and securely. It helps users to connect to any machine which has enabled terminal services. This remote management program has the aim to help server admins, developers or system engineers. The modern…

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AMMYY Admin is a remote control software that connects remote computers within seconds without any installation or configuration. The key task of AMMYY Admin is to establish a remote desktop control between remote computer. An email address is necessary to download the software right away, without confirmation, and you have…

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OnlineVNC is a simple and handy Virtual Network Computing software that assist you to control your computer remotely with the help of any web browser as a client. It is a streamlined piece of a software application that can help you to control PCs remotely, besides its other functions. It…

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ScreenConnect is an intuitive software application that assists you to create some sessions, invite your friends and start sharing files. It offers you the means of connecting to other people’s computers for remote assistance sessions and enables you to control the targeted PC over the web without any effort. After…

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Screenhero is a reliable and handy utility developed to connect you with your friends and share the same workspace with the help of dual-mouse support. The application features voice chat capability that allows you to communicate efficiently during working and get constant updates from your partner. Screenhero can provide 48…

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Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop is a powerful and reliable software solution that is designed to setup a remote connection to another computer. This program will allow other users to connect with a computer using correct credentials. The remote user has access to all installed apps, network resources or files if the…

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ISL Light

ISL Light is a remote control software application that helps you to launch a technical support session in seconds or access an unattended computer. You can initiate a remote session with a single click, and it delivers support to your client faster. To join a remote session, your remote clients…

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imPcRemote is remote support software application that facilitates you with the instant, secure, and trouble-free connection between remote machines over the Internet. This application is not only developed for large and medium-sized businesses, but it can fulfill the requirements of small firms and ordinary PC users. imPcRemote is an easy…

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Bomgar is a reliable software that control and support almost any remote desktop, mobile device, or server and allows you to see the screen, view system info, transfer files, and more without any VPN. This application utilizes chat support, CRM integration, screen sharing, and skills-based routing to increase support staff…

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Splashtop Remote Desktop

Splashtop Remote Desktop is a free software application that can help you to access your home computer from the comfort of your couch or bedroom. It enables you to view and control your computer from another device and feel like you are sitting in front of it. You have the…

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Yuuguu is one of the great software for web conferencing and screen sharing. Your session participants don’t need to download or install anything, they can see your screen in real time, with the help of a standard web browser. This utility is ideal for web conferencing and sales demonstrations, but…

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